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What Should I Write My College Essay About?... Understand the Topic First!

What should I write my descriptive essay about? Indeed, the first secret towards writing an appealing essay is getting the preliminary requirements as guided by your rubric and assignment details. Fortunately, academic rubrics provided the exact elements that must be captured in your essay. Therefore, the foundational secret is to thoroughly scrutinize the contents of the assignment rubrics before engaging in research. You do not want to blindly engage in research, only to realize that you got everything wrong, do you? More so, time is running out hence the need for adequate comprehension of the instructions provided. Having understood the assignment details, you can do a general online search for suggestive ideas on the direction that you should take. The ideas to Write My Essay for Me online are in abundance and detailed. Essentially, you will have to gather as many ideas as possible before penning down your essay. A thorough research will always help me Write My Essay for Me, they say. Indeed, it is all rooted to ample understanding of the topic.

Narrow Down Your Points! Fetch Good Things To Write About For College Essays

To get the right gist, you must identify the concept that you wish to cover in your college essay. How do you go about that? Remember that the details/instructions provided in the rubric must remain in mind for contextual arguments. Now, focus on the direction that you intend to take. As the saying goes, every argument as I write my college essay is correct as long as the academic provisions are met and adequate justification is reached. This is the exact point where a thesis statement is developed? What is a thesis statement? A thesis statement is one of the good things to write about my college essay. It is simply a statement of one or two sentences that lays the foundation of the ideas that you wish to justify in the subsequent paragraphs. In other words, a thesis statement lays a claim that must be justified through argumentative approaches. Carefully think on the direction/concept that you would want to take and put across.

Do I Need an Outline As I Write My Essay for Me? Write My Essay for Me Flawlessly with Predetermined Points…

Absolutely! An outline spares you the hustle of swaying away from the topic and the stipulated arguments as suggested in the thesis statement. An outline provides an array of all the points that you intend to cover. Here, you must be adequately equipped with the necessary sources that will inform your ideas/argument. Do I need to organize my points in a certain way when writing my essay? In most cases, a certain arrangement of point is not necessary. However, you must have a clear flow of content. Thus, your focus must be handling a specific point per paragraph. Your reader must not be lost when glancing through your academic essay. Provide a topic sentence for each paragraph. What is the importance of a topic sentence as I Write My Essay for Me? A topic sentence provides the answer to the argument you intend to make in a paragraph. Lay out relevant research ideas, and eventually justify to complete each paragraph. Do the same to other points such that your argumentative approach portrays your innovative and creative way or writing backed with research. Simple, right?

How Should The Introduction Look Like When I Write My Essay for Me? The Golden Tips For the Perfect Essay Introduction

The emphasis on the importance of the introduction in an essay cannot be exhausted. It is the introduction that sets the pace, tone, and direction of the essay. Thus, you must be extremely informed when articulating your introduction, for the sake of ensuring that your readers are hooked. What should you be keen on when preparing your introduction?

  • Length…Short and Precise : Let us first acknowledge that the introduction is simply a summary of what will be discussed in the other essay sections, right? Having acknowledged that, you should focus on developing a short and precise introduction for your essay. In this case, your creativity is needed in ensuring that the summary covers everything in a brief manner. Focus more on the background of the topic you intend to handle since that will provide a reason why you took the direction, while preparing the reader for the subsequent content. Key Point: Your introduction should be between 10% and 20% of the total word-count when I Write My Essay for Me.

  • Articulate The Thesis Statement : The last sentence of your essay is the thesis statement. What is the essence of a thesis statement when I Write My Essay for Me online? Here, your obligation is to put across the central point that you would want to make. Bear in mind that the introduction is generally a summary as opposed to detail-oriented. Therefore, you must remember the word count of the introduction as you articulate your thesis statement. In most cases, a one-sentence thesis is the most ideal. It is easy to interpret one sentence as opposed to many. However, clarity in developing a thesis statement is pivotal. The reader should understand the direction that you have chosen with your arguments without struggle. A two-sentence thesis statement should be used only when necessary, especially when the topic in question proves to be broad.

