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Sample Essay Paper on Evaluation Plan for Substance Abuse Counseling and Therapy Program at SCMHC

Evaluation Plan for Substance Abuse Counseling and Therapy Program at SCMHC

This paper presents an evaluation plan for the program of counseling and therapy targeting substance abuse at the Soho Center for Mental Health Counseling (SCMHC) in New York. SCMHC is a private practice organization in New York that offers mental health counseling services. Anthony Freire, Kelley Hershman, and Kate Engstrom founded the practice in the early 2010s, and serve as clinical directors in the organization. Along with substance abuse, SCMHC targets a wide variety of mental health problems among clients, including anxiety, depression, self-esteem problems, eating disorders, trauma, grief and loss, and bipolar disorder. Operations and services at the center have adopted the model of serving the clientele better based on a team approach and individualized, compassionate, authentic, and non-judgmental interactions with staff, in alignment with the founders' vision. The program of substance abuse counseling and therapy at the center involves the application of a combination of customized individual and group therapy sessions and assistance through references to medical resources for extra support, including medication to help in controlling withdrawal symptoms and physical cravings (SCMHC, n.d.). The program's goal is to assist clients in resolving any underlying issues with a contributing role in their substance abuse problems and equip them with tools and strategies to control their impulses and cravings.

My setting in the evaluation of the identified program is that of a member of a professional evaluation agency that offers advice and consultancy services to firms and organizations on effective program models and implementation. This setting demands adherence to the principles of honesty, reliability, integrity, and professionalism in relationships with clients and the process and activities of evaluation, including in communication and interactions with stakeholders, the participation of stakeholders in evaluation, assessments of the goals and successes of programs, and the reporting of findings.

The chosen plan to evaluate the program at SCMHC has a basis on the CIPP model. CIPP is an acronym for context, input, process, and product, thereby depicting the CIPP model’s focus on evaluations of these elements in target programs to judge their value and effectiveness from a broad perspective. This model aims at understanding and assessing a program in depth. It is essentially a decision-focused model of evaluation that stresses on data and information concerning the ways of management and execution/implementation of a program, and assessments of the activities and needs of stakeholders and decision-makers in the program (Zhang et al., 2011). In using this model, the evaluator utilizes these assessments to appraise the program, the effectiveness of applied processes to achieve stated objectives, and its effects (its value for stakeholders).

The process of evaluating programs in the CIPP model features and targets three key levels (Zhang et al., 2011):

§  The core values that represent the foundation of the program

§  The evaluative foci of plans, goals, actions, and results/outcomes

§  Evaluation focuses/types serving each of the four centers of evaluation - context, input, process, and product

Applying the CIPP model in the mechanism of evaluation incorporates these three levels to find answers to four principal issues (Zhang et al., 2011):

§  Assessing the objectives or targets of the program: Collection and analysis of information to determine the priorities, aims, and goals/vision of the program

§  Assessing the inputs applied in the program: Collecting and analyzing information to understand and appraise the steps and resources that are vital in fulfilling the objectives/goals

§  Assessing whether the program works as intended/planned: Collecting and analyzing information to determine and appraise the effectiveness of processes of implementation of the program

§  Assessing whether the program works: Collecting and analyzing information and evidence to measure the actual results/outcomes of the program and comparing these outcomes with planned/anticipated outcomes

Choosing the CIPP model to evaluate the program at SCMHC is appropriate because of its focus on a systematic assessment of the relevance, success, and effectiveness of a program from the viewpoints of conception (its establishment), design (organization and planning), execution (implementation), and service delivery to target clients and stakeholders. Analysis in the CIPP model provides in-depth information and feedback that can allow the evaluator and anyone interested to judge the accountability, validity, effectiveness, and progressive improvements of the program. The principal underlying theme in the model is the notion that the most important area of focus and purpose of the evaluation process is to improve, rather than to prove. Evaluation under the CIPP model features the aim of promoting the improvement of the program under review, rather than just assessing whether it is valid, suitable, and effective in its present state. The interpretation is that the CIPP model features an orientation towards the future, focusing on progression, rather than being judgmental, and focusing on providing information that decision-makers and stakeholders could apply to develop and improve the program.

Based on this model, the focus in evaluating the substance abuse counseling and therapy program at SCHMC shall be on the four elements of context, input, process, and product. These four elements, in effect, make up the measures or areas of measurement that are important to target in the evaluation.

Context: Collecting information to appraise the program’s intended targets/objectives - determining its aims and goals

Input: Collecting and evaluating information about employed resources and steps of implementation of the program

Process: Collecting and evaluating information that can enable an effective understanding of the effectiveness of processes of the program's implementation.

Product: Collecting and evaluating information to understand the actual outcomes of the program, such that it is possible to determine whether the program meets its intended outcomes.

By its nature, the CIPP design of evaluating the program features little differentiation between evaluation itself, as a process, and other procedures of investigation, particularly needs assessment. A needs assessment is the systematic process of determining needs, in terms of "gaps" between current/prevailing conditions and desired ones (wants). In line with this nature of the CIPP model, a key theme in the design of evaluating the program shall be the measurement of the discrepancy between the present condition of the program and its desired condition to fit the needs of various stakeholders (clients, the organization itself, the organization's vision, and the broader community). This focus in the evaluation design shall be essential as a basis of understanding the aspects that are necessary to change, improve, or amend to fit the needs of these stakeholders. This focus in the evaluation process aligns with the orientation of the CIPP model towards assessment methods and objectives that can facilitate program improvement.

The results that I, as an evaluator, would anticipate to find in the evaluation if and when the substance abuse counseling and therapy program at SCHMC is optimally effective are as follows:

§  I would expect to find that the targets and objectives (aims and goals) of the program fit the practical needs of substance abuse clients effectively. This fit between the program’s goals and needs of clients would need to involve the effective provision of practical solutions that the clients could utilize to address their problems sustainably. In particular, these solutions would involve the promotion of practical skills in the clients’ lives to address the problem and empowerment of the clients to take personal charge of their problems from an active position.

§  The process of implementation of the program would need to demonstrate effective and efficient utilization of organizational resources. It would also need to show perfect alignment with the organizational vision of serving the clientele better through a team approach and individualized, compassionate, authentic, and non-judgmental interactions between the staff or therapists and substance abuse clients.

§  The actual effects of the program would need to involve the competent fulfillment of clients’ and stakeholders’ needs. In particular, the program would need to result in the actual provision of interventions that are practical, effective, and sustainable in addressing the problem of substance abuse among clients. Clients who undergo the program and its processes would need to find it useful and effective in addressing their substance abuse problems effectively, yielding personal empowerment, skills, and capacities to combat the problem behavior in their personal lives in the long-term.

The first step in the dissemination plan for the evaluation shall involve researching SCHMC and the target program to understand its wider context and general operations. Next, it shall be important to contact and engage the organization, its management, and therapists, clients, and stakeholders in the specific program to inform them of the evaluation and seek their perspectives and experiences. This step shall be important to enable the report of findings to incorporate the views of these stakeholders and hence ensure the report's accountability, integrity, validity, and comprehensiveness through consideration of all relevant perspectives.


The Soho Center for Mental Health Counseling (SCMHC) (n.d.). The Soho Center for Mental Health Counseling website. Retrieved from:

Zhang, G., Zeller, N., Griffith, R., Metcalf, D., Williams, J., Shea, C., & Misulis, K. (2011). Using the Context, Input, Process, and Product Evaluation Model (CIPP) as a comprehensive framework to guide the planning, implementation, and assessment of service-learning programs. Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement 15(4): 57-84

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