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Get Homework Help: A Sample Writing Guide

Sample Dissertation Paper on Emergency Preparedness Training for Home Health Nurses in Case of Natural Disasters to Assist Homebound Patients

Emergency Preparedness Training for Home Health Nurses in Case of Natural Disasters to Assist Homebound Patients

Statement of the Problem

For almost an entire generation, emergency preparedness was everybody's way of life. Throughout the Cold War, people, particularly the Baby Boomer generation learned how to prepare for threats such as nuclear wars through the use of school drills, public address sirens, and bomb shelters into day-to-day life. However, the vigilance for emergency preparedness techniques has slowly waned. A focus on emergency preparedness in recent years has been triggered by an increase in threats of bioterrorism, acts of terrorism, and natural disasters. Progress in emergency preparedness in the United States is attributed to direction by the Department of Homeland Security for the establishment of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) that has and continues to rely on an all-hazards approach to disasters. FEMA's mission as far as emergency preparedness is concerned for key principles of preparing for, preventing, responding to, and recovering from disasters.


Based on surveys conducted by the American Red Cross and Wirthlin Worldwide, around one in every ten American households has a family emergency plan, a disaster kit, as well as training in first aid and CPR. It is believed that these are the fundamental aspects of emergency preparedness; hence, they make the difference between dying and surviving an emergency.


Some of the factors that determine community members' emergency preparedness are risk perception, preparedness perception, critical awareness, self-efficacy, collective efficacy, fatalism, anxiety, societal norms, and sense of community. Others are community participation and empowerment, social trust, perceived responsibility, responsibility towards others, availability of resources, and demographics (Najafi, Ardalan, Akbarisari, Noorbala, & Jabbari, 2015).


The U.S. has been hit by several natural disasters in recent years, including Hurricane Katrina. However, the level of emergency preparedness among U.S. citizens remains low because of various deterrents. Some of the constraints of emergency preparedness in the U.S. and the rest of the world include the lack of clear objectives for responding agencies and inadequate information flow and management. Another one is the lack of public health practices, awareness, and evacuation plans, as well as training and exercise initiatives for community members to enhance their ability to respond to emergencies (Cooks, 2015).

Literature Review Findings

According to Cook (2015), the United States has been adversely affected by both natural and human-induced disasters over the years. Although disasters are inevitable, steps can be taken to reduce their impact on populations. Unfortunately, there has been a lack of emergency preparedness that has resulted in the ever-rising death tolls, major property damage, as well as economic hardship throughout the U.S. resulting from emergencies and natural disasters. In spite of the many opportunities for training, public education, and other mechanisms availed by the federal government to increase awareness of emergency preparedness in communities deficient.

Some individuals are more prone to disasters than others. Wyte-Lake, Claver, & Dobalian (2016) argue that homebound patients are usually at a high risk of harm during emergencies or disasters because of their chronic conditions paired with normal aging. These individuals are vulnerable because of their high rate of comorbidities, which prevents them from being prepared for emergency and disaster. However, home health nurses can effectively assess and improve homebound patients' emergency preparedness by having an intimate knowledge of the patients' home environments, resources, medical needs, and limitations.

Wyte-Lake, Claver, Griffin, & Dobalian (2014) note that in the U.S., about 7.6 million people receive medical care in home settings because of acute illness, permanent disability long-term care conditions, or terminal illness. Additionally, homebound individuals are usually at a heightened risk of harm during a disaster and may require special support in the case of a disaster or emergency since as a result of their chronic conditions combined with normal physical, sensory, and cognitive changes that accompany aging. Several agencies have thus dedicated their efforts to developing emergency preparedness guidelines for home health agencies (HHAs). A big challenge faced by HHAs in this regard is the low awareness of emergency preparedness by home health nurses hence the need for emergency preparedness training for home health nurses.

According to Achora & Kamanyire (2016), the call for disaster and emergency preparedness training should be reinforced given the increase in the global frequency of disasters and emergencies. Nurses are the largest group of the healthcare workforce and are usually on the frontline when it comes to the management of emergencies and disasters. It is important for nurses, particularly home health nurses, to be adequately equipped with knowledge and skills to help patients respond to disasters and emergencies. One thing that should be changed is the minimal inclusion of disaster preparedness education and training for nurses in most countries.

Community Resources to Meet the Needs of Homebound Patients in Emergencies

In the event of an emergency, it is important for homebound patients to know their local resources and utilize these to survive. One of the community resources available for homebound patients during emergencies is community warning systems. Authorities often use these systems to communicate the severity of a disaster. These systems are effective for homebound patients as they can know whether evacuation should be considered or not. Support networks are also usually available to help meet the needs of homebound patients. These are networks of family, friends, and neighbors who can offer the necessary support to homebound patients in the case of a disaster or emergency.

Description of Selected Group

Home health nurses play a key role in providing one-on-one care for patients within home settings. They assist homebound patients with basic services or needs such as dressing, bathing, as well as other more specialized services such as medication management and wound care. Home health nurses also help homebound patients to prepare for emergencies or disasters. In such a case, they are mandated to undergo emergency preparedness training and some of the needs in this regard include knowing about the types of events or disasters more likely to occur in their particular area, identifying the threat or disaster that poses the greatest risk to the patient, and knowing how assistance will reach the patients in the case of an emergency or disaster (Rodriguez & Long, 2006). Home health nurses need to be trained or educated on emergency preparedness so that they can know what procedures or steps to follow to ensure patient safety during emergencies or disasters.

Learning Theory

A learning theory that can be used by home health nurses in training and learning about emergency preparedness is constructivist theory. This approach argues that learners actively create or construct their subjective representations of objective reality and link information to prior knowledge. As such, home health nurses will have to rely on their prior knowledge of emergency preparedness and what can be done to ensure patient safety in the healthcare setting when learning about what ought to be done to ensure homebound patient's emergency preparedness in case of natural disasters.

Specific Planning Process for Project and Overall Teaching Goal for Participants

The project entails emergency preparedness training for home health nurses and who in turn will be charged with educating homebound patients on how to act in the event of natural disasters. The project will revolve around the training of the home health nurses on the types of events or disasters more likely to occur in their particular area, identifying the threat or disaster that poses the greatest risk to the patient, and knowing how assistance will reach the patients in the case of an emergency or disaster. The homebound patients will be educated on the assessment of threat risk, the need to learn about community warning systems, assessment of patient and environment resources, creation of a personal support network, as well as preparation and stocking supplies. The overall teaching goal for homebound patients is to put them in a position to protect themselves from harm or injury in the case of disasters or emergencies by knowing what can be done in such situations.



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