  • Hook The Readers’ Attention : How do you hook the reader through your essay introduction? Simple! Make it interesting. Making the introduction interesting does not necessarily mean that you should use informal language of communication. Remember that you are doing some research, hence the need for formality. So, how do I hook readers as I write my college essay for me? The idea in hooking your readers is by primarily stating something that is not adequately in the limelight or less known by the readers. This is why providing a clear background in the introduction is recommended. The first sentence of your introduction is known as the ‘hook sentence.’ Markedly, it develops the interest of reading through to the other parts. Which are some of the ideas of developing a hook sentence? : - Apply an intriguing question - State a surprising fact that demands the extended attention of the reader to other sections of the essay - Provide a bold statement pertinent to the topic - And sometimes…Apply a famous quote that resonates with the topic in question - Apply numerical or statistical insights to project surprising information Essentially, the introduction should motivate the reader to glance through other parts. While the introduction may be short, it hides details that demand more engagement with readers for a clearer understanding.

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Best Thesis Statement

Our Writers are topic specialists and will always craft the best and most appropriate thesis statement for your essay. Worry no more! Your essay will take a definitive landscape just as required.

Tangible Arguments and Details

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How Can I Develop a Good Thesis Statement When I Write My Essay for Me? The Magical Tips

What is the significance of a thesis statement when I write my college essay for me? A thesis statement is simply one or two sentences that summarize the central point of focus all through your essay. So, what should you do to ensure that you develop a strong thesis statement for your college essay?

Begin with A Question

The question, in this case, works by helping you in developing possible answers both from a negative and/or positive perspectives. For example, you can develop a question stating…Does the internet have negative impacts on children? Such a question gives you the leeway to explore ideas that can help you get an answer in different perspectives.

Develop Your First Answer

Having articulated your first question, it is now time to write the first answer. The answer in this case should be simple but instrumental in guiding further research. For example, you can state the answer as follows:
The internet provides more negative than positive impacts on children
The answer above gives you a broader view of research, whereby you can develop ideas and make the respective justification.

Develop Your Last Answer

At this juncture, your focus should be narrowing down your answer with additional details that will guide your research. You are required to give reasons why you believe that the answer is correct or why you are convinced that the claim you made is true. Note that the answer you develop in this case will be expansive and detailed as you embark on research. Hence, the thesis statement you articulate should be aimed at making a claim and providing the possible answer, and why you think so. So far, a thesis statement is adequate in the formative stage when you Write My Essay for Me online.

Come Up with The Final Thesis Statement

The idea in developing the final thesis statement is primarily stating a claim on a limited subject, provide a precise opinion, and offer blueprint of reasons. For example: ‘The introduction of internet to children has create more negative than positive impacts on children, due to lack of regulated usage, amidst the fast-changing internet-based trends in the 21st Century’ In such a case, a limited topic is presented, whereby the specific negative and positive impacts of internet on children are not mentioned. Therefore, that makes the statement a claim since there is no adequate backing from secondary sources. The perceived reason for the negative impacts of internet is poor regulation on usage. Again, that is simply perceived and not justified. Therefore, the thesis statement above leads to further research on the negative impacts of the internet. Now, this is among the good things to write about my college essays.
NOTE: A thesis statement must be as simple as possible. The idea is to ensure that you make a claim that needs to be justified through extended research. The longer the thesis statement, the vaguer it becomes, hence limiting the proper understanding by the reader. Simple thesis statements always work best!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What should I write my college essay about? A descriptive essay requires you to describe a concept, idea, or any argument that you have been allocated. The high expectation in this case is to create convincing emphasis on the topic in question. Research plays a great role at this juncture since you will not only lay down your argument, but back up everything with existing and proven facts. A descriptive essay tests your comprehension in a specific area, hence the need to dwell largely on research.

    • Argumentative essays
    • Descriptive essays
    • Analytical essays
    • College admission essays
    • Cause-effect essays
    • Compare-contract essays
    • College admission essays, among others

    Can your writer write my essay for me any time? has never ran out of writers. We have our team in place 24/7 to receive your essay order any time. We understand that your essay could be pressuring you in terms of time limitation. Therefore, all you need is to indicate the deadline and have it done within the stipulated timeline.We are also very keen on instructions with your essay. If you are wondering on who can write my essay to precision, then will make sure you get theexact output.

  • Quizzes are always the simplest yet tricky pieces you will always come across. What happens when you are required to do a quiz in the form of an essay? At this point, what you need is to remember the specific elements of an essay. Flow, coherence, command in grammar, and the likes make an essay appealing to the reader. Also, remember that you must be instruction-oriented. The overall requirements must be met fully. Can research help me Write My Essay for Me? Research is still very paramount for your essay to standout. A well-researched essay quiz will always garner the top mark.

