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Get Homework Help: A Sample Writing Guide

Sample Term Paper on Organizational Communications: Case Study and Evaluation

Organizational Communications: Case Study and Evaluation


One organization that I have been a part of was a family-owned, medium-sized firm in the retail industry. The firm operated five stores located in different locations in a large metropolitan area. The store operated in a top-down hierarchical structure. Each store had a branch manager who served as the head of operations in that branch and supervisory-level managers who reported to the branch manager and oversaw the performances of staff in each area of operations - the shop floor, record-keeping, supply chain/inventory, and sales/customer services. I worked as a shop floor attendant for some time before moving to the record-keeping arm of operations in one of the stores. Despite competition from some of the established national brands in the retail industry, the firm was one of the emerging popular brands in the local market due to its low pricing strategy. This paper discusses four organizational communications concepts in the Miller textbook as they relate to this organization. The key finding in the review is that while the organization applied the aspects of organizational culture, conflict management, organizational change, and decision-making perfectly to support the effectiveness of organizational communications, improvements could still be possible in terms of promoting the efficiency and comfort of members in expressing their opinions, experiences, and perspectives to others at individual and group levels.

Organizational Communication Concepts

One organizational communications concept in the Miller textbook is organizational culture. The culture of an organization refers essentially to its character and personality. It concerns the set of beliefs, assumptions, values, and norms that the members of an organization share, and which serve as the guidelines and governing structures for their behavior and interactions. This culture further influences the ways in which members of the organization communicate, make decisions, and carry out tasks. Miller (2015) observes that the culture of an organization is the outcome of an organization’s history and purpose, as well as interactions among members. The family-owned model of the organization where I worked was an important basis of its culture. The owners insisted on family values and norms in the daily operations of the firm. They insisted on treating the organization's members as members of a family rather than as workers. They also organized annual party events, during which all the organization’s members brought their families and interacted openly with one another, irrespective of role or position. This history and model of operations at the firm promoted a family-like culture among members. It promoted a culture of openness and partnership in work, especially among employees and supervisors. On the shop floor, the culture of work was akin to that of the members of a family. We enjoyed spending time with and working alongside one another, shared tasks, and helped one another both on a professional level and personally. This nature of work was the outcome of the cultural values that the organization’s owners inculcated in its operations from the beginning.

A second concept in the book by Miller is decision-making. Miller (2015) identifies collaboration and participation as important aspects of organizational decision-making based on the ideal of workplace democracy. Workplace democracy extends beyond participation in decision-making processes to include the objective of fulfilling the standards of a democratic society in the workplace. This ideal has a strong foundation on the notions of free speech and human dignity. Participation and collaborations in decision-making are essential to allow employees to utilize their experience in work to contribute actively to decisions that can improve both organizational productivity and employees’ satisfaction and work conditions. In the organization, the supervisors and managers applied the democratic/participative approach in decision-making processes, which created a positive organizational climate and a high level of intrinsic motivation among staff. This approach involved the managers’ and supervisors’ provision of room for followers to take an active contributory role in decision-making processes. The managers and supervisors allowed shop floor attendants and employees in other departments to contribute openly to decisions and make suggestions on ways to improve work and the efficiency of service delivery. This model allowed staff at the unit to exploit their knowledge and experience to improve their own work performance and service delivery. It empowered staff in task performance, promoted their motivation, and made their work and roles in the organization to feel meaningful on a personal level.

A third concept relating to organizational communication in the book is conflict management. Conflict describes interactions among interdependent individuals who have or experience incompatible aims, values, and goals and who view each other as potentially interfering with the achievement of these goals. In effect, conflict involves the elements of interdependence, incompatible goals, and interaction (Miller, 2015). Conflict is a common problem in organizational settings owing to the nature of individuals and their personalities, desires, values, preferences, attitudes, and perspectives as different. In managing conflict among individuals and groups in the organization where I worked, the supervisors and managers employed a relationship-building approach, focusing on dialogue to cultivate a common cause and a suitable compromise between conflicting positions. The dialogue approach served to confront the value differences among parties directly, with the managers/supervisors adopting a mediating position to influence an understanding of the differences and the commitment of both sides towards a compromise through bargaining and reconciliation. This process involved engagement of all relevant issues based on a separation of persons from the problems and determination of underlying values that individuals/groups attached to their positions. The bargaining process focused on establishing a rapport between the two sides, with each side committing to understanding the interests and values of the other and both sides committing to the prioritization of overarching and shared work and company values. This approach aligned with the compromise style of conflict management by enabling parties to establish a common negotiating platform and focusing on integrative negotiations and solutions.

A fourth concept in the book is that of organizational change. Organizational change is a necessary process that underlies the organization’s capacity to respond to current and emerging needs in the industry and market. It serves as a tool to establish and maintain an organization’s competitiveness, and hence sustainability, in an industry and market. Miller (2015) identifies ownership (acceptance and successful implementation of change effort by those in critical roles/positions in the organization), resistance (behaviors intended to frustrate/prevent implementation of change), and uncertainty (anxiety about the change and its effect on employees’ work/roles) as important factors of organizational change that are essential to address through effective communications. At the organization, the managers addressed these challenges in organizational change through the empowerment of employees with knowledge and direct participation in change processes. The top leadership considered employees as the vehicles of change because they served in the frontline of work/services and provided the skills and efforts that were vital in improvements in organizational operations and work. In this context, the managers used open communications, training, and a participatory approach to motivate employees in change efforts and allow them to own and participate and contribute actively to the efforts. This approach was important to ensure that the employees felt valued in change, thereby addressing the three challenges of ownership, resistance, and uncertainty effectively.


The review above illustrates that the organization used the aspects of organizational culture, decision-making, conflict management, and organizational change effectively as aspects of communications in its operations. Individually and collectively, all four aspects described above supported and contributed to improvements in the efficiency of communications at the organization. The family-oriented culture at the organization was a key influence on the openness and comfort of members in their interactions and communications with one another. Miller (2015) notes the findings in research that positive and respectful relationships among management and employees represent an important foundation theme for excellent communications and productivity in organizations. A participatory model of decision-making is essential to create a democratic environment in organizational communications, such that decisions are outcomes of considerations of the different perspectives, opinions, and experiences of employees. A style of conflict management focused on establishing compromise, such as that in the organization as described above, promotes the efficiency and productivity of organizational communications through an effective balance between concern for the self and concern for others among employees (Miller, 2015). The active participation of organization members in change efforts promotes the productivity of communications in change efforts because of the abilities of individual employees to utilize their experiences in work to improve the effectiveness of the change.

Improvements in these aspects of communications at the organization are possible in terms of continuous efforts to improve the efficiency and comfort of the participation of the organization’s members in decision-making, change efforts, and conflict management efforts. These improvements could involve the effort to support the comfort of individual members in articulating their opinions, experiences, and perspectives to others at individual and group levels.


Miller, K. (2015). Organizational communication: Approaches and processes, seventh edition. Stamford, CT: Cengage Learning.

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