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Sample Thesis Proposal Paper on Scent Marketing


The purpose of common designs of marketing communications is to appeal directly and primarily to the senses of hearing and vision among consumers to influence their choices of products. Rimkute, Moraes, and Ferreira (2016) note that scent marketing represents an essential aspect of sensory marketing. Researchers have identified scent marketing as a critical element of the physical component of a service or product. The ambient scent, which researchers also refer to as olfactory cue or atmospheric odor, is effective in influencing the behavior of consumers, as academic research has illustrated. The methods of consumption have altered significantly in the modern society, with consumers not only being rational in purchasing decisions (in terms of determining their decisions based on the functionality of services or goods) but also relying on affective aspects. Consumers are poly-sensorial entities who focus on sensorial and emotional stimulation as a vital aspect in the process of purchase. Rimkute et al. (2016) note that this change in the consumption of products represents a part of the trend that analysts have termed “retailtainment”, which is a concept of distribution that combines retail with entertainment.

This paper focuses on the role and significance of scent marketing in the context of the operations of a nursing home. The main purpose of the paper is to investigate ways in which scent could apply in the potential to enhance the experiences of residents in the nursing home. In the following paragraphs, this paper finds that the nursing home can utilize scent as an effective way to improve the experiences of its residents and market its services and brand effectively. Both stimulating and relaxing fragrances, such as lavender, lily, and mint, are suitable for the nursing home to utilize in this effort.

Smell as a concept

Blondeau and Tran (2009) observe that odor is the most developed of the human senses, such that a typical human being could detect about 10,000 different odors using about 6m olfactory cells. While the reminiscence of a visual signal lasts for only a few months, that of an odor could last several years. Odors can make an individual remember things that happened many years ago without controlling it (Blondeau& Tran, 2009). The process of smell is complex, involving primarily two phases. In the first process, odor is a volatilized chemical compound that special receptors in the nose of a human being sense. The molecules that compose a smell enter the nose and obtain glue from the mucus in the superior section of the nasal cavity. They then stimulate the relevant sensory neurons in the olfactory epithelium, whose size determines the strength of the olfactory sensitivity (in dogs, this area is much bigger, at 170cm2, while among human beings, it is 10cm2) (Blondeau& Tran, 2009). It is not clear among scientists how the receptors in the nose sense the molecules of odor, with some researchers suggesting that particular odor receptor molecules recognize only a particular feature of molecules or class of molecules of odor. This would imply that an odor comprises small parts that receptors in the nose sense separately based on their dedicated area. Nonetheless, researchers still do not understand the process of sensing olfactory molecules and that in which olfactory molecules transform this information into electric impulses to enable transmission to the brain for interpretation (Blondeau& Tran, 2009). The second phase concerns the reception and interpretation of small pieces of information about the smell that the olfactory cells collect in the brain, particularly in the olfactory bulb. This zone relies on emotional memory to map the odor based on the combination of the olfactory receptors. The brain then interprets this map to create an individual's perception and understanding of the odor (Blondeau& Tran, 2009).

Other research has illustrated that odors have the potential to affect the moods and behaviors of human beings. The aroma can alter the moods and behaviors of individuals in three different ways: directly, the Pavlovian way, or the olfactory way. The Pavlovian effect involves conditioning specific responses, while the Olfactory effect involves the stimulation of memory and enabling the individual to remember a part of his/her life (Blondeau& Tran, 2009. The direct effect involves the influence of the individual's brain directly in the same way that a drug does, although researchers have not demonstrated the stimulating nature of odors. At the same time, it is essential to note that aroma does not affect individuals in the same way. Some research has illustrated that women are more sensitive to odors relative to men, probably owing to social factors and genetic differences. Men and women also typically react to the same scent in different ways. One research found that men spent more time relative to women in the section of a supermarket where the management had sprayed spicy perfume, while other studies have illustrated differences between males and females in sensibilities concerning sexual-related odors (Blondeau& Tran, 2009). Another study captured the significance of factors such as marital status, demographics, and education in differences in the sensibilities of individuals.

