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Get Homework Help: A Sample Writing Guide

Sample Essay Paper on Articles Exploring Mental Health, Child and Family, Disability, and Employment Services

Articles Exploring Mental Health, Child and Family, Disability, and Employment Services

The field of human services is broad, and its main objective is to meet various human needs. It focuses on the improvement of the overall quality of life of humans. Under human services are sub-groups of services that are essential to humans. During the provision of service, the emphasis is placed on not only the quality of service delivered but also accessibility, accountability, and coordination during the delivery of services. Among essential human services are mental health, child and family, disability, as well as employment services, and various pieces of literature have explored these issues, and this paper briefly summarizes articles that explore these services.

Mental Health Services

Mental health is a fundamental social parameter contributing to human well-being and quality of life, including creativity, productivity, and sustainable development. In their article, Samartzis and Talias (2020) note that psychological health is socially necessary, and concerned stakeholders have a responsibility to maintain and improve it. This objective can be realized through systems of mental health services. Moreover, authorities must assess the existing quality and measure and quantify it to ensure that comparisons are made feasible at local, state, and transnational levels to improve the quality of mental health services. Improvement of mental health services also requires the optimization of available human resources and funding (Samartzis & Talias, 2020). Efforts must also be targeted at the formulation of mental health policies alongside the planning of mental health services to make significant steps with regard to mental health services.

Child and Family Services

According to Fuller and Zhang (2017), child and family services are important for the well-being of families and children. The provision of these services often aims at resolving problems that arise at the family level or context, such as child maltreatment. Fuller and Zhang (2017) note that child protective services (CPS) are a perfect example of child and family services that are effective in addressing child maltreatment. Effectiveness of CPS in addressing child maltreatment depends on many factors, including service characteristics, family engagement, and family context. Regarding service characteristics, families receiving a higher number of services addressing their needs face a decreased risk of child maltreatment. Higher levels of family engagement also result in decreased risks of child maltreatment in families. Concerning family context, single-parent families often face an increased risk of child maltreatment.

Disability Services

Disability services are also important in a society where the population of people with disabilities is on the rise. Iemmi et al. (2016) define disabled people as those with long-term physical, mental, intellectual, or sensory impairments. Globally, over one billion people live with disabilities, which accounts for 15 percent of the world population. Out of the one billion people, between 110 and 190 million experience profound difficulties (Iemmi et al., 2016). The difficulties call for comprehensive disability services, including employment, health, education, and social services, which could enable the disabled persons to attain and maintain optimum independence, ability in all aspects of life, and full inclusion and participation.

Employment Services

Suárez, Cueto, and Mayor (2014) explore the impacts of public employment services (PES) on labor transitions. The article affirms that PES offices play a crucial role in the reduction of labor market dropouts or transitions to inactivity. Women and senior workers, in particular, are often at a disadvantage in the labor market. Thus, they require PES to overcome the numerous challenges they face in the labor market. PES provides employers and job seekers with key information on job seekers and vacancies, respectively. Employment service providing offices offer support to job seekers as they search for jobs.

The discussed articles give crucial information on essential human services, including mental health, child and family, disability, as well as employment services. The articles enumerate how each of these services is essential to humans and how they ought to be sustained or maintained to improve the quality of human life.


Fuller, T., & Zhang, S. (2017). The impact of family engagement and child welfare services on maltreatment re-reports and substantiated re-reports. Child maltreatment22(3), 183-193.

Iemmi, V., Blanchet, K., Gibson, L. J., Kumar, K. S., Rath, S., Hartley, S., ... & Kuper, H. (2016). Community-based rehabilitation for people with physical and mental disabilities in low-and middle-income countries: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of Development Effectiveness8(3), 368-387.

Samartzis, L., & Talias, M. A. (2020). Assessing and improving the quality in mental health services. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health17(1), 249.

Suárez, P., Cueto, B., & Mayor, M. (2014). Effects of public employment services on labor transitions: an analysis for the Spanish case. International Journal of Manpower35(7), 996–1015.

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