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Comprehensive Guide to Academic Papers/Essays…Tips and Insights You Should Know

Are you struggling with your academic paper? Perhaps this is your first time to have such a task with you. Well, indeed there are some important aspects of academic papers that you must cover to ensure that your ultimate output is not only of high quality, but also highly informative and with total adherence to the provided guidelines. Perhaps, you have the thought of seeking a paper writing service. While this is a good idea, it is still important to have ample knowledge on what you must do to hit the score that you have always wanted. At, we care for your needs not only in offering you outstanding paper writing service, but also providing you with comprehensive nuggets of knowledge that will help you significantly.

Types of Academic Essays that Paper Writing Service Provides…What Does Each Entail?

The major difference between essays is the content that is required, and the approach that you are asked to follow. Essays bear similar structure and format. Here are assorted types of essays that you are likely to come across. Familiarize with each one of them so that you can easily describe what you require when seeking a paper writing service online.

Critical Analysis Essay

This is the type of essay that requires you to read through some materials and analyze the content from a certain aspect. For instance, you can be provided with a book chapter and be asked to analyze what the author communicated, the key points, and the ideas projected. In this case, the idea is to test your comprehension and understanding of the content in question. If you are seeking a college paper writing service for a critical analysis paper, ensure that the service provider understands all the aspects of such tasks. Your grades remain at stake, hence the need to work with a service provider whose precision in such tasks is high.

Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay requires you to convince the reader to agree with your arguments. In this case, the conviction is purely based on facts and justification made. As a writer, you are expected to embark on research and gather materials that support your thesis statement. Formulation of ideas, in this case, should resonate with your readers. A persuasive essay is aimed at leaving no doubt among the readers, but rather making them confirm that your arguments are indeed correct and justified. When looking for someone to write my term essay for me, ensure that you deal with a service provider who can effectively persuade readers based on the topic provided.

Descriptive Essay

As the word suggests, a descriptive essay requires you to describe something. It could be an encounter, emotion, situation, place, or person. The idea here is to challenge you to develop a written account of a certain experience. To come up with an ideal descriptive essay, you should be detail-oriented. In other words, the reader should have a clear mental image of what you are describing. If you are wondering ‘what should I write my term paper on’ in a descriptive format, you should first think of an impression that the reader seeks even without having a similar encounter or experience before.

Narrative Essay

If you are asked to write a narrative essay, then you are expected to reflect on personal experiences with reference to a specific area/topic. In this case, the writer seeks a story-telling approach to communicate to the readers. Normally, you will be provided with guidelines indicating the point of view that you should take when undertaking your narration. Ideally, you will relate the personal experiences with the area of study and come up with a conclusion. A narrative essay provides writers with the opportunity to relay emotions and use personalized tones since it is a matter of experience.

Argumentative Essay

Part of the academic work you will come across will include assertions and theories. What will you do if asked to justify an idea with reference to a certain theory? In such a case, you will have to develop an argument that tries to resonate with the theory or assertion in question. For example, you can be asked to justify the statement ‘autocratic leadership is better than democratic leadership.’ In such a case, you will have to argue and defend the statement based on existing theories. The main focus here is to ensure that your reader finds substance in your arguments and agrees with you fully.

Compare and Contrast Essay

This type of essay seeks to unearth the similarities and differences that are projected in a certain scenario. Two or more things must be involved in such a case. You will have to develop your content based on what makes the two items similar and/or what makes them different. For example, you can be asked to compare and contrast the horizontal and vertical organizational structures. In such a case, your focus should be the elements that make the two structures similar and what makes them different. Paragraphs developed in this case must be oriented towards specific aspects of comparison or contrast to ensure that flow and readability is adequately maintained.

College Application Essay

Are you planning to join a particular college? One of the requirements you will be required to meet is writing a college application essay. What is this all about? A college essay spells out pertinent information on why you should be granted the opportunity to join the college you chose. Further, you are required to give ample reasons how joining the college will benefit you. In other words, you will write a convincing essay aimed at increasing your chances of getting admission to a college. While this is considered as an essay like any other, less research is needed. In fact, the content you create should be personalized. You can only use research where necessary and if you must do so. Part of the information you will provide is how you will benefit the college itself. The benefits in this case are two-way.

