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Get Homework Help: A Sample Writing Guide

Sample Research Paper on Case for the Provision of Affordable Housing Options in Colorado for Low Income-Earners to Own Homes

Case for the Provision of Affordable Housing Options in Colorado for Low Income-Earners to Own Homes

Homeownership is one of the most prominent needs. It offers households and individuals a stable and secure place to live and is an important goal from a financial perspective because it cushions families from inflation-prone rents. Households and individuals consider homeownership as one of the best long-term investments, an indication of personal prosperity, and a basis for the building of wealth. Nonetheless, real estate is one of society's most expensive properties due to land's constant appreciation. At the same time, homeownership relates closely with families and individuals' needs to live in neighborhoods with adequate amenities, including parks, schools, good roads, neighborhood security, and important financial and services infrastructure. Ironically, these amenities' availability and quality also contribute to the appreciation of real estate and land. This assessment illustrates the reasons homeownership is an elusive dream for individuals and households with low incomes, including in Colorado. This paper outlines a case for the government and civil society's responsibility to provide affordable housing options in Colorado to allow opportunities for homeownership among minimum wage-earning individuals and households in the state. The provision of these options is critical as a part of efforts to achieve inclusive and sustainable growth in Colorado, hence improving lives, health, well-being, and wealth across the state.

While Colorado is an attractive place to live owing to a booming economy, and vast recreation opportunities, the shortage of affordable housing is a major obstacle for individuals and households. The state is notable for its vivid landscape, including mountains, high plains, canyons, forests, rivers, and plateaus. The Bell Policy Center (BPC) - a Colorado-based center that utilizes advocacy, research, and outreach to empower citizens to thrive and achieve socioeconomic success and wellbeing - notes that the state lacks affordable housing owing partly to a combination of increasing numbers of households and a shortage of constructions for multi-family units. Colorado's population growth has outpaced the growth in available housing, leaving many households to struggle to find viable housing options. BPC (2018) notes that in 2015, for instance, Colorado built 26,000 units of housing, but this rate lagged significantly behind the growth of 33,000-35,000 household formations each year. This assessment indicates the significance of affordable housing as a problem for Coloradans.

The need for affordable housing is a significant and consistent problem in Colorado. BPC (2018) references the findings of its opportunity survey that Colorado residents consistently rank affordable housing among the top factors that prevent them from growing economically. Economists consider affordable housing as homeownership or rents that consume 30% or less of individuals and households' incomes (BPC, 2018). Housing costs that exceed 30% of individuals or households' incomes are heavy burdens, especially because they leave little to spend on other crucial needs, such as food, clothes, education, and child care. BPC (2018) estimates that the home price appreciation rate in Colorado (10.73% in 2016-17) is significantly higher than the US average (6% in the same period). The Center notes the Federal Housing Finance Agency's findings that home prices in Colorado grew faster relative to any other US state, except Washington, in the second quarter of 2017. Three of the top 20 metropolitan areas with the highest appreciation rates in house prices across the US in 2017 were in Colorado: Denver, Fort Collins, and Boulder (BPC, 2018). The Agency's findings showed that all metro areas in Colorado, especially those along the Front Range, were experiencing levels of price appreciation that were higher than the national average. Further findings by a National Housing Conference showed that the incomes necessary for households and individuals to afford homeownership in 2017 grew by double digits (more than 9%) in Colorado's metropolitan areas (BPC, 2018). These are significant problems because the high costs of housing constrain economic growth among individuals and families owing to an inability to afford to live in the city and shortages of money to contribute to the surrounding economy.