  • First, you should consider the integrity portrayed by the online essay writer. Integrity in this case means that you will be granted value for your money through extensive services. For example, you cannot deal with an online essay writer who will not safeguard your privacy, can you? Such aspects project absolute integrity. Second, time is of essence. Should I get someone to help me Write My Essay for Me urgently? Did you know that compromising deadline means that you can easily lose a significant number of points? Yes! That is how serious late deliveries are to your ultimate score. Look for someone who will be quick to deliver. Therefore, getting a person to assist you with your college essay can save you greatly. Third, quality is paramount. An appealing essay is coupled with details, flow, command in grammar, and originality. The said aspects must manifest in the essay writing service you seek. Again, a low-quality essay will render your grades weak.

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  • The thesis statement is a highly important element in your essay since it defines the direction, focus, and the position that the writer wishes to take. At this juncture, you will have done enough research and sought reference from the instructions provided, such that you will be able to develop arguments in a certain direction. Ask yourself…is my college essay thesis statement making a claim that can be justified in a particular direction? Remember, the thesis statement appears as the last 1 or 2 last sentence(s) of your introduction paragraph.

  • The best way to structure your essay is by applying paragraphs. In this case, you will have determined the points that you want to discuss in your essay. What is the role of each paragraph as I Write My Essay for Me? The paragraphs you apply will be towards justifying your points. There are some cases, however, where you might be required to apply some subheadings. Still, under each subheading should be paragraphs oriented towards justifying certain points. Bottom line, make sure that my argumentative essay online is structured into clear-cut paragraphs.

  • To effectively Write My Essay for Me, you must account for the taste of the reader. You must remember that readability is highly essential when writing your essay. Therefore, you should articulate your essay in such a way that each paragraph projects one point. You will have compromised readability if you allow two points to be argued in one paragraph. The basic idea is to keep the reader hooked, and this can be significantly achieved through incorporation of one topic per paragraph.

  • For adequate introduction for each paragraph, a topic sentence must be applied. What is a topic sentence for my college essay? What should I write my college essay about in the topic sentence? A topic sentence is simply the first sentence of each paragraph that states the answer/verdict that the writer intends to justify based on a certain idea/argument. Remember that each idea is covered in one paragraph, hence a topic sentence should be focused towards one idea. Keep the thesis statement in mind as you develop your topic sentences and the overall arguments in your essay. Essentially, you must have a clear connection between the topic sentence, your idea/argument, and the thesis statement. Why? Because you must maintain context and focus within the direction you chose when developing your thesis statement.

  • The good thing is that your essay instructions and guidelines will usually provide you with the preferred citation style and format that you must use. However, you must be keen to correctly apply the citation styles recommended while fully accounting for the various elements. Suppose you have been asked to use APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago style. What are you supposed to know? Which are the distinct elements that you must include when formatting your essay in accordance with the respective style? Are citations and referencing styles discipline/subject-sensitive? Make sure to account for all the citation and formatting elements based on the provided instructions. Always remember, attributing information to the source/author is pertinent as I Write My Essay for Me.

  • The list of references provided the full details of the sources that you cited in your essay. That is, in-text citations are projected in full under the list of reference. Did you ensure that your list of references projects full details of each source used? Does each reference manifest what you have in your in-text citations? The details of your list of references should be accurate and in collaboration with your in-text citation. Most importantly, the details should be formatted as per the provisions of the specific citation and referencing style that you chose.

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  • The Absolute Checklist for My Essay
    What are some of the good things to write my college essays? We are still in the pursuit to achieve the best grades for your essay, right? Now, before you make your final submission, you must ensure that all the pertinent elements of an essay are present and adequately articulated. Ask yourself the following questions before you submit your college essay:

  • What should I Write My Essay for Me online about? The readability of my college essay is largely determined by the introduction. The introduction lays the foundation for what the reader should expect in the main body. It is at this point that you familiarize the reader with the topic. Your introduction should spark the reader’s interest and compel them to read on. Dwell majorly on the background information of the topic in question to enable the reader get the gist of what the essay is all about.

