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Get Homework Help: A Sample Writing Guide

Sample Term Paper on Program Evaluation: Uniformed Professionals Treatment Program (UPTP)

Program Evaluation: Uniformed Professionals Treatment Program (UPTP)

The chosen program for the evaluation is the Uniformed Professionals Treatment Program (UPTP) offered at the Granite Recovery Centers. This program targets uniformed professionals struggling with depression, substance use disorders, anxiety, and other mental health issues originating from the stress of unique situations and demands in their jobs (GRC, n.d.). The jobs of uniformed personnel feature work factors and stressors that can lead to severe issues with addiction and mental health. UPTP employs the acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) method to help clients. ACT is a scientifically supported approach aimed at encouraging individuals to embrace their feelings and thoughts, rather than fight, resist, or feel guilty about them, combining mindfulness skills and self-acceptance to influence the psychological flexibility of clients in relation to their experiences. This paper outlines a model to evaluate the UPTP program.

Targeted Program Objectives/Goals and Questions

The evaluation process targeted the broad objective of the UPTP program to alleviate adverse mental health and addictive behaviors among uniformed personnel effectively and sustainably. This target of the evaluation was suitable because it underlies the purpose of the existence of the UPTP program. The purpose of the UPTP program is to address the effects of the unique work-related stressors in uniformed personnel's lives and work and help them to recover from alcohol and drug abuse and other adverse mental health issues. The following are the specific questions that the program aimed to answer:

§  Is the UPTP program effective and beneficial for uniformed personnel in terms of empowering them to confront and resolve their mental health and addiction problems sustainably and recovering quality mental health?

§  What are the program’s strengths and limitations?

§  How could the Granite Recovery Centers improve the program to suit the needs of the uniformed personnel and achieve its objectives better?

The evaluation process needed to collect and utilize information about the thoughts, views, and experiences of the UPTP’s clients - uniformed personnel (including firefighters, police officers, and military professionals) who have experienced the program to address these questions. It was also necessary to collect similar data from staff responsible for delivering the program to clients at the Granite Recovery Centers to provide a balanced and comprehensive view of the program and its purpose and processes.


The process of collecting data for the evaluation process utilized a combination of the quantitative and qualitative approaches. The quantitative model focuses on the explanatory aspect of research, emphasizing quantifying the problem of focus by producing numerical data and information that the researcher could transform into usable statistics. It focuses on quantifying behaviors, attitudes, opinions, and other defined variables to generalize the results in a bigger population. In contrast, the qualitative model is exploratory, focusing on developing an understanding of the motivations, opinions, and reasons for the phenomenon under study (Leppink, 2017; Leavy, 2017). This approach was essential in formulating facts and uncovering prevailing patterns about the effectiveness of the UPTP program. The sources of this information were uniformed personnel (firefighters, police officers, and military professionals) who have experienced the UPTP program (the program’s clients) and staff responsible for delivery of the program at the Granite Recovery Centers.

The process of collecting data employed the simple random sampling approach. This is a probability sampling method in which the researcher offers each member of the target population an equal chance of selection into the sample of study (Elfil & Negida, 2017). After obtaining the list of uniformed personnel who were clients of the UPTP program in six months between January 1, 2020, and June 30, 2020, the researcher assigned them numbers based on the order of their enrollment in the program. The researcher then utilized a random number generator to select a sample of 30 participants. In a similar way, the researcher obtained a list of staff responsible for the delivery of the program at the Granite Recovery Centers and assigned them numbers based on their names' alphabetical order. Using the random number generator, the researcher selected a sample of 5 respondents to make a total sample of 35.

The instruments of data collection were the survey questionnaire and the unstructured interview. The researcher prepared a set of direct and relevant questions seeking particular answers to statements about the subject of study. The questionnaire sought answers from UPTP program clients to indicate degrees of their agreement/disagreement with particular statements about the UPTP program, such that the researcher could analyze participants’ feelings, attitudes, and views about the subject. The following is a sample of statements on the questionnaire for UPTP clients:

§  The UPTP program and its treatment process fit my particular needs and preferences.

