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Sample Essay Paper on Healthy People 2020: Domestic Violence

Healthy People 2020: Domestic Violence

The topic of focus in this analysis of population health effects associated with injury and violence prevention is domestic violence. Domestic violence (DV) is an important issue of population health and wellbeing because of its relationship with risks for the morbidity and mortality of victims. The National Coalition against Domestic Violence (NCADV) (2020) observes that on average, about 20 individuals per minute (about 10m men and women in a year) experience physical abuse by intimate partners across the U.S. One in 4 women and 1 in 9 men experience severe physical violence, contact sexual violence, and/or stalking by intimate partners, resulting in effects such as fearfulness, injuries, use of victim help/services, post-traumatic stress disorder, and sexually transmitted diseases (NCADV, 2020). These effects make DV a significant problem with a burden on physical and psychological health at the population level. Prevention of domestic abuse is, therefore, an important aspect of population health interventions to safeguard the health, safety, and wellbeing of a huge share of the population. This paper identifies the population at risk for domestic violence and effective educational intervention to address the problem. It also identifies the outcomes that are necessary to address and achieve to evaluate the effectiveness of the educational intervention.

Overview, Background, and Significance of Domestic Violence

DV is a national public health problem that affects victims, families, colleagues at work, and the larger community. It is especially significant as a health problem due to the tendency among victims and families to underreport it. DV could involve sexual violence, physical aggression, stalking, and psychological aggression (such as coercive acts) (Huecker & Smock, 2020). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (2019) observes that these different types of DV could occur together and that DV has close relationships with other forms of violence. DV causes serious issues of health and economic consequences for millions of victims each year.

The significance of DV as a public health issue is evident in its societal and individual costs. About 14% and 41% of male and female survivors, respectively, experience physical injuries (CDC, 2019). DV could extend beyond physical injuries and lead to death. Crime reports in the U.S. have indicated that about 16% of homicides are attributable to intimate partners and that former or current intimate male partners are responsible for almost half of female homicides across the U.S. (CDC, 2019). Besides death, DV is also responsible for many other adverse and chronic health outcomes, including conditions affecting the heart, muscles, and digestive and reproductive systems. Survivors often experience psychological health problems, such as post-traumatic stress disorder and depression, and are at a higher risk for engagement in negative health behaviors, such as binge drinking, smoking, and sexually irresponsible behavior (CDC, 2019). For society, DV’s costs include criminal justice costs, medical services for victims, and lost productivity from paid work. CDC (2019) estimates the lifetime costs of DV at $103,767 and $23,414 for women and men, respectively. These effects demonstrate the heavy burden of DV on both victims and society.

Nationally, as noted earlier, about 10m individuals of either gender experience physical abuse by intimate partners across the U.S. in a year. About 25% of women and 11% of men experience severe physical violence, contact sexual violence, and/or stalking by intimate partners (NCADV, 2020). More females than males experience mortality relating to DV. Overall, DV contributes to about 16% of victims’ deaths. Huecker and Smock (2020) note that DV contributes to the deaths of about 1,500 people across the U.S. annually. About half of female homicides are attributable to DV (CDC, 2019).  In New Jersey, police reported 63,420 DV offenses in 2016. Data from an annual DV offense report in New Jersey shows that there were 52 deaths relating to DV in the state and that 74% (46,949) of all DV victims were female. Out of 52 homicides attributable to DV in the state, 36 victims were female, and 16 were male (DVNJ, 2016). The nature of DV as a significant public health issue is evident in these rates of prevalence at the national and state levels.

Epidemiological Analysis

"Domestic" as a term, describes something that relates to family relations or the running of a home, while violence involves the application of physical force to damage, hurt, or kill. The implication is that the literal meaning of domestic violence is the application of a physical force in the context of a home or family relations with the intention to damage, kill, or hurt another person. This definition covers a broader range of DV than purely intimate partner violence, including violence against children, the elderly, and parents. Nonetheless, intimate partner violence is the most dominant form of DV. For this paper's assessments, DV describes intimate violence between former or current partners (intimate partner violence). The World Health Organization (WHO) (2017) defines intimate partner violence (IPV) as behavior within the context of an intimate relationship that causes sexual, physical, or psychological harm to the parties. Such behavior could involve emotional abuse, physical acts, acts of sexual violence, or controlling behaviors. Intimate partners could be current or former partners or dating partners.