A Detailed Guide of an Essay Structure? Develop an Essay that Meets the Exact Specification with The Best Paper Writing Service

Coming up with an essay that meets the expectations of your instructor is the most satisfying thing you can ever achieve. Well, to make this true, you must be conscious on what is required of you. Here is a detailed guide on what your essay paper online should entail.

• It All Begins With The Topic…What Do You Want to Write About? Do You Understand It?

You will realize that essay topics are diverse and it will depend on your understanding to articulate the essay you need. We all have assorted ideas even when the essay topic presented is similar, right? Now, note that the manner in which you understand the topic you are presented with is the major determinant of the output you will deliver. The idea here is to take ample time to understand the topic you have chosen or provided with. Note: The golden rule is to undertake some research on the topic to get a perfect gist of what you are supposed to write about.

• Develop A Hooking Introduction

The first thing you must know is that the introduction of your essay is paramount in creating a perfect understanding of the subsequent essay content. Does your reader know what you want to talk about in your essay? What should I do to ensure that I write my paper online in a way that my readers are clearly informed about what the essay is all about? That is simple! Focus more on the background of the topic at hand. State some facts that the reader may be aware of. Trigger the reader’s interest by structuring questions that resonate with the topic. Most importantly, give a summary of what the essay is all about. Oh! There is more…A thesis statement is part of the introduction. Make sure that you have a sentence or two at the end of your introduction that defines the central point and the direction that the arguments will take. Articulate your thesis statement in such a way that your subsequent points/arguments will be contextual and within the point of focus.

• The Essay Body…The Body Will Always Drive the Points Home

Remember that your essay introduction was rather a summary and brief, right? Now, the essay body provides you with the chance to discuss your points in detail. Also, remember that you developed a thesis statement in the introduction. You should develop your arguments in the essay body based on the assertions made in the thesis statement. A good essay applies paragraphs in putting points across. The same case should apply in your case. The idea here is to ensure that each paragraph projects a single point. That way, the reader will have a clear flow of ideas. Incorporating two points into one paragraph will lead to compromised quality for your essay. In the interest of achieving the best output, you might want to engage an online paper writing service provider, and a professional one for that matter. With such assistance, you will be able to develop paragraphs that will be precise and straight to the point, as opposed to a corrupted approach for your essay.

• Write My Essay- How Do I Craft a Conclusion?

The conclusion makes the summary of your essay. The summary is based on the thesis statement as developed in the introduction and the content covered in the body section. What does this mean? It means that you will be required to restate the thesis statement (not verbatim, but in rephrased form) and then indicate how your arguments collaborate with it. The conclusion must not introduce any new idea since that will leave the reader hanging. The conclusion, just like the introduction, should be 10-20% of the total word count of your essay. Being brief is the ideal way of structuring a conclusion that resonates with the reader. You will have communicated in detail under the essay body. What is needed at this juncture is a summary of the points with reference to the topic and the thesis statement. Just make your conclusion brief.

• Cite Your Sources

How to I write my essay with citations? How do I add citations in my college essay? Remember, your essay was based on research. There are those sources that you consulted when developing and arguing ideas in your essay, right? Now you must acknowledge the authors of the sources you used. This is not only a way of avoiding plagiarism, but also a way of indicating that your arguments are fully backed with research. Where should I cite as I write my essay? Simple! You should apply citations immediately after you use a fact that does not belong or has not been authored by you. While citing frequently is a show of a well-researched piece, it is encouraged that you use one fact for each point per paragraph. This, therefore, means that a single citation for one paragraph would be adequate since you will have room to justify your arguments and the stated fact. However, the number of sources requested in your instructions and the rubric should guide you on how frequent you should cite. Some essays are long, and therefore, require a lot of citations. Should I cite the introduction and the conclusion as I write my essay online? In a majority of cases, citing the introduction and the conclusion is not recommended. Why? The introduction lays the foundation of your topic. The introduction summarizes what you intend to write about and couples it up with a thesis statement (a thesis statement is a claim and not a fact, hence cannot be cited). The conclusion, on the other hand, is a summary and restatement of the thesis statement; hence, no citation is needed. Only when instructed to apply citations in the introduction and conclusion should you do so.
You can apply citations according to:

  • APA
  • MLA
  • Chicago
  • Harvard, and
  • Turabian, among others (depending on the specifications in your instructions).

