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Get Homework Help: A Sample Writing Guide

Sample Research Paper on Advertising Directed to the Elderly

Advertising Directed to the Elderly

In contemporary society, television viewing and newspaper and magazine reading have become major leisure activities across the world for most people, including the elderly population. Advertising, a key dimension of the media industry, has become an inescapable aspect of media experiences to the public. Researchers have studied the role of advertising and media in people's lives and found that adverts are not just about promoting products and services but are also concerned with social influences. Regardless of the purpose, adverts directed towards the elderly should promote optimism and dignity. However, some adverts project elderly consumers negatively; thus, promoting a negative stereotype of this population. This paper describes two examples of good advertising and two examples of bad advertising, of which, depending on the adverts, the effect of advertising on perceived aging is extensively explored.

Examples of Good Advertising

The CoxHealth Springfield “Because I Can” advert is an example of a good advert directed to the elderly. The ad puts the elderly at its forefront, showing that it can offer all the services needed by the population for better health. Rather than showcasing a vulnerable population that needs help or that is at the mercy of others, seniors are shown to be having fun everywhere (CoxHealth Springfield, 2014). Some of them are having a fun time in the ocean while others are engaging in yoga. The messaging used is also positive. The ad includes words like “strength” and “start” to show the readiness of seniors to be willing to access health insurance for their future. The ad, therefore, creates a positive stereotype that makes the elderly feel loved and cared for in society. 

Another good advert example is Abbott Nutrition’s “Life in Full.” Although the print advert is promoting youthful products to the elderly, it focuses on positivity, showcasing how an older woman is having fun at the beach. The ad explores the challenges of immobility and bed rest to the senior population and the effect on Body Mass. It then highlights the benefits of its Ensure Plus Advance formula without necessarily degrading the elderly or portraying them as a vulnerable population (Abbott Nutrition, 2013). The female figure on the ad seems very happy and communicates the notion that aging cannot deter her from enjoying her free moments. It, therefore, portrays positive stereotypes as the elderly are perceived to be energetic.

Examples of Bad Advertising

One example of bad advertising directed to the elderly is the 2018 “Don’t Get Mad, Get E-Trade” advert by E-Trade. In the video, the elderly appear to be buffoonish, working in odd jobs that do not suit them, including being firefighters and lifeguards because they never saved while in the premium years. The ad also mocks older people who are struggling financially. The advert further compares the strength of young people and the old as the young are depicted as energetic and can run for miles while the elderly get tired even before starting (E-Trade, 2018). It goes ahead to highlight that up to a third of Americans do not have retirement benefits. While this ad is directed to the old population, it pays much attention to the millennials and Gen Zers, who are energetic, thus creating a negative stereotype of the old.

Another negative ad example targeting the old population is the anti-aging cream ad by Dermitage. According to this ad, individuals can reduce wrinkles in minutes, citing positive results such as creating a younger look, removal of wrinkles and fine line, and having a smoother skin (Dermitage, n.d.). The image shows both an old, wrinkled skin that is not appealing and a rejuvenated skin resembling that of a younger person. The misplaced ad insinuates that the elderly are not proud of their skin, showcasing how freaking the wrinkled skin is. The messaging is also deceptive. Although it might effectively address wrinkles, noting that it will only take minutes is an exaggeration that does not hold any truth. Since beauty products take time to take effect, it is evident that the advert aims to deceive the elderly population. Rather than motivating the elderly to purchase the product, it creates discomfort and lowers the self-esteem of those having wrinkles.

Different advertising techniques influence the attitude and perception of consumers towards the old population. The bad advert examples reveal that the aging population is always associated with negative stereotypes. The population is associated with weakness, vulnerability, and lack of ability to support oneself. In particular, the anti-aging advert depicts perceived aging with the stereotypical belief that aging is bad. The old wrinkles look exaggerated and ugly, and comparing that with a firmer skin makes it more stereotypical. On the other hand, the good advert examples indicate how positive stereotypes could be created with positive messaging. Rather than portraying the elderly population as vulnerable, these ads make efforts to show that the population equally stands a chance to engage in diverse fun-making activities and have the required strength.



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