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Sample Essay Paper on Impact of Intrusive Advising for College Students on Probation

Impact of Intrusive Advising for College Students on Probation


For some students, the transition to college can have both physical and mental impacts. Being a new environment to transitioning students, college usually poses challenges and demands to the students' academic work and personal lives. College students are often overwhelmed when they encounter this new challenging environment. As the semester progresses, some students begin to fall behind while others experience a hard time to catch up, giving up in most instances. Students with trouble transitioning into college may end up being subjected to academic probation due to poor performance. There are several obstacles that a student on probation can meet in the path to getting his or her grades, improving, and successfully staying in college. On numerous occasions, probation students tend to lack the knowledge of how to succeed in college. Researchers have investigated the issue of intrusive advising for college students on probation and found it to have a significant impact on college students

Literature Review

Enhancement of academic advising experience in colleges, especially for first-year students, has been found to have a significant positive impact on a student's college life. Miller (2010) examined the positive of intrusive advising for college students on probation and found that intrusive advising impacts student's academic self-efficacy beliefs. Academic advisors are the first point of contact for first-year students. Therefore, intrusive advising is important in providing a supportive relationship to probation students and encourage them to influence their self-efficacy (Miller, 2010). According to Earl (1988), intrusive advising is a viable option for student retention, and it forms part of the four distinct stages of the development of college attrition. Earl (1988) writes that intrusive advising for probation college students is the appropriate intervention for identifying a problem among transitioning students. It motivates students to seek help rather than giving up and dropping out. Intrusive advising, according to Earl (1988), is essential in enhancing academic and social integration, which is necessary for the persistence of probation students in college. Intrusive advising fills the deficiency required for student integration. It teaches students orientation skills. According to Davis (2015), intrusive advising of probation students is a student-retention intervention strategy that is fundamental in offering assistance to low achieving students that exhibit academic deficits among first-year college students. 

Davis (2015) designed a study to examine the effect of intrusive advising on student retention. He used a formative evaluation of a pilot intrusive advising initiative at the HBCU in the south. Using the experimental and control groups, Davis (2015) found that intrusive advising had a considerable impact on the probation students' grade point averages, especially for the experimental group. Davis (2015) argues that intrusive advising for probation college students is a viable option to assist low achieving students improves academically. However, for intrusive advising to be successful, Davis (2015) advises that variables such as resources, amount of time, and the cost of implementing intrusive advising at an institution should be considered because they are not feasible in most cases. The result of the study by Davis (2015) highlights the significance of intrusive advising for probation college students and argues that student retention is one of the major positive impacts of intrusive advising.

Transition students are seen as academically at-risk students. This is because if they fail to get the proper orientation and advise, they may veer off their academic journey. Jones (2013), while examining the effects of intrusive advising and support services on academically at-risk students, found that intrusive advising for probation students in colleges appears to be a more effective means of helping these students achieve their academic, career, and personal goals. Failure of colleges and universities to employ intrusive advising may result in a negative financial impact on the university. According to Jones (2013), intrusive advising for probation students enables students to develop the life skills and academic skills necessary for becoming successful in college. Jones (2013) found that intrusive advising enables probation students to explore relevant concerns, discover the necessary strategies, and achieve a higher level of success.

In another study, Preuss & Switalski (2008) examined the impact of academic probation interventions through academic assistance advising. The researchers examined students placed on academic probation by Rockingham Community College (RCC) and were undergoing intrusive advising. They found that students undergoing intrusive advising have high chances of going through college life to the end. According to Preuss & Switalski (2008), in an intrusive relationship, the advisor has the opportunity to reach out to students personally, have a meeting with them, help them identify issues and situations that pose challenges to their transition and help them set short and long-term goals to address those challenges. Intrusive advising is an avenue to guide probation students through the development of a plan to accomplish their academic goals. Preuss & Switalski (2008) found that 68.6 percent of probation students who underwent intrusive advising significantly improved their GPA. Sims (2019), in an exploratory case study on the impact of intrusive advising on academic probation students attending an HBCU, found that intrusive advising is a formidable process and valuable social and academic social support services for students on academic probation. According to Sims (2019), the impact of intrusive advising is evident in student retention and persistence. It enhances student's academic and social integration, student engagement, and academic achievement. Thus, according to Sims (2019), intrusive advising provides probation students with the necessary information to navigate academic life. Caire (2019), in an evaluation of the impact of intrusive advising on undergraduate training, found that intrusive advising increases the motivation and academic success of students and reduces attrition from college or university. 

Vander Schee (2007) examined the effectiveness of intrusive advising for students on academic probation. The study found that students who attended intrusive advising had an improvement in semester GPA as compared to those who did not attend. In his study, Vander Schee (2007) suggests that insight-oriented intrusive advising has a positive effect on academic achievement. However, the advisor should put into consideration other factors such as motivation, which also play a role in student academic success. The study by Swecker, Fifolt, & Searby (2013) illustrates that intrusive advising is effective in the retention of college students on probation. The data presented in this study indicates that for every meeting with an advisor, there is a 13 percent increase in the odds that probation students will be retained. Thus, intrusive advising is a mechanism for a college to connect with first-generation college students. Butler (1999) examined the impact of intrusive advising, counseling, and tutoring on under-prepared students. The analysis of data in this study reveals that a combination of intrusive advising, counseling, and tutoring increases the academic achievement of ill-prepared probationary students. A study by Finnie et al. (2017) provides strong evidence that supports the effectiveness of intrusive advising among first-generation probationary students. In particular, intrusive advising plays a pivotal role in student retention, which is an advantage to the college's financial health. 

The college completion rate has steadily declined in recent years. However, according to Rios (2019), the intrusive approach has indicated a positive relationship with student retention, especially students from at-risk populations. According to Rios (2019), an increase in GPA is one of the significant impacts of intrusive advising for probation college students. Levinstein (2018) adds that proactive intrusive advising in conjunction with close advisor-student working relationships positively impacts probation students' academic life. Intrusive advising encourages them and gives them the necessary support for their persistence and success. Intrusive advising is associated with a high rate of college completion. As Poole (2015) writes, this does benefit not only the student but also the college. Poole (2015) argues that intrusive advising also helps the college in terms of monetary benefits. Research by Mccormick, Fernandez, & King (2012) also indicates that intrusive advising enables first-generation students to improve their GPA and identify any potential issue that may thwart their academic success.


When students enroll in college, their intention is to succeed both academically and in life. However, this is not always the case because many academic and personal challenge contributes to their failure. Changes in personal responsibilities, coupled with an increase in academic expectations, usually make the transition into college a challenge. Based on various studies examined above, intrusive advising is an effective strategy for helping first-generation probation students in college to overcome these challenges.



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