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Sample Thesis Paper on IS-Related Solution Data

IS-Related Solution Data


Information systems (IS) technologies are being used in the business place to enhance performance and profitability. Significant changes in the way people communicate in the business place and how information is collected and distributed, have contributed to growth in profitability over the years. This paper explores various technologies that are being used in the business environment in contemporary times. The five concepts explored include cloud computing, digital dashboard with key performance indicators, electronic records management, enterprise data warehousing, and search engine optimization.


In contemporary times, technological advancements have resulted in significant change in the way people communicate and the modes they use for communication. Particularly, the internet, through various information systems (IS) solutions, has created a source of fast-paced, easy and eternally changing communication procedures.  Furthermore, these IS solutions have improved information sharing significantly, resulting in constant knowledge creation and sharing across the world. While some of these IS solutions are widely known across the world and used by many people, others are either still unknown or used only to a limited extent. An understanding of the available IS solutions promotes applicability and the choice of solutions. In the ensuing paper, a discussion of various IS solutions is presented, including how they work and the benefits they bring to the work environment. The objective of the paper is to create an in-depth understanding of various concepts in IS related solutions. The focus will be on five key concepts namely, Digital Dashboard with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Cloud computing and future trends in cloud computing, Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), Electronic Records Management (ERM), and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing as an IS solution offers users the opportunity to access applications, data, and information through online platforms without necessarily having access to the hardware. With access to cloud computing services, companies compute more easily, manage large amounts of data and information, and share it within the teams. Cloud computing comes with many opportunities in access to jobs, applications, and various platforms among others. According to Paul and Ghose (2012), vendors, as well as service providers can develop new ways of selling their products and services through cloud computing. Due to the benefits associated with clouds, the future of cloud computing is inevitably bright. Future trends in the field promise to be expansive as well as powerful since it provides a higher level of agility and accessibility relative to conventional technologies (Paul & Ghose, 2012). Additionally, the use of cloud computing is extremely cost-effective, and companies save millions by utilizing solutions availed through cloud computing.

Electronic Records Management

Electronic records management is also gaining popularity across the world. Just like cloud computing, ERM is currently being used in corporate environments where there is a need for the storage of large volumes of data, most of which is sensitive. ERM entails the use of specific software to collect, clean, and store records and track them on a real-time basis. An ERM system captures records created within an organization's systems and businesses and captures the data together with the metadata for the records. A good ERM system creates electronic records with many parts since the metadata for electronic records is more expansive than that for physical records hence greater need for attribution (National Records of Scotland, 2019). The use of ERM implies that data stored has several parts, each of which must be preserved. This implies that electronic record management must be done through a system that allows the creating of reliable and replicable data, which gives the exact copy of the original. ERM also allows data management to be effective due to the reduced data entry frequency. It is also for this reason that ERM increases data accuracy and reduces the rate of error occurrence among users. There are many ERM systems in existence and choosing the right system for application is paramount (National Records of Scotland, 2019). The choice of system depends largely on the type of data to be managed and the type of organization using the data. Most ERM systems can be customized to specific organizational needs.

Enterprise Data Warehouse

An enterprise data warehouse (EDW) is considered one of the key components of business intelligence in contemporary times. It is a system for data reporting and analysis and is considered a central repository for data from multiple disparate sources into the business (Leonard, 2011). The data in an EDW is stored in a single place and used for creating analytical reports to be used by workers across the entire workplace. Data in the warehouse is uploaded from operational systems such as customer relationship databases or inventory management databases and may be passed through operational data where it is evaluated for quality. It can also be cleaned before uploading to the EDW to ensure that high-quality data is provided. The typical EDW operates based on staged extract and transforms and load (ETL) functions, which are layered and accessed in stages (Leonard, 2011). With the capacity of EDWs to manage large volumes of data, investment in a data warehousing plan comes with many benefits.

Some of the benefits of EDWs include the capacity to integrate data from multiple databases into a single storage; elimination of the database isolation level problem; maintaining data history even where the data sources do not; enabling a central view of data from across the enterprise; and improving data quality through consistent coding, data descriptions and even bad data fixing. Additionally, EDWs help the accurate presentation of organizational information, make it easier to write decision support queries, organize and disambiguate repetitive organizational data, and restructure data to make sense to business data users (Leonard, 2011).

Search Engine Optimization

With the increase in electronic commerce and online marketing, there is a need to augment internet visibility. One of the most commonly used practices to achieve this is through search engine optimization (SEO). SEO enables businesses to increase their visibility relative to their competitors and thus get access to higher numbers of consumers. According to Bhandari and Bansal (2018), SEO entails activities that improving the traffic to a business or other website by maximizing on the organic or free search results which are obtained from search engines. The principle of operation of SEO is that the higher a page is ranked on the search engine, the more frequently it appears in searches. The more frequently a page appears on the search engine, the more visitors it gets. SEO practice may target different types of searches including image search, academic search, and video search. The practice of search engine optimization is beneficial to businesses as a marketing strategy (Bhandari & Bansal, 2018). With website owners recognizing the value of search engine optimization, new opportunities are created for SEO practitioners daily.


            Emerging IS solutions have improved the performance of business entities significantly, resulting in a faster paced, more responsive business environments. Key features of IS that have contributed to growth in the business space include cloud computing, electronic record management, enterprise data warehousing, and search engine optimization among others. Cloud computing, for instance, results in increased capacity to manage large volumes of data without the burden of storage space as data is stored electronically in the clouds. Similarly, electronic records management fosters flexibility and ease of record keeping, data analysis, and information sharing. Search engine optimization, on the other hand, improves the visibility of business websites, increasing the traffic generated through free search engines to those sites and thereby increasing their business potential. Other technologies such as enterprise data warehousing improve the outcomes of business by increasing the visibility of the entire enterprise through data management enhancements. Each of these technologies if used effectively can result in a significant increase in business profitability.



Bhandari, R.S. & Bansal, A. (2018). Impact of search engine optimization as a marketing tool. Jindal Journal of Business Research, 7(1). Retrieved from

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Paul, P.K. & Ghose, M.K. (2012). Cloud computing: possibilities, challenges, and opportunities with special reference to its emerging need in the academic and working area of information science. Procedia Engineering, 38, 2222-2227. Retrieved from

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