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Get Homework Help: A Sample Writing Guide

Sample Essay Paper on The Distillery District

Human history is a mass of events, developments, successes, and failures. Some of the reminders of these events exist in books, stories, pictures, buildings, and sites, which remind the people in the present of past events. Preserving such artifacts is a responsibility of the people in the present, through which they learn. One of the most interesting sites in Toronto and Canada's history is the Distillery District, designated as a National Historic Site in 1988. Built in the 19th century, the Distillery District has become one of Toronto and Canada's major tourist attractions, having been a popular distillery at its prime, a set piece for movies, and currently a subject of an ongoing debate on its gentrification. To grasp the debate on the site's gentrification requires understanding the significance of the historical site to both Toronto and Canada and how the gentrification will change it. While it is important to welcome progress as part of human development, it is also essential to remain vigilant of the destruction that may come with said progress. The Distillery District is an important historical heritage for Toronto, and Canada and its gentrification will harm it, changing not only the landscape but also the ambiance, authenticity, and attraction it has on tourists.

Literature Review

History and cultural heritage are important parts of human existence. According to Safiullin, Bagautdinova, and Safiullin (2015), “current trends of protection and use of monuments of history and culture testify to the increasing attention to studying historical and cultural heritage” (p. 151). Of significance is the current trend toward the protection of cultural and historical territories. At the core of such protection is the realization that the activities involved in the protection are capable of defining the future economic specialization of the region in addition to the prospects of social and economic development. Even more important are the lessons that historical, and heritage sites have for the modern civilizations.  Safiullin, Bagautdinova, and Safiullin (2015) argue that historical and heritage sites appeal to earlier hidden layers of the past. Additionally, through such sites, forgotten names and events reappear from non-existence. Protection of such historical and heritage sites also encourages the emergence of new sets of historical editions, the study of local lore, and the nature of the native land. 

The significance of historical and heritage sites and heritage lies in their monumental value. Dastgerdi and Luca (2019) argue that heritage value awareness across the 19th century hinged on their monumental worth. The awareness still exists given that social preservation has become part of the awareness of the value of heritage and historical sites. Today, awareness has morphed into a better understanding of modern cities within their typological dimensions. Dastgerdi and Luca (2019) posit that today, the awareness of the historic city's values has extended to include the symbolic and esthetic values of places as living heritage. Historic places deemed part of the urban heritage are of great importance for cities today and in the future. In addition to historical and heritage sites, tangible and intangible features of urban heritage are foundations of social cohesion, factors of diversity, and drivers of creativity, innovation, and urban regeneration. 

Present-day policymakers across the world are in agreement on the importance of heritage and culture as resources. For the policymakers, culture and heritage represented by people and cultural and heritage sites can rouse local socioeconomic development, particularly through tourism (Cesari & Dimova, 2018). Moreover, there is a strong belief among policymakers that heritage has the potential to cure a horde of social ills and produce 'good citizens' who are rooted, civilized, and respectful of the public good. However, care should be taken, especially if sites are designated as World Heritage sites, given evidence (as will later be seen) pointing not to development for everyone but to ejections, displacements, and growing racial and class disparities.

Perhaps even more important is the educational worth of historical and heritage sites. Understanding the worth of such sites has shifted the need for protection of such sites to educational institutions. Ahmed (2017) argues that the maintenance of heritage is an essential obligation of academic institutions. Therefore, carrying out duty requires innovation in education and professional training to instill the importance of such concepts and sites. Ahmed (2017) further argues that "Heritage education becomes more and more important in educational and heritage contexts." (n.p.). The value and educational significance of historical and heritage sites are part of the reason policymakers in worldwide organizations such as UNESCO endorse cultural and natural heritage protection. Such organizations also encourage the use of heritage to enhance learner's learning processes. Educating learners on their cultural heritage has a great potential to inspire greater participation and involvement in the protection of the sites and drive innovation in the education system.

Despite their potential and worth, a potential threat to historical and heritage sites exists in the form of gentrification. Cesari and Dimova (2018) define gentrification as “a process involving a change in the population of land-users such that the new users are of a higher socioeconomic status than the previous users, together with an associated change in the built environment through a reinvestment in fixed capital” (p. 865). Most proposers of gentrification argue that it encourages mixed communities and social mixing. Additionally, proponents have hailed gentrification as a tool of nation-state-building and city branding. However, evidence points to the contrary, given that gentrification has harmed low-income residents (Cesari & Dimova, 2018; Herzfeld, 2016). Most low-income residents of gentrified areas experience physical and cultural displacement, local culture erasure, and displacement.

The threat of gentrification lies in the displacement of people and the remodeling and reformation of sites. According to Leite (2013), "the process of tourism gentrification promoted by the reformation of historical sites is typically based around installing services and offering an extensive range of culture, leisure, and entertainment for the middle and upper classes” (n.p.). Proponents of gentrification argue that the process does not necessarily mean an abandonment of tradition; rather, it involves altering it to respond to market forces that pervading present-day urban interventions. However, such reworking and detraditionalization often adopt a radical form with the possibility of a total overhaul of meanings attributed to heritage sites, in addition to including entirely new values (Leite, 2013). Thus, gentrification interventions allow profound changes in uses and users, upsetting, especially traditional residents, often targeted for repositioning away from the area. The displacements intend to create room for new residents well-matched to the new intended uses. While the gentrification process may be slow and sometimes involve a mutual agreement between the new and old users, other instances have been dramatic in the form of eviction of former residents.

