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A personal statement is more or less a reflective essay that is meant to convince an individual why you are a perfect candidate for a certain position. In essence, an individual who aspires to join a certain institution for academic purposes must provide a personal statement along with the admission essay. In order to provide a strong personal statement, there are some aspects that you must get right. Remember, you must prove that you are the best for the respective position. Therefore, it would be a perfect idea to request for help. This is where comes in. We are here to offer you the most reliable personal statement writing service ever. But first, let us share some of the elements that should feature in your personal statement:

  • Natural Style of Writing : While you might require to be formal when writing your personal statement, personal language and tone is mostly recommended. The idea here is to provide a perfect flow of your points. Be as concise as possible. Most importantly, you can include some enthusiasm when penning down your personal statement. A personal statement is meant to be convincing, hence the emotional and personal touch as an element of the writing process.

  • No Critic Comments : Your aim is not to prove that other individuals or institutions are bad, hence your pursuit for a position in the institution you have applied for. Including any form of critic in your personal statement shows bad faith that may eventually befall the institution you are applying for. Therefore, your personal statement should be clean and must evade criticizing any university, student, of professor. It is all about you and why you deserve the chance to be part of the institution you have interest in.

  • Your Achievements : Take note that this is not a resume. Including your achievements in this case should not take the direction of a resume. Rather, it should be part of the convincing paragraphs in your personal statement. The idea is to mention the awards you have achieved. You can go ahead and instill praises or depict personal satisfaction with your achievements. This works as a milestone in confirming that you will perform well in the course that you are applying.

  • Your Experience : One of the ways of confirming your competence is by including your experience in your personal statement. The administrators are usually keen to know the kind of person they will be dealing with upon successful enrollment. It is, therefore, healthy to indicate some of your competencies based on your previous exposure and experience.

    Now that you have an idea of what should be included in your personal statement, the main issue is how to articulate the document in an appealing way. Let our writers work on your personal statement any time any day. We will make sure that all elements are amply accounted for. We will also ensure that you get a top-notch document. We deliver the best.

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Get Homework Help: A Sample Writing Guide

Sample Personal Statement Paper on Review of an Association that Intrigues Me

Review of an Association that Intrigues Me

One association that intrigues me is the American Nephrology Nurses Association (ANNA). This paper reviews the association, its purpose and benefits for members, its membership costs, and its achievements and operations of relationships with members and society. ANNA is a model professional nursing organization because its functions, activities, benefits, and achievements meet the standard of roles and responsibilities of such entities in representing members.

ANNA is a professional association that represents nurses who serve in all areas of nephrology (medical specialty focused on kidneys and their functioning and health). ANNA, established in 1969, operates as a non-profit organization. It has a membership of at least 8,500 RNs (registered nurses) across about 80 local chapters across the US (ANNA, 2020). Additionally, the ANNA members serve in all areas of nephrology, including care and management of chronic kidney disease, hemodialysis, acute care, peritoneal dialysis, and transplantation. They also serve in different care settings, including outpatient and inpatient units in hospitals and freestanding units. Moreover, as a part of its representation work and commitments, ANNA supports and stimulates research, promotes the sharing of information, educates practitioners, disseminates new ideas and knowledge from research findings, issues and updates clinical practice guidelines and standards, and monitors and addresses nephrology nursing issues. It also supports interdisciplinary collaborations and communications to promote information exchanges to advance practitioners' knowledge, expertise, and resources (ANNA, 2020). The vision of the entity is to influence kidney health through the expertise of nurses serving in nephrology units and departments, and its mission is to improve the lives and work of its members through networking, science, advocacy, and education.

ANNA acknowledges that quality patient care services in nephrology are necessary to meet the future's rising demand. This demand is the outcome of increasing demand for nephrology care services and changes in the healthcare system aimed at improving care in line with evidence from research. ANNA demonstrates the belief that its members occupy a unique position to enhance the quality of care that individuals with kidney health issues and needs require and receive. In this context, continued education, advocacy, and networking among nurses in the field of nephrology are essential to yield a positive impact on care for individuals with kidney health issues and needs (ANNA, 2020). ANNA further demonstrates the belief that sound educational programs are vital to promoting, preserving, and augmenting its members' competences in their practice. The organization actively supports research with the objectives of strengthening evidence-based practice and advancing nursing science. Furthermore, it demonstrates a belief in the team approach to patient care as an essential way to strengthen care delivery that is cost-effective and of high quality (ANNA, 2020). This approach is evident in ANNA’s support for inter-professional collaborations both across healthcare disciplines and with external stakeholders, such as the government, other professional organizations, and the civil society.