  • Why should I include citations as I write my college essay online? An essay is a research piece in nature. Therefore, you will be required to consult information sources authored by corporates and individuals. You will have to justify your ideas with facts to confirm that indeed your arguments are valid. Most importantly, the rule of the thumb in essay writing is based on avoidance of plagiarism. This is where citations apply. Ensure that you insert at least one citation in your body paragraphs. A quick one…Recent sources are always an advantage to your ultimate score. Are there tools to help me cite as I Write My Essay for Me online? Yes! Simple research will reveal a lot of tools.

  • Why is transition important when I Write My Essay for Me? A strategic way of further enhancing readability of your essay is creating effective transitions between paragraphs and ideas. While the ideas you have chosen are aimed towards a common course, there is the need to ensure that each one of them stands out in individual paragraphs. Therefore, there should be no point in time where one idea is carried onto the next paragraph. That leads to collision of points, hence compromising readability. Confirm that your ideas are well-articulated while maintaining the element of transition. It is, however, notable that transitions apply within a paragraph as well. Here, you apply transitional words such as however, therefore, thus, and markedly, among others. The idea here is to ensure that the argument within a paragraph takes different angles but towards a common course.

  • Remember the thesis statement you created in the introduction? Yes! That statement that developed the point of focus for my college essay online? That remains pertinent even to the conclusion. Now that you have made your stipulated arguments and justifications in the essay body, the conclusion simply gives you the room to restate your thesis statement without introducing new ideas or arguments. No new point should emerge in the conclusion aside from a summary of what you wrote in the other sections. Most importantly, the conclusion asserts that the thesis statement or the claim made has been justified and adequately so.

  • Copying any content that does not belong to you translates into plagiarism. Should I remind you that plagiarism is an academic integrity issue that can render your progress futile and lame? What should I do to avoid plagiarism when I write my college essay online? One of the best ways of avoiding plagiarism is by avoiding any form of copying. So, what should I do to Write My Essay for Me without copying? Easy! Learn the art of consulting secondary sources for ideas only and put them down in your own way (of course without distorting meaning). While doing so may be considered as paraphrasing, the major aspect is that points are projected in an original manner such that plagiarism is totally avoided. NOTE: Paraphrasing or writing ideas freshly does not imply that you should not cite. The fact remains that the ideas applied do not belong to you, hence the need to acknowledge the source/author. Got it?

  • Have you confirmed that your essay meets the general formatting provisions? What are we talking about? You need to ensure that your essay is in the right font, line spacing, page numbering, header details, margins, and appropriate cover-page. While these may seem mediocre, they are instead a major complement for your score. You can easily lose points for not adhering to the specific and complementary formatting elements. Just make sure that each element is appropriately covered as specified in your instructions and rubric. Remember…total adherence to formatting as I Write My Essay for Me is a major determinant of what you will score eventually.

  • Why is the title of my college essay online important? The beginning of your essay marks the point where the reader’s attention is captured. The title marks the beginning of your essay. It is the pertinent element that lays down what the reader should expect. The title couples up with the introduction, body, and conclusion in communicating the intended message. In this regard, you must be keen in developing a title that resonates with your stipulated arguments. Most importantly, the title should be highly informative such that the reader gets a bigger idea of what the essay seeks to address. Whether you chose to use a single or double title, the bottom line is to focus on informing the reader on what you want to communicate. It is, however, notable that some of the titles shared under the essay instructions do not require any form of adjustments or changes. In such a case, you should focus more on developing content that resonates with the title as it is.

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Get Homework Help: A Sample Writing Guide

Sample Essay Paper on Impact of Obesity on Lack of Access to Healthcare in My Local Community

: Impact of Obesity on Lack of Access to Healthcare in My Local Community

Defining the Problem

Obesity has become a global epidemic in recent years. Prior to the 1980s, the prevalence rate of the condition was low in the developed world. Almost four decades later, the prevalence rate has more than doubled, at least according to the World Health Organization (WHO). According to a report by the WHO, as of 1990, about 20 percent of the global adult population was overweight, with less than 10 percent being obese. Today, it is estimated that over 1.4 billion adults aged 20 years and over are overweight, and a further 500 million are obese (Goldstone, 2015). These numbers account for 35 percent and 11 percent of the global adult population respectively. The sudden growth in prevalence rates has been termed as an epidemic given the broad range of serious health conditions associated with obesity.

