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Sample Essay Paper on Military Service Obligations for U.S. Citizens

Military Service Obligations for U.S. Citizens

In 1778, English writer, moralist, and poet Samuel Johnson argued that “every man thinks meanly of himself for not having been a soldier, or not having been at sea.” This statement reflected the value of the sacrifice of the self for one's country. It reflects the significance of military service not only as the deepest responsibility of citizenship but also in terms of instilling self-discipline and values among individuals. Nonetheless, military service involves the risks of loss of life and other long-term harm to wellbeing, including risks for physical, emotional, and psychological damages (such as depression). Drafts to military service involve individuals’ acceptance to put themselves in harm’s way for their countries. U.S. law provides the compulsory conscription (enlistment to national service, including military service) of 17-45-year old men and certain women in times of crises or emergencies (Burk, 2001; RFOMS, 2006). This article argues that the benefits of military service obligations for citizens are intrinsic, relating mostly to the fulfillment of the sense of duty towards one’s country and associated attitudinal, emotional, and psychological reasons for enlistment. Nonetheless, the provision of adequate and effective health and wellbeing services to drafted individuals is critical in the authenticity and practical value of these benefits.

Intrinsic benefits represent a major part of the motivations of individuals to enlist in military service. The sense of duty towards one’s country and people is a key source of benefits for individuals in military service obligations. Fransen (2019) and Kosonen, Alisa, & Teemu (2019) observe that the feeling of duty to the country is a strong motivator for enlisting in military service. While military service features other benefits for individuals, including a salary, economic benefits, and enlistment bonuses, intrinsic reasons represent the primary motivations for individuals’ acceptance to enlist in the service, especially considering the risks of deployment for individuals’ lives, health, and wellbeing. These motivations comprise attitudinal, emotional, and psychological reasons for enlistment. The values of patriotism, a sense of duty, the concept of service, and chances of adventure are all intrinsic reasons for individuals to enlist in the service (Fransen, 2019; Kagan, 1983). Other intrinsic reasons for enlistment relate to the opportunity to develop self-discipline, master the challenges of military service and deployment, and be a part of an organization or service that is worthy of personal pride and social esteem (Fransen, 2019). Military service obligations serve to fulfill the desires and motivations (drives) of individuals to serve their countries. They allow individuals to fulfill these desires and motivations, such that they can obtain inner gratification from service. Enlistment also offers individuals a sense of personal pride, respect from society, adventure, and an exhilarating challenge. These benefits are internal, in terms of the fulfillment of intrinsic desires and attitudes.

Enlistment in military service, however, features significant risks for individuals’ lives, health, and wellbeing, which are essential to address effectively to support the benefits of military service for the individuals. Britton, Ouimette, & Bossarte (2012) and Gradus (2017) observe a high rate of depression and suicide among veterans and active military members. In a study of data from 57,905 men from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance (BRFSS) survey that assessed the history of military service, depression, and life satisfaction, Britton et al. (2012) found a significant relationship between the occurrence of depression and a history of military service. Nock et al. (2013) note that psychosocial factors that associate intensely with military service are highly instrumental in these observations of a high incidence of depression and suicide among veterans and active military members. Frequent experiences of death and grave injuries among colleagues in war zones are immensely distressing for individuals in military service, causing mental health and emotional problems. These problems undermine the capacities of individuals to enjoy the intrinsic benefits of military service discussed earlier. Veteran and active military members need timely and effective support services to enjoy these benefits.

Critics could argue that the government does not have an obligation to provide supportive care services to individuals who enlist in the military. They could refer to the fact that these individuals receive adequate financial compensation for their exertions, and that they are aware of the nature and demands of military service and war zones. Nonetheless, this argument is unsound because of the responsibility of governments to protect citizens from threats to their wellbeing and health. Problems in the emotional and psychological health and wellbeing of veterans and active members of the military are unique issues of concern that the government should address based on this obligation towards citizens. Governments’ commitment to the provision of these services to these individuals is also reasonable and valid as a reward for their selfless service to the country.

The article’s key argument is that effective provision of supportive services for the health and wellbeing of individuals in military service is a critical factor in the authenticity and practical value of intrinsic benefits that this service offers to individuals. These benefits relate to attitudinal, emotional, and psychological reasons for enlistment, such as the fulfillment of the sense of duty towards one’s country and desire for adventure, among others. These services ought to be timely and effective to ensure the genuineness of these rewards for both active members of the military and veterans.


“Readers’ forum: The obligation of military service” (RFOMS) (2006, November 18). Courier Journal.

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Burk, J. (2001). The military obligation of citizens since Vietnam. Parameters 31(2): 48-60.

Fransen, M. (2019). Selling military service during wartime: U.S. army recruitment advertising and enlistment motivation during the war against terror. Scandinavian Journal of Military Studies 2(1): 178-192.

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Nock, M., Deming, C., Fullerton, C., Gilman, S., Goldenberg, M., Kessler, R., McCarroll, J., McLaughlin, K., Peterson, C., Schoenbaum, M., Stanley, B., & Ursano, R. (2013). Suicide among soldiers: A review of psychosocial risk and protective factors. Psychiatry 76(2): 97-125.

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