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Get Homework Help: A Sample Writing Guide

Sample Essay Paper on Reflection of Personal Progress in Meeting Criteria 4 of the ANSAT Tool

Reflection of Personal Progress in Meeting Criteria 4 of the ANSAT Tool

This paper presents a personal reflection on lessons from the semester in health assessment. The reflection shall focus on the aspect of health interviewing and demonstrate the progress that I have made in meeting Criteria 4 of the ANSAT tool, which requires RNs to conduct assessments systematically and comprehensively and communicate relevant outcomes in practice. The analysis below utilizes an interview that I had with a patient admitted with symptoms of diabetes to demonstrate and analyze my feelings, experience, and lessons critically before presenting a suitable action plan.

Description and Personal Feelings, Experience

The patient was a 56-year-old woman who presented herself at the general practice department complaining of frequent nausea and thirst, blurred vision, and a wound that was not healing. An examination by a physician and medical tests yielded the diagnosis of diabetes. The physician referred her to me for a deeper and more extensive interview on her life and health background in an effort to understand any underlying factors in her condition and develop an appropriate therapeutic plan to address her health needs effectively in the long-term. In the interview, I focused on understanding the patient’s cultural background, lifestyle, and daily routines. The initial part of the interview was successful as we introduced ourselves to one another and engaged in general talk. Nonetheless, when the interview got more personal, it became challenging. The patient was from a different cultural background, and I realized too late that I had allowed my biases and prejudice to influence my interactions with her. Previously, I had not had to deal with a patient or other person from a different cultural background on such a personal level. As the patient described her life, perceptions of life, daily routines, and personal preferences, I made two or three seemingly innocuous comments that harmed our interpersonal connection. I felt embarrassed when the patient, in response to my comments, explained her cultural background and religious beliefs and how they differed from my cultural background. Realizing my mistake, I apologized to the patient for my ignorance. Luckily, the patient was courteous and understanding. She told me not to mind my mistake too much, and that everyone makes mistakes. Remarkably, this understanding drew us closer, and the rest of the interview was a success. Nonetheless, on a personal level, I felt embarrassed by the mistake of allowing my personal prejudice and perceptions to affect the quality and effectiveness of my interactions with the patient.


Researchers have observed that an interview in a medical context is an art, rather than a part of the science of medicine. An interview is one of the most versatile tools of therapy and diagnosis for RNs and other healthcare professionals. It involves significant intellectual and emotional demands and the application of a balance between the analytical skills of diagnostic reasoning and interpersonal skills to establish rapport and facilitate communication (Slade & Sergent, 2020). In combination with physical examination and laboratory results, a patient’s medical history has critical diagnostic value. In this context, the interview has therapeutic power in terms of helping the healthcare professional to understand this history. It is a medium to establish a positive patient-therapist relationship. To be effective, the interview ought to be empathic and patient-centered, offering the foundation for ongoing patient education and care. It has to involve purposeful and productive conversation for accurate, supportive information in care. A competent interpersonal engagement and relationship are essential in this endeavor, with the therapist focusing on encouraging the patient to share relevant information openly and effectively.

In my interview with the patient, the critical problem is that I lacked consciousness of the significance of my personal biases and perceptions in effective communication and engagement with the patient. I demonstrated a lack of basic awareness of the influence/significance of cultural differences in the quality and effectiveness of my relationship and communication with the patient, especially in the early part of the interview.

Critical Analysis

Kaihlanen et al. (2019) note that healthcare professionals provide care to linguistically and culturally diverse patients. Problems relating to issues of cultural and language differences are an increasingly important threat to patients' safety because of the risk of poor interactions and broken down communications between them and healthcare professionals. Complete acceptance, appreciation, exploration, and understanding of socio-cultural differences are necessary to prevent communication challenges in the delivery of healthcare to culturally diverse patients. Kaihlanen et al. (2019) observe that increasing awareness about the socio-cultural aspects of illness and healthcare professionals' reflections on their weaknesses and strengths while communicating with patients from different cultures are essential in overcoming communication and interaction difficulties.

This assessment indicates that the problem in my interactions and relationship with the client during the interview was a deficiency in my cultural competence skills. I lacked awareness of differences between our cultures and their significance in the quality and effectiveness of our communication and interactions. Cultural competence has a positive and significant effect on healthcare professionals’ knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors in care for culturally diverse populations.


From the experience, I have learned that effective healthcare and quality performances in the role of an RN are processes, rather than definite objectives. I have learned that besides attaining relevant academic skills and experience, personal growth and experience in interpersonal skills and effective engagements with others across cultures are equally critical determinants of success in the performance of an RN and other healthcare responsibilities. In particular, I have learned that cultural competence skills are a critical foundation for the conduction of holistic assessments of patients' needs and systematic collection of relevant and accurate information and data to inform practice, as Standard 4 in the ACSA tool requires. In this context, the experience has made me aware of cultural competence as an area of my weakness, and that success in my practice is and requires much more than just the attainment of relevant academic skills, technical abilities, and experience.

Final Evaluation and Action Plan

In the interview with the patient, I should have prepared more effectively by understanding the differences between our cultures and the significance of these differences in our interactions and communication and preventing my perceptions and biases from affecting our interaction. In the future, I shall need to understand differences between my culture and that of others and the significance of these differences in my communication and interactions and learn to monitor and prevent my perceptions and biases from affecting my interactions with patients. To achieve this, I shall monitor my thoughts and perceptions about other cultures and reflect on them to acquire self-awareness and consciousness that can form the foundation for effective prevention of the influence of these perceptions on my interactions with others. Evidence that my practice has improved as a product of this focus would be my ability to abandon my prejudices and accept and appreciate differences in the cultures of patients, such that I show improvement it interactions and communication with patients from different cultural backgrounds.


Kaihlanen, A., Hietapakka, L., & Heponiemi, T. (2019). Increasing cultural awareness: Qualitative study of nurses’ perceptions about cultural competence training. BMC Nursing 18(38): 1-9.

Slade, S., & Sergent, S. (2020, February 7). Interview techniques. Treasure Island, FL: StatPearls Publishing.

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