ANNA members benefit enormously from the organization’s resources and efforts in research, advocacy, education, networking, issuance of practice guidelines, and facilitation of collaborations across and outside healthcare and nursing disciplines. ANNA's purpose is to represent registered nurses serving in the nephrology area of nursing through these activities, functions, and models of personal and professional assistance. ANNA lists the benefits of its membership as access to career-building opportunities and educational resources, networking, leadership development, access to advocacy resources, access to certification courses, and legislative and health policy representation (ANNA, 2020). These commitments benefit ANNA’s members by improving their work conditions, expertise to meet current and emerging demands, support services and capacities for their work, and the quality of their lives on a personal level. Together, these benefits are essential in promoting ANNA members' capacities to achieve their potential both privately and professionally.

Membership to ANNA applies based on annual, renewable membership fees. These fees vary slightly depending on the relationship that a nurse desires to have and maintain with the organization. ANNA (2020) lists the fees for membership for one year as $80 for full members, $70 for associate members, and $75 for group membership. Group membership involves the enrollment of a group of nurses, such as those working for one employer. Membership is free for student nurses, who become members on a virtual level (ANNA, 2020). Full membership is purely available for registered nurses, while non-registered nurses can join the association as associate members (ANNA, 2020). This membership model is inclusive because it offers nurses at different levels of their careers, including students and non-registered nurses, opportunities to benefit from membership to the association and its resources.

ANNA’s accomplishments over recent years have involved collaborations with other stakeholders to improve the experiences of care among patients and empower registered nurses to take active roles to transform their practice and contribute to evidence-based health policies. Under the presidency of Sheila Doss-McQuitty in 2016-2017, ANNA partnered with dialysis and kidney organizations and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to found Making Dialysis Safer for Patients Coalition - an initiative that aims to reduce the rate of bloodstream infections among dialysis patients (ANNA, 2020). Doss-McQuitty also launched an open forum to provide ANNA members with opportunities to network, discuss issues in practice, and share resources in an online community. She also hosted Capitol Hill Day in April 2017 to promote advocacy and form partnerships to empower nephrology nurses to liaise with legislators on issues of health policy that affect both patients and themselves (ANNA, 2020). These efforts have reflected ANNA’s efforts to empower its members to improve their lives, work, and practice through advocacy, networking, education, and contributions to health policy-making.

ANNA's relationships with its members involve providing support and platforms where they can share their experiences, challenges, and views, engage in advocacy on issues that affect practice and patients, and find collective resources to improve their practice and lives. ANNA hosts workshops, webinars, and symposiums, maintains scholarship programs, and runs its members' online community. It runs social media accounts and a website and holds annual conferences where members can choose the organization’s leadership (ANNA, 2020). The organization also maintains local chapters and support teams with local leaders, who members can contact and relate with to understand ANNA and its processes, resources, and opportunities. These activities and platforms constitute practical and appropriate ways to effectively contact and relate to the organization.

ANNA maintains and utilizes close partnerships with other stakeholders within and outside nursing and healthcare to promote its social and environmental efforts. These collaborations empower ANNA to perform its corporate social responsibilities, including creating and promoting a safe workplace for its staff and members and the promotion of ethics in nursing practice. As an illustration of the influence of collaborations with stakeholders in its operations of relationships with the environment and society, ANNA’s published clinical practice guidelines/standards and position statements incorporate provisions that align with federal and state governments’ laws and regulations and nursing authorities’ requirements relating to clients’ privacy, effective and meaningful use of technology and evidence-based practice.

ANNA's roles and functions align with concepts in the literature about the significance of professional nursing organizations and the meaning of professional representation. Goolsby and DuBois (2017) observe that professional nursing organizations have critical and diverse roles in promoting and protecting the nursing profession and the work of nurse practitioners. These organizations' involvement is essential in establishing and preserving nursing values, social justice, and integrity. The reasons for nurse practitioners’ involvement in professional nursing organizations include socialization into the roles and responsibilities of their work and networking and engagement with peers and other stakeholders to contribute and acquire expertise and technical support. Other important reasons include mentorship, advocacy for members and patients' interests, standard and competence-setting activities, professional and leadership development, dissemination of research evidence, student engagement, and effective contributions to health policy-making (Goolsby & DuBois, 2017; Masters, 2018). All these elements are evident in ANNA’s functions and activities and the benefits that they yield for its members, as discussed above.

This discussion illustrates that ANNA is an archetypal professional nursing organization. Its functions, activities, benefits, and achievements align with the standard responsibilities and roles of a professional nursing organization in representing its members and their interests.


American Nephrology Nurses Association (ANNA) (2020). ANNA Website. Retrieved from:

Goolsby, M., & DuBois, J. (2017). Professional organization membership: Advancing the nurse practitioner role. Journal of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners 29: 434-440.

Masters, K. (2018). Role development in professional nursing practice. Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett Learning.

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