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Get Homework Help: A Sample Writing Guide

Sample Coursework Paper on Investigation of Prevalence of Child Abuse


Child abuse is an issue of public concern in the U.S.  Millions of children are subjected to various forms of abuse annually. Child abuse has lasting impacts on the victims in terms of interference with psychological, physical, and emotional well-being. This paper is a compilation of data on child abuse nationally and locally obtained from the National Children's Alliance and an article exploring the incidence and prevalence of child maltreatment.

Investigation of Prevalence of Child Abuse

Child abuse has a lasting impact on the victims as it interferes with their psychological, physical, and emotional well-being. The consequences of child abuse can manifest during childhood and adulthood if appropriate intervention strategies are not implemented. According to the National Statistics on Child Abuse, approximately 700,000 children in the United States are victims of abuse. Aspects of child abuse range from physical, mental, and sexual abuse. National data collected in 2018 shows that 65% of the reported cases are sexual abuse incidents, 25% are physical abuse, 8% are neglect abuse, 7% are witness to violence, 3% are drug endangerment, and 7% are others. These statistics suggest that at least 1% of the kids’ population across the country experiences child abuse annually.

Instances of child abuse occur in environments familiar to the child, such as at home, where children are victimized by their parents, guardians, neighbors, or relatives. National Children’s Alliance (2020) affirms that 92% of the reported cases of child abuse involved children that were abused by their parents. These statistics reveal that most children are abused by individuals familiar to them; thus, increasing the number of unreported cases.  Moreover, cases of child-on-child abuse are prevalent as per the statistics from 2019, which showed that 22% of the perpetrators alleged to have abused a child were kids themselves. Out of this population, 14% were teenagers (National Children’s Alliance, 2020).  These statistics are alarming as they reveal that child abuse is a public health and social issue that affects underage children within the national and local spectrum.

Child abuse is a national crisis that contributes to the morbidity and mortality rate among young people. According to Jud et al. (2016), child abuse leads to health and social implications with long-term impacts. For instance, in 2018, child abuse was categorized as a deadly issue that led to the demise of at least 1, 770 children who were abused and neglected. Neglect is one of the main forms of abuse prevalent in the U.S. National Children’s Alliance (2020) explains that at least one out of every five victims of child abuse in the United States were neglected. Neglect accounts for the physical, mental, and emotional maltreatment that children suffer due to their parents’ or guardians’ negligence.

Child welfare authorities in the U.S. have implemented policies that focus on reducing child abuse cases and ensuring that victims are provided with safety. According to the National Children’s Alliance (2020), 3.5 million children have benefitted from child protective services through investigations or alternative response approaches that ensure safety, with an additional 1.9 million children receiving prevention services. National and state policymakers continue to use these data to propose practical measures that can assist in reducing cases of child maltreatment. Based on the data analyzed, infants are the most vulnerable population since 2.7% of children are abused annually during their first year of life (National Children’s Alliance, 2020). Consequently, numerous cases on child abuse among infants go unreported unless the child protective services are involved. Statistics reveal that child abuse cases are complex since some children experience more than one type of abuse.

The complexity of child abuse continues to deepen as allegations of sexual abuse among children continue to increase. Sexual abuse against children includes statutory rape, molesting, or child pornography. In 2019, 65% of the reported cases of sexual abuse against children led to disclosure, legal charges, or a conviction. Such outcomes indicate that the issue of sexual abuse among children may be much bigger than what is reported by the federal government.


Jud, A., Fegert, J. M., & Finkelhor, D. (2016). On the incidence and prevalence of child maltreatment: a research agenda. Child and adolescent psychiatry and mental health, 10, 17.

National Children’s Alliance. (2020). National Statistics On Child Abuse. Retrieved from:,kids%20in%20a%20given%20year.

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