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Sample Term Paper on DNP Admission Essays

DNP Admission Essays

Essay 1: Pre-Discharge Training for Diabetic Patients

Patient education for diabetic patients is one of the discharge practices that improve patients' efficacy for self-management.  A lot of evidence suggests that patient education within the hospital setting helps attain improved outcomes and early discharge from healthcare facilities. Patient education for people with diabetes instills survival skills that enable patients to manage their condition and take responsibility for their health when out of hospital. Tailored patient education implemented by healthcare practitioners, such as nurses and physicians, who have sufficient knowledge to support diabetic patients, can be instrumental in promoting health management (Jairam, Walden, and Dornhorst 12). Such education normally covers various areas, including nutrition, compliance with medication, foot-care, and physical activity, among others. Each of these areas affects the quality of life of diabetic patients, influencing their ability to avoid practices that would trigger diabetic episodes.

Current research on patient education for diabetic patients has mostly focused on the implications of such education on patients’ self-management capabilities and health outcomes. In my DNP project, I would explore a different subject concerning diabetic patient education before discharge. I would address the barriers to effective patient education before discharge and explore conventional practices that can foster the delivery of effective patient education for diabetic patients. Various studies have shown that the factors that affect the effectiveness of patient education are varied across many contexts influenced by both physician and patient factors (Jairam et al. 11). Additionally, differences in discharge characteristics, such as between simple and complex discharge, also influence the suitability of patient education for diabetics prior to discharge, hence the need to handle patient education on a case-specific basis (Jairam et al. 15). My research would also cover these differences in patient education practices for patients with different discharge characteristics.

I would start by defining the research questions based on the PICO format to ensure that the research findings address an existing gap in literature and that it is suited for intervention for a particular patient population. I would then highlight the different themes that would be expected based on the research questions and use the themes to develop my research. From the themes, I would determine the keywords and their combinations that suit the research objectives and then use them to search for articles from credible databases for healthcare, such as MedLine, PubMed, and Cochrane Libraries. The use of credible databases would be to ensure that only peer-reviewed articles that can form the basis of evidence-based research are selected. I would then use various criteria, including the fit of articles to my research objectives, reference to patient education for diabetics, the year of publication, and the source database, to select articles for literature review.  The findings from the literature review would be used to develop the framework for primary research if necessary.

The findings from the research are likely to influence nursing practice in various ways. Nurses play a crucial role in planning patient discharge, part of which is patient education in preparation for discharge. By exploring the barriers to effective patient education for diabetics before discharge, the research would initiate the development of new perspectives on workflow analysis, which would be important in determining the bottlenecks and the inefficiencies in the discharge process. In turn, identifying such inefficiencies and bottlenecks would help develop solutions that would improve nursing outcomes. Additionally, exploring the effectiveness of different delivery models for patient education would enhance nurses’ awareness, and subsequently, the ability to choose the best approaches for different patients. Therefore, the research can result in better health outcomes for diabetic patients through improved education prior to discharge.


Work Cited

Jairam, Carol, Esther Walden and Anne Dornhorst. Discharge Planning for Adult In-patients with Diabetes. Joint British Diabetes Societies for Inpatient Care. Accessed 11 July 2020.


Essay 2: Personal Statement

My commitment to enhancing community health has been my motivation to pursue doctoral education in advanced nursing practice. Through doctoral education, I will gain skills and competencies that will be essential for my personal and professional growth and enhance my capacity to improve patient care outcomes during practice. I also believe that attaining this doctorate in advanced nursing practice will enable me to serve the public better through increased awareness of public health needs and enhanced leadership and management capabilities.

I have several goals and expectations from the program, and I believe that the institution will help me realize my goals and fit my expectations. My most important goals are to complete the doctoral program within the stipulated period of 4 years and advance my professionalism in practice. One of my expectations from the program is that it combines a practical and academic approach to study. For clinical practice, I feel that a practical approach is essential for delivering more effective outcomes in alignment with improved knowledge. I also expect that the program will enable me to develop advanced leadership roles, which are important for practice as an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN) since APRNs mostly serve as nurse leaders. This expectation is founded on the American Association of Colleges of Nurses (AACN) essential of developing organizational and systems leadership aimed at quality improvement (AACN 9). Another expectation is that by the end of the program, I will be able to earn an advanced educational credential that will qualify me for participation in healthcare policymaking and advocacy processes. Through enhanced practice skills that come from improved knowledge, leadership, and involvement in policymaking, I will improve public health outcomes.

The doctoral program has many stated outcomes, which I believe will improve my capacity to promote public health. One of these outcomes is that it prepares students to integrate scientific knowledge from diverse subjects, including bioethics, analytical, and psychosocial sciences, as the basis for organizational practice at the highest level (AACN 8). This outcome implies that by undertaking this program, I will be preparing myself to manage patients effectively using science-based concepts and professional ethics. The combination of science and ethics constitutes flawless and effective practice towards promoting healthcare outcomes. Thus, I will be able to improve the health of patients, and through cumulative impacts, that of the general public. 

The practice of nursing as a profession requires the continuous and effective application of scientific theories and concepts. The program will prepare me to use scientific theories and concepts to determine the significance of health phenomena, practice effective diagnosis, and evaluate performance outcomes (AACN 9). In this way, I will be able to deliver results that promote public well-being consistently. The ability to apply scientific concepts learned during the program to preventive health practices under my leadership is another way to impact public health in the course of my professional nursing practice. Therefore, I can say that by undertaking the program, I will benefit both myself through professional growth and the public through the implementation of new evidence-based practices that promote health.


Work Cited

American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN). The Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice. Accessed 11 July 2020.

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