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Get Homework Help: A Sample Writing Guide

Sample Term Paper on Grief Theory Integration Paper

Although human beings anticipate death and other forms of discouragement in their lives, loss often has adverse effects on people's lives and can lead to prolonged grief. Among human beings, loss can also occur when they are detached from something that they love, such as a sporting activity, dance, or other forms of their passion that they relied on for their happiness. While people are usually trained or educated on handling different milestones in their lives, they are often not prepared to deal with loss, but they adjust eventually. The compass method suggests that the process of accepting a loss has four steps. I have experienced loss and underwent the stages illustrated in the compass model.

Personal Story of Significant Loss

My personal loss story is based on a recent bicycle accident that occurred on campus while I was riding my bicycle. When the accident occurred, I felt a sharp pain in my right wrist and initially thought I had fractured my hand. However, after being assessed at the campus clinic, I was informed that I had partially torn a tendon on my right wrist and would not be able to use my right arm for a while to allow it to heal properly. Since it was partially torn, I was also informed that it would not require surgical management. The recommended plan of care for the wrist included making long-term changes in the type of activities in which I participated to avoid placing too much pressure on the wrist, using my other arm for most of my daily life activities *such as writing), and pressing ice-cold packs to relieve the initial pain. The most challenging plan to follow has been using my left hand for most of my daily activities because I am a right-hand dominant individual.

Compass Model Theory Application

The Compass Model theory illustrates the grieving process using the four points of the compass, which include remembering, reaffirming, realizing, and releasing. According to the compass, the grieving process slowly leads a person to renewal, which is the midpoint of the compass. My incident resulted in functional loss because I lost the functionality of my dominant hand. During the remembering phase, I was not used to relying on my left hand. Often, I would recall the ease of performing simple tasks with my right hand, which would evoke a mixture of sadness and anger. The reaffirming phase involves relying on life values and spiritual beliefs as an anchor to deal with the pain of loss. A few days after my injury, I started relying on my life values to uplift and encourage myself that the injury was not permanent and that I would eventually regain health and go back to using my right arm.

            The Compass Model theory reveals how people transition from one mindset to another during the grieving process. During the realizing phase, individuals who have gone through loss realize that the death or loss has already occurred and nothing can reverse the situation. While those grieving the death of a loved one usually go through this experience when they see the body of their loved one or during the funeral, when the body is being lowered into the grave, those experiencing other losses reach this stage when they fail to recover their losses. My realization can after numerous failed attempts at using my right hand despite the injury. Indeed, pain radiating from my wrist, and the struggle of holding anything with my arm proved to me that I had lost the functionality of my right arm. The realization phase is followed by releasing, which is characterized by adjustments made by individuals who have undergone loss to ensure that they can move on from their bereavement and sad state. The releasing phase for me entailed accepting the injury and the adjustments that I needed to make in my life to relieve my right wrist of pain.

            The renewing step, which represents the mid-point of the compass, involves finding new ways of living after experiencing loss. Although grief does not end, this step illustrates people's ability to recreate or move on with their lives while finding new ways of enjoying the things that they previously enjoyed. In my case, the renewal point was when I began training myself to use my left hand to write and perform other simple tasks. The exercise showed me that I could live comfortably without over-relying on my right hand. Using my left hand also allowed my right hand to heal.

            The duration of the grieving process often depends on the connection between an individual and the object or person lost. While material loss cannot be equated to the loss of a loved one, individuals still experience the same grieving process. The loss of its functionality affected my life and impaired my ability to perform my daily activities significantly because I was used to cycling around campus and using my right hand for other tasks like writing. The Compass Model theory illustrates the grieving process and the changes that people experience over time after their loss.

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