Research Questions

The interest in Distillery District lies in its designation as a National Historic Site of Canada. The site received the designation in 1988 and has since been a great tourist attraction site. According to Brown (2020), the Distillery District is an important industrial heritage to both Toronto and Canada. Its importance (and perhaps designation as a heritage site) lies in the fact that it is considered “Canada’s oldest and most complete early-nineteenth-century industrial complex" (Brown, 2020). Therefore, the site stands as a historical monument for Toronto and Canada, reminding residents and tourists of a history of early industrialization in the country.

The complex has remained in pristine condition over the years, making it one of the country's most complete heritage sites. Brown (2020) argues that Toronto has had a history of insensitive and unnecessary demolitions; the Distillery District complex stands with few alterations from its early years. With a history spanning more than 200 years, the complex remains unaltered with its size and age, making it one of the most outstanding historical industrial complexes (Brown, 2020). Its outstanding nature is among the reasons it earned recognition as a National Historic Site.

Part of the unique attraction of the Distillery District is its architecture. The site has remained unchanged, and it has a unique architecture. The entire industry complex has Victorian style industrial buildings with red brick walls (see pics). The Victorian-style stone building is an attestation of the complex's rich history and the 1800s era when it was built. Built by Gooderham and Worts in 1859, the complex provides a rich history of early Canadian industry, given that it was once responsible for one-third of Canada's rye whiskey production (Brown, 2020). Additionally, the complex's streets are true to the Victorian style architecture and boast cobbled stone pathways and roads (See pics).

 Aside from its unique architecture, the Distillery District is a major landmark and has other major landmarks in its proximity. Among the landmarks include the CN Tower, Hockey Hall of Fame, Union Station, and St. Lawrence Market. The CN Tower holds the 9th position among the tallest freestanding structures in the world after a 32-year streak as the tallest freestanding structure in the world (Daubs, 2009). On the other hand, the Hockey Hall of Fame is a museum specializing in ice hockey history. It has exhibits of teams, players, and National Hockey League records. The Union Station is a major historical and heritage site, even as St. Lawrence Market is one of Toronto's biggest public markets, with a history spanning three centuries.  


The Distillery District holds significant cultural and heritage value to Toronto and Canada. Safiulin, Bagautdinova, and Safiulin (2015) argument on the need for protection of heritage and cultural sites holds for the Distillery District.  In their argument for the protection of heritage and cultural sites, the three argue that the activities carried out in the sites have a bearing on the region's present and future economic activities. Barnard (2013) shares how the Distillery District has slowly evolved from a tourist attraction to a local destination. The writer informs how traders and merchants see the site's esthetic value and have had businesses at the site since 1970 (Benard, 2013). Over the years, the site has attracted new retailers, and more locals are making their way into the site much as they would into the city center. Therefore, as the site continues to evolve, it is a part of the locals' cultural heritage and a part of the economic activities that make it distinct as a cultural and historical heritage.

The educational significance of the Distillery District is hard to miss. On the educational significance of heritage sites, Ahmed (2017) argues that the sites offer room for innovation and participation of the learner in the education system as well as in the learning process. The Distillery District's history from the Victorian era, its architecture, planning, and current stance as a heritage and historic site provide content for educational excursion and inquiry. Architecture students may not need to imagine the state of buildings and factories in the 19th century in the presence of the complex. The complex, therefore, stands as part of the heritage of the students, who can easily infuse it as a learning resource. 

The threat to historical and heritage sites has been gentrification. Leite (2013) argues that gentrification changes the tradition, landscape, and values present in heritage sites with more modern middle-class values. Caseri and Dimova (2018) agree with Leite (2013), positing that gentrification hurts low-income residents, often erasing local culture and displacing the residents. The Distiller District faces the same threat with the proposed gentrification plan. Winter (2017) argues that the proposed developments within the district will not only increase congestion in the heritage site but also hide the site's marquee squares in shadows. The argument against the proposed gentrification of the site, therefore, is that aside from the district losing its aesthetics due to the shadows that will be cast on the site by the proposed 49-story building, it will destroy the site's landscape (Winter, 2017). Part of the need for protection of heritage sites is the value that they bring to the landscape and the culture of an area. Such sites, especially within cities, create an ecology of thriving healthy neighborhoods. The proposed gentrification, therefore, threatens Distillery District's deep and unique roots, which need protection from the intense modernization that comes with gentrification.


 Human history leaves behind monuments, buildings, and stories. These become part of the present and future heritage, whose preservation is vital. Heritage, cultural, and historical sites carry a lot of significance for the present and future generations. The value, aesthetics, and lessons that such sites hold fuel present and future developments. Distillery District in Toronto, Canada, is one such historic site. Recognized as a historic site, the district is under threat of gentrification. While there is a cause for present development, such a cause should not warrant the annihilation of historical sites. The cultural, historical, educational, and aesthetic values of the site are too great to be wished away. It is thus a bad idea to gentrify the Distillery District, instead find a way of preserving and protecting the site as part of the national heritage. 


Ahmed, T., S.  (2017). Assessment of students’ awareness of the national heritage (Case study: The preparatory year students at the University of Hail, Saudi Arabia). Cogent Social Sciences, 3(1).

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Winter, J. (2017). How do we preserve the Distillery District but still make it livable? The Star.

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