The rates of prevalence and effects discussed in the previous section illustrate the nature of DV as a serious and challenging public health problem. DV victims often experience severe physical injuries that require healthcare services. The costs of DV, as discussed earlier, include the deaths of victims, adverse and chronic health outcomes, and psychological health problems. The costs also extend beyond individual victims to affect the society in terms of criminal justice costs, medical services for victims, and lost productivity.

Epidemiological data in New Jersey and Old-Bridge Township supports the significance of DV as a significant public health issue. As noted earlier, police reported 63,420 DV offenses in the state in 2016. Out of 52 DV homicides, 18 were deaths caused by intimate partners (spouses, ex-spouses, civil union partners, and co-parents). Seventeen of these victims were female, while only 1 was male. In total, DV cases involving intimate partners in the state were 25,750, including 5,600 males and 20,150 females. In Old Bridge Township within the Middlesex County of NJ, police reported 307 cases of DV (DVNJ, 2016). A Community Health Needs Assessment report by the Raritan Bay Medical Center (2017) observes that DV offenses are less prevalent in Middlesex County relative to the wider NJ state. Between 2013 and 2015, DV arrests in the County decreased by 6.8%, and in 2015, DV arrests in the County were lower (5.5/1000) compared to those in wider NJ (6.9/1000). Despite the relatively lower rates at the County level, these figures still present evidence that DV is a significant public health problem across U.S. communities. Based on the criteria in Healthy People 2020, the population at risk for DV includes both men and women with lower levels of education and income.

Application of HP2020

Healthy People 2020 is a government initiative that provides 10-year national objectives based on science to improve the health of Americans. Its goals and objectives are to promote longer, healthier, and high-quality lives free from preventable disabilities, injuries, diseases, and premature deaths, and promote health equity by eliminating disparities and improving the health of all societies. Others are promoting the quality of society members’ lives, healthy behaviors, and healthy development across the lifespan and creating physical and social environments that can support good health for all society members (US DHHS, n.d.). These objectives relate to DV because it is a common cause of injuries, disabilities, premature deaths, and adverse and chronic health outcomes (including diseases) among victims, thereby undermining population health. As discussed above, DV is a common cause of deaths, adverse and chronic health outcomes, and psychological health problems among victims, thereby undermining the improvement and achievement of Americans’ health.

A suitable set of guidelines to apply in relation to DV is that developed by Niolon, Kearns, Dills, Rambo, Irving, Armstead, & Gilbert (2017) under the auspices of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This guideline contains a technical package of policies, programs, and practices suitable for preventing intimate partner violence. These programs, policies, and practices include the teaching of healthy relationship skills, engagement of influential peers and adults, collaborations to create protective and supportive environments, disruption of the development pathways towards DV, support for survivors to promote safety and reduce harm, and strengthening socio-economic support for families (Niolon et al., 2017). A suitable screening method relating to DV is the use of attitude and behavioral change among community members to indicate the success of the guideline and its programs, practices, and policies. Increased awareness of DV and positive changes in the behaviors and attitudes of community members would serve as indicators of the success of the application of the guideline.

Population Level Planning Interventions

A combination of community/public awareness campaigns, social and services support for victims, enforcement of laws against DV, economic empowerment of victims and families, and community engagement for peer-support mechanisms are some of the actions that communities and stakeholders across the U.S .are taking to address DV. In New Jersey, some prevention efforts include recruiting healthcare and social workers and community members in community policing arrangements. The outcomes that these efforts are tracking include higher awareness of the prevalence, significance, and effects of DV, positive behavioral changes, courage of victims to report DV cases, accessibility of support services for victims, and positive behavioral changes to address DV (CDC, 2017). The tracking of these outcomes involves assessments of reports of DV cases and the rates of reporting DV cases, and annual surveys of DV prevalence and effects on both individuals and society.



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