Obesity is a risk factor for health complications, including cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal disorders, diabetes, cancer, and other physical and mental chronic conditions that lead to functional declines and reduced mobility. Functional decline and reduced mobility impede obese patients’ access to healthcare. Besides, obese people incur high health care costs at any given point in time, implying that obese people from low socioeconomic status can hardly access healthcare (Goldstone, 2015). The high healthcare costs incurred by obese people can be attributed to increased utilization of medical services, the need for more medications, the increased likelihood to use emergency services, and the fact that obese people tend to stay in the hospital longer than normal-weight patients. That the rate of obesity has been increasing steadily since the 1990s should be a worry for stakeholders in the healthcare sector. Additionally, the disorder affects people from all subgroups, including older adults, which means that the total global population is at risk (Musich et al., 2016). Risk factors for obesity include unhealthy lifestyle habits, age, family history or genetics, and unhealthy environments hence the need to focus on these factors in the efforts to address the problem.

Sources of Information/Evidence

Several studies and articles explore the impact of obesity on physical and mental health as well as healthcare costs and expenditures that influence access to health care in one way or another. In his study “Access to Healthcare and Obesity: An International Investigation of Healthcare Systems,” Goldstone (2015) argues that obesity is associated with a broad range of serious health conditions. Some of these conditions include an increase in the body mass index (BMI) and an increase in the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, some cancers, and musculoskeletal disorders, particularly osteoarthritis. With these health conditions, obesity thus causes suffering not only for affected individuals but is also accompanied by increased economic and medical costs. Obese patients often pay more for medication and other medical procedures while their condition and absenteeism from the workplace indirectly impact the economy in terms of lost economic production. Although Goldstone (2015) does not show a relationship between obesity and access to healthcare, the severe health conditions as well as increased costs for medication and overall healthcare impact obese patient’s ability to access healthcare.

In the 1980s, there were moderate changes in the prevalence rates of obesity, which justified the condition's omission from the list of sources of health spending growth. However, since the 1980s, there has been a significant increase in the prevalence of the disorder to roughly 30 percent of the global total adult population (Thorpe, Florence, Howard, & Joski, 2004). Thorpe et al. (2004) argue that the obesity rate has increased by almost eight percentage points since 1990. Between 2013 and 2014, one in every three adults was considered to have obesity. The prevalence of obesity nationally in the U.S. was 39.8 percent, affecting 93.3 million U.S. adults between 2015 and 2016. By 2030, the national incidence rate is expected to be 49.2 percent, whereas the state’s prevalence rate of the condition is expected to be 35 percent of adults (Healy, 2019). Amidst the increasing prevalence rates of obesity, there is an increasing risk of developing various health complications and illnesses such as gallstones, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, heart disease, stroke, and others. The risk of death is also found to be higher among moderately and severely obsess men and women irrespective of age (Thorpe et al., 2004). According to recent studies, health care spending is almost 36 percent higher among obese adults below the age of 65, which points to the difficulty faced by these patients when it comes to accessing healthcare.

Alternative Solutions

Obese patients are disadvantaged when it comes to accessing healthcare mainly because of their functional decline and reduced mobility as well as increasing healthcare costs associated with obesity. Thus, various practices or measures can be taken by stakeholders and decision-makers with regard to solving the problem. In the resolution of the problem, the focus must be on the mitigation or prevention of obesity among individuals. In this regard, one of the alternative solutions is providing financial assistance to obese patients seeking healthcare services. With financial assistance, obese patients can afford medications and other healthcare services required for their conditions, most of which come at increased costs. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2018), the rate of obesity is higher among men and women from lower-income groups. Obese persons from lower-income groups face a big challenge in accessing healthcare; hence financial assistance could be helpful (Fontaine & Bartlett, 2000). Another solution to the problem is education and providing key and relevant information on the need for weight loss programs to prevent functional decline and reduced mobility that inhibit access to healthcare. It is also important to improve organizational infrastructure to ensure people become more physically active to prevent or reduce the incidence and prevalence of obesity. Concerned stakeholders and decision-makers within institutions or organizations must also consider collaborating with others in the community to address obesity and avert the difficulty in accessing healthcare for obese patients. Most importantly, stakeholders, particularly at the government level, should formulate policies and enact legislation to facilitate change (Fruh, 2017). An example of a policy is the introduction of healthcare programs where obese patients’ medical expenditures are subsidized by the government.