An analysis of wages and the costs of rent, utilities, and homes in Colorado illustrates the scale and significance of the problem of affordable housing among Coloradans vividly. According to BPC (2018), a household in Colorado has to make $21.97 per hour to afford rent and utilities. Nonetheless, the average wage in the state for renters is only about $17.13 per hour. In 2017, Colorado's minimum wage was $9.30 per hour, such that a renter would need to work for 95 hours each week (about 2.4 full-time jobs) to afford a two-bedroom rental property. The problem is even bigger in metropolitan areas, such as Denver and Boulder, where renters would need higher hourly wages ($23.85 and $25.10, respectively) to afford these properties. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics illustrates that the occupations of farming, food preparatory workers, janitors, child care workers, bus drivers, and elementary school teachers are insufficient to afford a two-bedroom rental based on the median wages offer (BPC, 2018). BPC (2018) estimates that Colorado has a shortage of about 121,000 affordable rental units for low-income earners. All 63 counties across Colorado lack a sufficient affordable housing supply for extremely low-income earners (earners making 0-30% of the Area Median Income). In 28 of these counties, particularly those in metropolitan and mountain areas such as Summit, Front Range, Eagle, and Grand counties, there is less than a third of the supply necessary to meet housing needs for this section of the population (BPC, 2018). This analysis demonstrates the problem that low-income individuals and households in Colorado face in housing.

The mentioned problems demonstrate the need for effective alternative support and options for low wage-earning individuals and households in Colorado to own affordable homes. As discussed earlier, affordable homes' ownership enables low-income households and individuals to find and utilize broader economic opportunities and improve their lives and well-being. The implication is that support for low wage-earning households and individuals to find and own affordable homes is an important way of improving and securing their lives from both health and socioeconomic perspectives. In this way, governments and the civil society could treat such support for these households and individuals as a way to address and alleviate poverty by empowering them to find and utilize wider socioeconomic opportunities effectively for growth in their incomes and wealth.

Options and affordable housing programs are viable to establish and run in Colorado to help low-income individuals and households own homes. Colorado has already established a housing trust fund, a broad-based coalition of private, public, and non-profit organizations and individuals to provide revenue for the creation and maintenance of affordable housing for Coloradans (BPC, 2018). Certain localities within Colorado have also set up their local housing trust funds (BPC, 2018). Housing trust funds are dedicated revenue sources that assist people who earn low and moderate incomes to achieve affordable housing. The key features of housing trust funds are dedicated sources of revenue earmarked for the provision of affordable housing, the commitment of funds to the particular purpose of offering affordable housing, a legislative mandate, and orientation to results in the production, rehabilitation, and maintenance of affordable housing and relevant support services. Over the years, Colorado’s housing trust fund has lacked a reliable and consistent stream of funding, but other states have dedicated public revenues to finance their housing trust funds (BPC, 2018). Nonetheless, Rubino (2019) notes that in 2019, the Colorado General Assembly passed three bills with the capacity to provide up to $82m annually to the state’s affordable housing fund. The purpose of one of these bills was to make the source of revenue for the state’s affordable housing fund long-term. This assessment illustrates the viability of government and civil society-supported options for affordable housing to allow opportunities for low wage-earners in Colorado to own homes.

Critics of affordable housing options may argue that homeownership among minimum wage-earning individuals and families is not a responsibility of governments or civil society. These critics could argue that owning a home should be a personal achievement, rather than a communal responsibility. This position would be especially strong among people who oppose the government’s and taxpayers’ roles in helping the poor to own homes. Nonetheless, this argument fails to consider that the poor are also a part of the same economy asociety as the rich. Poverty and the challenges of the poor and disadvantaged affect the economy and society. Helping and empowering the disadvantaged and poor yields positive benefits for the whole economy and society through the middle class's growth, and hence, expansion of markets for products and industries. Economic growth and development have to be inclusive to be effective and sustainable. Duttagupta et al. (2017) note evidence from research that a persistent lack of inclusion - the equitable sharing of benefits and opportunities for economic growth - could undermine both the sustainability of growth and social cohesion. As discussed earlier, the provision of affordable housing is an important foundation for low-income households and individuals' abilities to find and utilize wider economic opportunities effectively for improved lives, health, well-being, and wealth.

This analysis supports the case for the government's responsibilities and civil society in Colorado to provide affordable housing options for low wage-earning individuals and households in the state to own homes. Such provision is valid and necessary as a path towards the achievement of sustainable economic growth and development. As evidence reviewed in the paper illustrates, affordable housing is a major obstacle for individuals and households in Colorado. Since affordable housing serves as a foundation for the abilities of households and individuals to access and utilize wider opportunities to improve their wealth, health, and wellbeing, the provision of affordable housing options is relevant and critical as a way for the Coloradan society and government to improve performance of the state’s economy and the wellbeing of Coloradans.


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