• Do not Forget The List of References

The list of references provides the complete details of the sources that you cited in your essay. It is a requirement that you must meet when writing your essay. Ensure that your list of references is in accordance with the recommended format/style. Take-Away- The list of references should be in the last page of your essay and should be double-spaced and in hanging indentation.

What Makes a Term Paper Outstanding? Should You Work with A Paper Writing Service?

The highest likelihood is that you will be required to write a term paper at the end of every term. A term paper makes one of the major impacts on your final grades. Thus, you cannot afford to submit a substandard term paper. That would mean that your grades will be compromised and your chances of failing will be high. What should I write my term paper on? This is a common question for first-timers and even for those who have worked on such tasks before but did not perform as stipulated. Your focus in this case should be making your term paper as outstanding as possible, which can only be achieved by meeting all the requirements and addressing pertinent aspects. makes the best paper writing service that will tune your term paper to precision while ensuring that you score the highest grades. So, what should I uniquely do as I write my term paper?

• Primarily Focus on Understanding The Topic

In some cases, you will be required to choose a topic, while in other cases, you will be provided with one. In either case, you must first seek to thoroughly understand the topic you have chosen or provided with. An ideal way of familiarizing with the topic is embarking on light research online, whereby you will gather materials that can be used to support your arguments. Confirm that you are in a position to work with the topic based on the information available, including the course materials you have been provided with. A clear understanding of the topic means that you will have minimal challenges building content, and you will avoid losing context.

• Thoroughly Research Your Topic and Gather Information

Now that you have a clear idea of what your topic is all about, it is time to engage in thorough and in-depth research. At this juncture, you must seek relevant information that can adequately support your arguments and ideas all through. One of the major requirements in this case is that you must come up with a research-intensive paper that supports each idea and justifies your position. In the interest of dealing with facts and reliable information, it is necessary to write my term paper based on recent scholarly publications, including journal articles. Term papers are research-based, hence the need to focus on information from credible sources only.

• Develop The Paper Further

Having successfully completed your draft, it is now time to refine the document and come up with the final copy. At this juncture, your role is to identify loopholes in the first draft and do the necessary to cover the missing concepts. At this stage, you must be detail-oriented. The process entails keen proofreading of your work, while identifying areas that need change. You must remember that you have to consult the resources you researched for. If possible, you can build a wider pool of resources to support your arguments. The good thing is that I come across assorted materials necessary for backing my arguments as I write my term paper online. Research remains the major aspect in writing your term paper, hence the need to ensure that all facts are adequately backed and justified.

• Wait A Minute…Did You Cite Your Facts?

So far, we have emphasized enough on research, right? Well, this is because you must rely on research to develop an outstanding term paper. Now, have you attributed your sources to the authors? Have you applied the format that was requested by your instructor? I mean, was it APA, MLA, Harvard, or Chicago? Do you have challenges in applying the recommended format? Well, the bottom line is that you must cite your sources. Citing your facts means that you have adequately consulted secondary sources and applied the information sourced. More so, it indicates that you have observed the rule of the thumb by avoiding plagiarism. In most cases, the specifications of your instructions will indicate the minimum number of resources that you can use. Have you confirmed that the minimum number of sources has been met? Guess what? It is not simply about meeting the number of sources requested. The idea is to ensure that every fact you state is adequately cited. A research-rich term paper seeks to support all facts with reliable and accredited information, hence the need to ensure that you cite fully and in the correct manner.