§  My experience with the UPTP program and the provider's services was comfortable and fulfilling.   

§  The program addressed my problem effectively and sustainably.

§  I felt empowered to confront my problem and attain effective control over it as a result of undergoing the program.

§  I have not had a recurrence of the problem I had since completing the UPTP program.

For the five staff responsible for the delivery of the program at the Granite Recovery Centers, the researcher used the unstructured questionnaire as the tool of data collection to allow an in-depth understanding of their personal understanding, thoughts, methods, and experiences in the delivery of treatment to clients. This tool allowed the respondents to direct the content and direction of the interview according to their respective thoughts and experiences.

The analysis process shall involve the effort to identify key patterns and themes about the effectiveness of the program and its implementation and the experiences of providers and respondents in collected data. The responses provided an understanding of trends in the effects of the program on clients' problems and their wellbeing, insights into the effectiveness of program implementation, areas of the program's limitations or problems, and possible opportunities to address these problems. The analysis process shall also involve the identification of sample verbatim responses from respondents to illustrate identified themes and patterns concerning the programs’ effectiveness and the experiences of participants from the data.

Limitations and Recommendations in Use of Results to propose Program Changes

Some possible limitations of the evaluation process and the possible use of findings as a basis for proposals of changes in the program are identifiable. One such limitation concerns the use of a small sample of the population to collect data and reach conclusions about the effectiveness of the program and its implementation and the experiences of clients. The evaluation process utilizes the findings of only 35 participants. The use of such a small sample undermines the generalizability of data and accuracy of findings because of a weakened ability to account for the diversity of experiences, opinions, and perceptions of all UPTP clients (the target population). Using a large sample would have strengthened the ability to identify outliers (pieces of data that are significantly different from the average/mean value) more effectively, thereby boosting the data’s reliability and validity as a basis for findings and conclusions about the program.

A second possible limitation concerns the use of questionnaires as the tools for the collection of data. Questionnaires are appropriate instruments to enable researchers to collect a large quantity of data from a large number of people in a short period. Nonetheless, questionnaires collect self-reported data that is highly dependent on the subjective views and experiences of the respondents, rather than necessarily the truth. The reliability of data collected was dependent on the accuracy of individuals’ views, opinions, and experiences about the UPTP program and its implementation, as well as its value in addressing their problems. This means that the findings of UPTP’s effectiveness and any subsequent proposals for changes to the program are dependent on the accuracy of respondents’ views, opinions, and experiences.

In the context of these limitations, further research into clients’ experiences and the program’s effectiveness is necessary to support results in this evaluation and identify the particular changes necessary to improve the program. The results of this evaluation shall be an important foundation for a broader study of the program and its effectiveness and the changes that are vital to improving it.


Both financial and non-financial resources shall be necessary for the evaluation. Non-financial resources shall include time and effort expended on the development of questionnaires, the collection and analysis of data, and writing of the final report. The team of researchers shall share these responsibilities according to personal strengths and competencies to save time. Projected financial costs in the evaluation relate to the costs of preparing questionnaires, refreshments for the team of researchers, and communication costs (internet and telephone costs to contact respondents). The following are projections of these costs:

Description of activity

Projected cost ($)

Preparing questionnaires


Refreshments for the team of researchers


Communication costs





Elfil, M., & Negida, A. (2017). Sampling methods in clinical research: An educational review. Emergency 5(1): e52.

Granite Recovery Centers (GRC) (n.d.). Uniformed Professionals Treatment Program. GRC. Retrieved from:

Leavy, P. (2017). Research Design: Quantitative, Qualitative, Mixed Methods, Arts-based, and Community-based Participatory Research Approaches. New York, U.S.: Guildford Publications.

Leppink, J. (2017). Revisiting the quantitative-qualitative-mixed methods labels: Research questions, developments, and the need for replication. Journal of Taibah Medical Sciences 12(2): 97-101

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