Scent marketing for the nursing home

Erenkol and Ak (2015) note that the five senses of human beings have an important influence on the purchase experiences and processes of consumption of individuals. Human senses assist individuals in becoming conscious of and perceiving products, brands, and firms. The types, levelsor amounts, and ways of stimuli affect the processes of perception among individuals. The senses represent the starting point of perception, such that retailers and firms have understood the importance of using these stimuli to affect the perceptions of customers. Sense organs are essential in mediating the process of exposure to inputs from the environment and the sensations that sense organs create. In this context, consumers pay attention to stimulants that the surroundings create, according to the nature of the stimulants themselves and individual factors, and interpret and respond to these stimulants.

Rimkute et al. (2016) note that exposure to olfactory cues influences cognitive processes, thereby increasing attention and resulting in higher elaboration efforts among consumers in their considerations of particular products. This process involves cognitive enrichment, such that when consumers experience exposure to a scent that they perceive as congruent with a specific product class, they dedicate more time to the processing of information and development of inferences about these products, which in turn leads to decision-making on the products. In contrast, scents that are incongruent serve as cognitive interference, evoking information that is irrelevant in the memory of consumers and impending decision (Rimkute et al., 2016). Research has illustrated that the perception of ambient scent is adequate to enable positive cognitive responses among individuals.

As noted above, research has suggested that scents can alter the affective states of human beings. Nonetheless, the potential for the odor to alter or affect the perceptions and attitudes of individuals is one of the most researched areas of scent research. The nursing home should consider pairing ambient scent with stimulants, such as congruent music, to assist in achieving more positive general assessments or evaluations of its services. At the same time, the congruence of scent with the class of a product and gender is essential to enhance attitudes (Rimkute et al., 2016). The lack of congruence with the product has little effect on judgment since consumers treat the scent as an extraneous influence on their judgments, thereby inclining towards the effort to try to correct for the influence.This assessment implies that for the attitudes and perceptions of residents living in the nursing home to change positively, and for the residents to enjoy the experience of their stay in the home, the management has to meet the condition of scent congruency. The type of scent that the management chooses and implements in the nursing home has to have a positive effect on the experiences of residents and be congruent with the class of service that the home offers. At the same time, the nursing home’s management has to ensure that the scent that it chooses to apply in the environment can assist the residents in becoming conscious of and perceive the brand and class of service that it desires to portray an offer. This is possible through the choice of a type, level or amount, and way of stimuli that can facilitate these perceptions and attitudes among the residents.

Naja et al. (2014) focused on an investigation of the use of scent in a medical service environment to assess its impact and significance on the experiences of customers. They noted the findings of earlier studies that the exposure of people to a scented room influenced their judgments that the room was warmer, nicer, more comfortable and cleaner. In particular, one study that examined the influence of two pleasant odors, tea, and lavender, on the behaviors and attitudes of women customers established that lavender facilitated a more positive evaluation of the store (Naja et al., 2014). In the presence of particular odors, people show an inclination towards expenditure of more time and underestimation of the actual quantity of time that they spend. The researchers found that the manipulation of cues in the environment can apply to communicate a specific message to customers. In the medical context, this assessment implies that the physical environment, including its odor, affects the experiences and perceptions of customers. In particular, cues that have a critical effect on patients’ assessments of the quality of medical services on offer and the overall experience of medical care include the odor. The study by Naja et al. (2014) observed that both relaxing and stimulating odors had the effect of improving the evaluation of service experience and allowed children patients to be more positive concerning their stay in the facility. In this context, a stimulating fragrance, such as mint, and a relaxing one, such as lily, are suitable for the nursing home to apply in its environment.


The review above illustrates that the nursing home’s management can utilize scent as an effective way to improve the experiences of its residents. Both stimulating and relaxing fragrances, such as lavender, lily, and mint, are suitable for the nursing home to utilize in this effort. The use of scent in the home is essential as a marketing tool to influence the positive perceptions and attitudes of residents about the class of service that the home offers and its branding as a healthcare facility.


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Rimkute, J., Moraes, C., & Ferreira, C. (2016). The effects of scent on consumer behavior. International Journal of Consumer Studies 40: 24-34.

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