• Develop A Detailed Outline For Your Term Paper

You have gathered enough information through research, right? I believe now you have an idea of the points and ideas that you would want to discuss in your term paper, right? Before you get down to real writing, it would be necessary to focus on developing a thorough and detailed outline. In this case, your aim should be defining the various sections of your term paper and incorporating the points that you will discuss in the respective sections. Part of what you will have developed so far is a thesis statement. This will guide you on the exact points to discuss all through your paper. Are you having challenges developing a thesis statement for your term essay? Perhaps a term essay writing service will work for you. The bottom line is that you must first develop an outline that will guide your subsequent writing. An outline is simply the roadmap that you need to ensure that your term paper covers the exact information that you need.

• Develop Your First Draft

The first draft of your work is meant to lay out information that is required in justifying your arguments. However, this is not the final document; hence, there will be room for revision and refining. However, in writing your first draft, you must be keen to cover all the pertinent aspects to avoid wasting a lot of time when revising your work. For example, the thesis statement you develop when working on your draft should remain intact and should be the point of reference throughout. Note that changing the thesis statement would imply changing the entire paper, which can be exhausting and time-consuming. Therefore, you should be absolutely keen on details when developing your draft. Hint: You can always send progressive drafts to your instructor for progressive guidance on how to develop your term paper.

• Proofread Your Work Thoroughly

Did you know that you can lose a significant number of points if you submit your term paper with errors? Did you know that proofreading your work can work positively in refining your paper fully? Indeed, before you make your final submission, you must proofread your work to ensure that everything is in place. At this juncture, you must develop a critical eye that easily identifies mistakes and errors effectively. Work towards making a fine copy of your term paper by embarking on the necessary adjustments. Ensure that replacements are done where some arguments may not be substantial enough. It is okay to even involve your close friend in proofreading your work. Just do what it takes to provide a copy that does not have the slightest error.

• One last thing…Did you include all the Parts of a Term Paper?

Formatting is not only about the references and citations. You will realize that your instructions and specifications indicate that your paper must appear in a certain way. Did you know that line-spacing, margins, cover page, and indentation are among the aspects that must be accounted for in your term essay? Well, if you have not done that, then you need to format your document rightly to ensure that you meet the provided instructions. If you chose to look for someone to write my term paper for me, then you have to work with someone who understands the fine details of formatting not only the references and citations, but also other aspects as aforementioned.

• Lest We Forget…. Grammar is paramount for your Best College Term Paper

You might have written a long-term essay but with absolutely no communication. Inasmuch as all other aspects of writing my college term paper online are important, communication and effective passage of information dominates everything. The choice of words, sentence structure, connotation, and punctuation, among other grammar aspects, remain highly paramount. Now, this is the exact point where you will require a term paper writing service. We at understand that language can be at times challenging. You might be having issues with English language, hence the extended challenge in writing in the same. Why struggle when Paper service writer online writing services are available for you at Putting a message across is what that matters the most, hence the need to ensure that your language is flawless.

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Get Homework Help: A Sample Writing Guide

Sample Research Paper on Population Health and Social Determinants of Health in a Selected Community

Population Health and Social Determinants of Health in a Selected Community

Population health is a common term in communities' need for health care delivery. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), population health refers to an interdisciplinary and customizable approach that enables health departments’ connection of practice to policy to achieve change locally. As an approach, population health uses non-traditional partnerships among various community sectors, including public health, academic, industry, local government entities, health care, and others. Population health often brings into focus significant health concerns while addressing various ways of resource allocation to overcome problems that drive poor health conditions in a population. This paper explores the concept of population health while also giving insight into the social determinants of health in a community.

Review of Literature

Various works of literature explore the concept of population health with their emphasis placed on the determinants of health, particularly social determinants. Kindig & Stoddart (2003) argue that population health is more commonly used in Canada than in the U.S. Despite the widespread use of the term in Canada and other parts of the world, there is a precise definition that has been agreed upon. Kindig & Stoddart (2003) define population health as the health outcomes of a group of individuals, which include the distribution of such outcomes with the group. The population talked about in the concept is always geographic, including nations or communities. However, the population can also entail other groups, including employees, disabled individuals, ethnic groups, and others. These populations are often of concern to policymakers since the policy-making process must arrive at decisions that favor the populations. Determinants of health usually affect population health concerning health outcomes. According to Kindig & Stoddart (2003), some of the determinants of health with an impact on population health include medical care systems, the social environment, as well as the physical environment.

