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  • Develop an Abstract : The abstract plays the significant role of enlightening the reader what he/she should expect in the other sections of the paper. It is a preview of what the writer intends to put across. Structuring an abstract, therefore, implies that you must uphold clarity such that any person will get a glimpse of the ideas to expect. If you are facing challenges working on abstract development, then it implies that you will require the services of a professional term paper service.

  • The Research Methods : Your term paper is based on research hence the need to identify the methods that you will apply to gather pertinent information on your chosen topic. It is advisable that you be very clear with the research method that works ideally for your topic. Choose one research method and stick to it to the end. Sometime applying a research method turn a challenge for many students. It is understandable that some of the research methods can significantly challenge you, hence the need to seek the necessary help. Look for experts and today and get professional assistance.

  • Develop A Background : What motivated you to write on the topic you chose for your term paper? What is the background behind the topic you have chosen? Why is the topic you chose important for research? These are the pertinent questions that you must answer in your background section. The background section sets the scope of your study hence clarity is absolutely necessary. If this challenges you, then looking for a term paper research service should be your next move.

  • The Results and Conclusion Sections : Having successfully completed the research, you will have to come up with detailed instructions based on what you found out. At this juncture, you need to contextualize your results with the method that you chose. It is with the help of the results that you will be able to come up with the conclusion. Still facing issues with generating and analyzing the results? Perhaps you need someone to offer you some professional assistance. At, we are committed to ensuring that your term paper is conclusively done, and that the results are analyzed thoroughly.

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Get Homework Help: A Sample Writing Guide

Sample Term Paper on Healthcare: Types of Wastes

Types of Wastes

Wastes are inevitable by-products of human activities and can be of different types. Following Toyota's lean manufacturing, Soliman (2018) states that there are seven types of wastes: defects, waste of talent, waiting, transportation, over-processing, overproduction, and inventory. Within the healthcare setting, defects refer to doing things wrongly. For instance, a wrong drug prescription or incorrect dosage is a defect as it can harm patients. Waste of talent is the underutilization of human resources within the organization. An example of underutilization of human talent is a situation whereby a lab physician draws a specimen instead of utilizing him/her for analysis and troubleshooting of test results (Soliman, 2018). Waiting wastes patients' access to care, such as waiting to pay bills. Hospital design layouts cause unnecessary transportation of patients, nurses, and specimens. Overprocessing could involve unnecessary repetition of symptoms description to physicians.

Within the hospital environment, overproduction can happen through tests. Physicians sometimes order unnecessary tests and checks, producing useless information (Soliman, 2018). Overproduction delays patient access to care and increases the cost of care for the patient. On the other hand, inventory is keeping either too much or too little inventory. Too little inventory causes harm, as patients may miss prescribed drugs.

Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records (EHR) are fast becoming the norm in the healthcare setting. Part of the reason for their increased adoption is their role in improving healthcare processes for increased efficiency and quality. According to Eva et al. (2019), EHR increases efficiency and quality within the healthcare setting by supporting the health system's ability to employ EHR data in making discoveries and creating data-driven contextual intelligence. The discoveries and intelligence can be instrumental in the development of strategies critical to the optimization and advancement of knowledge related to clinical practice in an EHR environment.

EHR improves information availability and reduces time wastage. Eva et al. (2019) inform that through EHR, appropriate staff within the healthcare system have patient records simultaneously. Simultaneous access to patient information allows relevant staff to locate and process patient information. Moreover, simultaneous access to patient information also means that each of the relevant staff members has quick and easy access to patient information. Such a system helps in saving both patient and staff members' time, as would be the case with locating paper files.

EHR additionally improves efficiency and quality by improving medical practice management and reducing errors.  Eva et al. (2019) argue that an integrated system helps in linking appointments to progress notes. The integration also spills over to claim management. Most importantly, EHR improves quality by reducing errors caused by poor/illegible handwriting. Computer-generated notes eliminate errors and the need to spend time deciphering handwriting, as was the case with handwritten notes.

Advanced-Access Techniques

Advanced access techniques are systems that enable patients to seek and receive care at their choosing. According to Rose, Ross, and Horwitz (2011), in contrast with traditional scheduling that set appointments for future dates, advanced access offers patients an appointment on a day of their choosing or at the time of the call, mostly within 24 hours. Using advanced access with appointment scheduling schemes can be a challenge due to the irregular and spontaneous nature of advanced access in contrast with the rigid nature of appointment scheduling schemes. According to Laan, Vrugt, Olsman, & Boucherie (2018), clinics that use appointment scheduling schemes slot available capacity among all patient types. The scheme regulates patients’ access times with the available physicians. Using it (appointment scheduling schemes) with advanced access may, therefore, cause clashes, especially when appointments have been on the schedule for months. It can be especially challenging when there is an emergency at the time of a previously arranged appointment.

Physician Engagement in Financial Improvement

Physicians are among the most significant actors in the healthcare system. For this reason, it is important to engage them in financial improvement. Skillman et al. (2017) argue that physicians bring expert knowledge, skills, abilities, experience, opinions to the table, which are instrumental in the formulation of the policies relevant to bringing improvements to the healthcare system. Skillman et al. (2017) add that physicians have many concerns about their job, including demands on taking leadership roles; thus, engaging them in financial improvement is vital. Even more important for physician engagement is the fact that physicians drive 75-85% of quality and cost decisions, making their engagement instrumental in lowering healthcare costs and improving the quality of healthcare (Skillman et al., 2017). Moreover, engaging physicians could help the administration align their goals for better management.

Incorporating physician leaders in the management and decision-making process is the best strategy for physician engagement. In a study of the best strategy for physician engagement, Skillman et al. (2017) posit that incorporating physician leaders works to the advantage of the administration as it involves them as members of an interdisciplinary team engaged in formulating and implementing various policies. Incorporating leadership is possible through leadership development and empowerment, which impart financial and management skills and represent physicians' needs and concerns to the administration.



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Soliman, M., H., A. (2018). Healthcare is ripe for lean. Industrial Management, 60(1), 25-30. Retrieved from

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