Criteria to Be Used to Decide on Alternatives

Various criteria would be used to decide on the alternatives mentioned above. First, the focus of stakeholders when settling on alternatives will be on their benefits to the population in terms of improving quality of life, outcomes of care, consistency with evidence-based standards, ability to improve healthcare access for obese persons, and ability to decrease health disparities. Second, stakeholders would concentrate on alternatives’ economic inclination, including whether benefits surpass costs incurred as well as the ability to contain costs, which remains a big challenge for the targeted population. Third, ethical prospects will be taken into account when selecting alternative solutions. In this case, the focus will be on alternatives that maximize total good, achieve fairness of resource allocations, fulfill individuals' rights to certain goods or outcomes, and consider trade-offs between individual autonomy and the common good. Fourth, administrative feasibility will be taken into consideration in the selection of alternative solutions to the problem stated above. To this effect, stakeholders’ and decision-makers’ focus will be on time frame, required resources, ease or difficulty in implementation, and legality or regulatory issues surrounding the implementation of the alternative solution. Fifth, the perspectives of various stakeholders regarding alternative solutions will also be relied on. Some of the stakeholders whose perspectives will be taken into account include providers, employers, community groups and politicians, employees, as well as organizational boards of directors.

Decision Making

The problem at hand is the impact of obesity on the ability to access healthcare at the community level. Thus, government officials and stakeholders in the healthcare sector will be included in the decision-making process. The government will be engaged in the ways of reducing the high cost of care for obese patients as well as the lack of education and awareness programs on how to prevent or mitigate obesity. Government officials would be the target decision-makers in this regard because they have the responsibility to promote and maintain health, prevent and manage the disease, and achieve health equity or all individuals. Healthcare experts would also be included in the decision-making process as they are aware of obesity and its impacts on healthcare access and how this problem can be addressed. A pilot program will be conducted to determine the effectiveness of alternatives. To choose among the alternative solutions, feedback of community members on what alternative solution is appropriate with regard to addressing the problem will be utilized.

Implementation Strategies

Arguments on the impact of obesity on lack of access to healthcare and alternative solutions to the problem will be presented to representatives to Congress. The presentation of arguments will use information-based bargaining or negotiating strategy. Additionally,  the presentation will begin with a statement of the problem, which in this case, is the impact of obesity on lack of access to healthcare in my local community. Obesity causes functional decline and reduced mobility and is also accompanied by increased healthcare costs that inhibit access to healthcare for obese patients. Access to healthcare is important for stakeholders and the entire healthcare sector, hence the need to address the issue. The second step would be stating goals and key decision-makers in finding the solution to the problem. Taking into account the problem mentioned above, the focus will be on successfully engaging key officials, particularly representatives to Congress, in addressing the same. The targeted decision-maker is the government since it plays a key role in promoting and maintaining health, preventing and managing the disease, and achieving health equity for all individuals. The third step will entail outlining underlying needs and interests and will include mentioning personal interests coming into play with regard to addressing the problem at hand. The personal interest, in this case, is the need to reduce and mitigate obesity and address the issue of lack of access to healthcare for obese patients.

The fourth step is the statement of leverage, and, in this step, implications of a "no-deal" with the target decision-makers are highlighted. The sixth step is about outlining possible proposals or alternative solutions to the problem. In this regard, possible proposals or alternative solutions as already mentioned include financial assistance to obese patients seeking healthcare services; education and information to patients on the need for weight loss programs; improvement of organizational infrastructure; collaboration with community members to address the problem; and formulation of policies to facilitate change. Other crucial steps that would form part of the presentation of arguments to representatives to congress are such as statement of authoritative standards and norms; identification of a third party to be used as leverage; analysis of the situation and strategy for problem-solving; identification of the best modes of communication with the representatives to Congress; and statement of overall positioning theme. The statement of the overall positioning theme would be the last step in the presentation of arguments and would entail statement of the underlying purpose in the negotiation or presentation.


Obesity is a global epidemic problem impacting access to healthcare. It causes functional decline and reduced mobility and is accompanied by increased medical costs and expenditures that inhibit access to healthcare. Several studies and articles explore the impact of obesity on a lack of access to healthcare, some of which are explored in this paper. There are several alternative solutions to the problem, including financial assistance, education and information, improvement of organizational infrastructure, collaboration with others in the community, and formulating policies to facilitate change. Various criteria will be used to decide on the alternatives. Government officials and stakeholders in the healthcare sector will be part of the decision-making process. Arguments will be presented to representatives to Congress, and an information-based bargaining plan will be utilized.



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