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Get Homework Help: A Sample Writing Guide

Sample Speech Paper on Are Leaders Born or Made?

Are Leaders Born or Made?

The leadership topic has been debated over the years, with people questioning whether leaders are born or made. Various leadership theories have been developed. Some of these concepts argue that leaders are born, whereas some argue that leaders are made. For instance, according to the traits approach theory, leaders are born and share characteristics such as intelligence, self-confidence, determination, integrity, and sociability (Module 1). The style approach argues that leadership is mainly about behavior and that it entails two general kinds of behaviors, including task and relationship behaviors. Additionally, task behaviors are associated with goal accomplishment, whereas relationship behaviors revolve around comfort with selves, the group, and the situation (Module 1). To answer the question of whether leaders are born or made, one must understand what leadership is. According to Northouse (2013), leadership refers to a process used to influence a group of individuals, thereby laying the ground for the achievement of a common goal (p. 5). Thus, this paper provides a perspective on whether leaders are born or made.

What Is Leadership?

Leadership is a common term, particularly in organizational contexts, where the focus is on the achievement of organizational goals. It is widely believed that effective leadership is an antecedent to the success and achievement of organizational goals. There are several definitions of the term "leadership." A common and widely accepted definition is that leadership is a process of an individual influencing other people toward achieving a common goal (OER 1.1). Whereas certain individuals may be destined to be leaders, others may not. Those who are destined to be leaders are usually identified at a young age. However, those who may not be destined to be leaders can gradually learn or acquire specific skills that can make them leaders.

Leadership Theories or Approaches

The question of whether leaders are born or made can be answered based on the arguments of two major leadership theories or approaches; the trait approach and the behavioral or style approach.

The Trait Approach

The trait approach argues that leaders are born. In the 19th and 20th centuries, a popular and common leadership theory, the “great man” theory, argued that leaders have special traits or characteristics with which they ascended above other people and increased their leadership abilities (Module 1). The “great man” concept paved the way for several studies that explored personality traits, intelligence, physical characteristics, and values to differentiate between leaders and followers. A renowned researcher, Ralph Stogdill, conducted several studies that sought to establish the difference, in terms of characteristics, between leaders and followers (OER 1.1). However, Stogdill did not provide significant evidence that could be used as proof of whether leaders possessed specific traits that followers did not possess and vice versa. The trait approach states that some of the specific traits or characteristics that identify leaders are intelligence, self-confidence, determination, integrity, and sociability (Module 1). One cannot learn or acquire these traits but must be born with them, which means that leaders are born rather than made.

Behavioral or Style Approach

Based on the arguments of the behavioral or style approach, leaders are made rather than born. The aftermath of the Second World War saw an increase in research to determine who effective leaders are. Researchers mainly focused on the behavioral patterns of effective leaders with leadership behavior being measured using a Leader Behavior Description Questionnaire (LBDQ). The researchers then categorized the general styles of leadership based on the questionnaires. The two general styles of leadership that were established included employee-oriented and production-oriented leadership. On the one hand, leaders considered production-oriented are those who focus on preparation, planning, direction, and ultimate efficiency (OER 1.1). On the other hand, employee-oriented leaders are those with good relationships with subordinates and are open and concerned with their wellbeing. A downside of the research that categorized leaders into employee-oriented and production-oriented was the researcher’s inability to give an explanation to the differential effectiveness of leaders. In other words, researchers gave no explanation of why some leaders were effective, whereas others were not. The focus thus shifted to what leaders do and how they act as well as how a leader’s effectiveness can be attributed to certain behaviors (OER 1.1). The behavioral or style approach argues that leadership entails two general kinds of behaviors, including task behaviors and relationship behaviors. Task behaviors entail how leaders do complete specific tasks. Relationship behaviors revolve around how leaders do comfort with selves, the group, and the situation. Some of the relationship behaviors that can help to identify an effective leader are the provision of moral support and the provision of positive feedback with regard to the achievements of subordinates (OER 1.3). The behavioral or style approach holds that effective leaders do coach and mentor those around them in addition to encouraging team thinking and effective communication.  

Examples of Born Leaders and Made Leaders

An example of a born leader is Martin Luther King, who is considered one of the greatest and influential leaders in the U.S. He exhibited a number of characteristics or traits, which according to the trait approach, identify a person born to be a leader. For example, King was self-confident, determined, intelligent, and a man of integrity. He perfectly used his intelligence to convince followers of the need for non-violent methods in their protests and campaigns for African Americans’ civil rights. His self-confidence was well demonstrated when he delivered his famous speech, "I Have a Dream," through which he called for an end to racism. On the other hand, examples of made leaders include Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, who made their way into leadership through their hard work, commitment, dedication, and suffering on behalf of others. For instance, Nelson Mandela served 27 years in prison and upon release, championed for the rights of blacks and called for an end to apartheid in South Africa. Mahatma Gandhi also became a leader based on his vast experience and concern for the wellbeing of his people back in his homeland.


The issue of whether leaders are born or made has been debated for several years, with people having divergent views on the same. Based on developed leadership theories or approaches, leaders can either be born or made. Based on the trait approach, leaders are born and not made. The trait approach argues that leaders are born with specific traits such as intelligence, self-confidence, determination, integrity, and sociability. However, according to the behavioral or style approach, leaders are made. This approach argues that leadership entails two general kinds of behaviors, including task behaviors and relationship behaviors. Both task and relationship behaviors that determine whether or not one is a leader are learned or acquired hence the argument that leaders are made.



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Northouse, P. (2013). Leadership: Theory and practice. Los Angeles, CA: Sage Publications.

OER 1.1, Leadership, International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, Vol. 4, 2nd ed. Gale Virtual Reference Library, 2008, p. 377-384.

OER 1.3, Haynes, T. (2007). Management/leadership styles, Encyclopedia of Business and Finance, Vol. 2. 2nd ed., Gale Virtual Reference Library, p477-482.

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