Since the connection between health and the collective, public, and social sphere is inescapable, public health practices have witnessed a series of evolving movements that revolve around shifting articulation society and states. As a result of the social and historical makeup of health and health systems, there has been an emergence of a widely-accepted understanding of health systems as social systems (Linares, 2016). Focus has also been on the perspectives on the population dimensions and social practice of public health that include Health Canada’s population health approach, the social determination approach advanced by the Latin American social medicine and collective health movement, and the social determinants of health model of WHO’s Commission on Social Determinants of Health. The Canadian population health approach is the most commonly used following its development in the mid-1970s. Linares (2016) clearly distinguishes the concept of population health from the traditional concept of medical care. One of the major differences is that population health involves strategies that address a wide range of patterns of health determinants, while traditional approaches mainly rely on risk and clinical factors that are linked to particular illnesses. Another difference is that population health uses strategies that are designed in a way that reaches the entire population while medical care is mainly targeted at individuals with a specific focus on those that are already suffering from a health problem.

As mentioned above, the determinants of health impact population health in terms of health outcomes. The commonly talked about determinants of health are social determinants brought about by the social determinants of health model advanced by the WHO Commission on Social Determinants of Health (Linares, 2016). In its 2008 report, this commission acknowledges how the social conditions in which people work or live can impact health. The social determinants of health approach state that the improvement of the overall situation and combating inequities in the way health conditions are distributed require acting on the social determinants of health (Linares, 2016). According to Linares (2016), the model takes note of two types of social determinants of health, including structural and intermediate social determinants. Structural social determinants of health include socioeconomic and political contexts and socioeconomic status. Intermediate social determinants of health consist of material circumstances, behavioral and biological elements, psychological factors, and the health system.

Project Description

The project’s purpose is to explore the concept of population health while connecting it to the social determinants of health in a selected community. The project entails various tasks that aim at enhancing awareness and understanding of population health and social determinants of health. Part of the project is an examination of the role of behavior and behavioral change in the improvement of the health of populations using the WHO Determinants of Health framework and population data. The project also entails the incorporation of current evidence in the care of populations in a selected community. The use of current evidence in the care of populations results in improved health outcomes, which is one of the major objectives of the population health approach. The project also entails determining community resources following interviews with potential community partners. The focus is on how these resources contribute to the improvement of health outcomes, which is the primary aim of population health. Moreover, the project includes designing evidence-based health promotion strategies for a selected community following a formal assessment identifying a certain community problem. Evidence-based health promotion is a top priority for the international health promotion community. It is becoming increasingly evident that evidence is needed by health professionals to ensure effective health promotion interventions (Tang et al., 2003). With quality findings or evidence, health professionals can arrive at better decisions aimed at achieving effectiveness in their interventions. However, the lack of evidence may make it difficult to obtain policy support.

Analysis and Conclusions

The concept of population health is increasingly being used around the world, but more in Canada. This concept tends to focus on why some populations are healthier than others, as well as policy development, research agenda, and resource allocation in this regard. Some populations are healthier than others, as explained by the population health concept, and this can be attributed to the social determinants of health. Social determinants tend to have major impacts on health outcomes, particularly for the most vulnerable populations. Social determinants of health are generally conditions in environments in which people live, learn, are born, play, age, and worship. These conditions affect, in one way or another, a broad range of health, functioning, and the quality of life outcomes and risks. This project seeks to explore the population health concept and connect it to the social determinants of health. Part of the project will be to determine community resources available to help achieve population health objectives. The availability of resources at the community level can help to overcome negative social determinants of health, thereby significantly impacting population health outcomes.



Kindig, D., & Stoddart, G. (2003). What is population health?. American Journal of Public Health93(3), 380-383. Retrieved from

Linares, N. (2016). Implementing population health and social determinants approaches in Cuba. MEDICC Review18, 61-70. Retrieved from

Tang, K. C., Ehsani, J. P., & McQueen, D. V. (2003). Evidence-based health promotion: Recollections, reflections, and reconsiderations. Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health57(11), 841-843. Retrieved from

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