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Sample Essay Paper on Leadership and Culture: Mahatma Gandhi and India Independence


Leadership is a term used widely. Leadership presents an image of powerful and dynamic individuals commanding victorious armies, directing corporates from top positions, or shaping the path followed by nations. Leaders possess specific traits that also determine effectiveness. Leadership is closely linked with culture. Leaders create specific cultures that allow them to lead effectively. This paper extensively explores one of the revered leaders, Mahatma Gandhi, with a focus on his leadership approach, a situation that propelled him into a leadership position, and prevailing culture that prompted the rise to a leadership position.


Leadership and Culture: Mahatma Gandhi and India Independence

Leadership is a widely used term. However, not everyone understands what exactly leadership entails. Understanding the meaning of the term is important as it can help one to distinguish a person who is a leader and one who is not. According to the Online Educational Resource (OER), leadership presents an image of powerful and dynamic individuals who command victorious armies, direct corporates from top positions, or shape the path followed by nations. Leadership also refers to a process of giving purpose or meaningful direction to a collective effort. Mahatma Gandhi is remembered for his efforts and commitment to giving meaningful direction to Indians during the British colonial era. Gandhi is one of the greatest and revered leaders remembered for guiding India to independence.

Leadership Approach

Gandhi’s leadership approach in India’s road to independence continues to stand out. Several years after his death, many people remember his passion and desire for an independent India. Through his actions, he was mostly a transformational leader. Transformational leaders often have an unexpectedly significant impact on their followers. They possess three key traits. First, they make subordinates aware of the importance of their tasks and the importance of performing well. Second, they make subordinates aware of their needs for personal growth, accomplishment, and development. Third, they motivate subordinates to work for the good of the organization rather than personal benefit or gain (OER). Gandhi possessed these traits as evident in how he interacted with his followers wherever he was. During his stay in South Africa, he led colored people against white supremacy. He made people of color, particularly Indians, aware of their worth and importance in a society that was dominated by white supremacists. Upon his return to India, Gandhi continued with a transformational leadership approach. He not only led by example but was also humble and lived like Indians in poor conditions (“Leadership Style,” n.d.). With Indians suffering greatly under the rule of the British, Gandhi focused on empowering Indians to believe in themselves and feel that they have a key role to play in changing India. If India was going to be independent and free from British rule, everyone had to play a role. Gandhi emphasized this idea and empowered everyone towards the same. He incessantly encouraged every Indian to believe in him or herself to help change their country (“Leadership Style,” n.d.). Like the transformational leader he was, Gandhi was open to new ideas and opinions from his followers. His influence would not have been felt the world over had he not been humble and empowering. His approach was typical of that of other transformational leaders around the world who work together with or empower their followers to make a difference.


Gandhi’s rise to a leadership position came during his time in South Africa. He moved to South Africa after accepting a position with an Indian firm that decided to send him to its South African office. He stayed in South Africa for nearly 20 years, during which he encountered serious discrimination ( Editors, 2010). He was appalled by the heightened level of discrimination by Europeans against colored people in South Africa, ultimately resorting to strong resistance to the discriminative practices. It was the heightened discrimination levels in South Africa that propelled Gandhi into a leadership position. At one time, a European magistrate asked him to take off his turban during a court session to which he denied and left the courtroom. Another instance of discrimination against Gandhi was during a train voyage to Pretoria ( Editors, 2010). He refused to give up his seat for a European passenger and was ultimately thrown of the first-class railway compartment and beaten up by a white. The beating on the train voyage was Gandhi’s turning point, and he began developing and teaching the concept of satyagraha. He empowered and encouraged coloreds to refrain from cooperating with authorities. He gradually developed into a leader of Indians and other coloreds in South Africa. In 1906, Gandhi was the leader of a campaign of civil disobedience that lasted for almost eight years. Gandhi’s campaign of civil disobedience led to the imprisonment of several Indians living in South Africa, with hundreds being shot dead in the process. Following a compromise negotiated by Gandhi and General Jan Christian Smuts, the South African government agreed to recognize Indian marriages and abolished a poll tax that existed for Indians ( Editors, 2010). Gandhi's leadership continued when he returned to India in July 1914. He was a leading critic of colonial authorities' unjust measures. In 1919, Gandhi organized a campaign of passive resistance, responding to the passage of the Rowlatt Acts by Parliament. With the Acts in place, colonial authorities had emergency powers to suppress activities deemed subversive.

Prevailing Culture

There is a close link between the concepts of leadership and culture. Leadership can create either a positive or negative culture that allows individuals to act or behave in a certain way (OER). This correlation is evident in Gandhi’s transformational leadership and the culture it created. Gandhi created a culture in which people stood up for what they believed in. It was a culture whereby people were empowered and felt confident and courageous about what they can do. Through his teachings of satyagraha, Gandhi created a culture whereby people could confront the law nonviolently and politely. If Gandhi’s followers were not confident and had no trust in themselves, they would not have been able to do the things they were empowered to do by Gandhi. The culture created by Gandhi was widely and rapidly adopted by his followers in South Africa and later India. The followers had a positive perception of the culture and were committed to practicing it despite threats from colonial authorities and white supremacists. The culture created by Gandhi propelled him into the leadership position. Without the culture, people would not have found a reason to follow him and his teachings. This is reminiscent of contemporary society where leaders have to first create a positive culture if they are to draw followers and have them behave in a desired manner.

Gandhi was a revered and great leader. His rise to leadership came during his time in South Africa. He was mainly a transformational leader since he focused on empowering his followers and encouraging them to have confidence in themselves. The situation that propelled Gandhi into his leadership position was the heightened discrimination in South Africa. Gandhi blatantly resisted the discrimination of colored people by whites in South Africa. He later formed passive resistance movements that resisted the harsh treatment of colored people in South Africa. Gandhi later moved back to India, where he continued with his leadership. He created a culture whereby people were empowered and felt confident and courageous. This culture prompted his rise to a leadership position.

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