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Get Homework Help: A Sample Writing Guide

Sample Essay Paper on Heineken Connection Commercial

Heineken Connection Commercial

If one imagines an alien race that has been collecting intelligence about Americans entirely through a single medium, such as television commercials, the biggest question that would be asked is what the alien species would know about Americans. Given the prevalence of commercials on beer, the alien species would perceive Americans as people who hold beer in extremely high esteem. Every American commercial often has a subtext, which is the underlying cultural connection that helps to sell the advertised product. The commercial “Heineken Connections” is a perfect American commercial with a subtext. The product marketed in the commercial is Heineken beer. Heineken, as a brand, has, since its inception in 1873, encouraged social experiences. Unfortunately, since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, social gatherings and socialization amongst Heineken beer lovers have been disrupted. Even as many people are in lockdown and self-isolation, the commercial acknowledges the value of social life and encourages people to socialize, although responsibly. As seen in the commercial, the fact that people cannot meet in person does not mean that they cannot socialize. People can still use their creativity to socialize differently, especially on online platforms, while drinking and enjoying Heineken. While the commercial is advertising the Heineken beer brand, it is also selling the idea that drinking beer is the only enjoyable way that Americans can socialize and get together amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The “Heineken Connections” commercial illustrates that despite Americans being miles apart, they can still socialize and get together by drinking Heineken and sharing the moments through digital platforms, thanks to modern technological advancements. Viewers can watch an interesting situation in the commercial in which people are self-isolated and locked in their houses owing to state and federal government policies prompted by the current COVID-19 pandemic. Since the pandemic began, government authorities came up with policies that aimed at restricting the movement of people to prevent the spread of the disease and reduce fatalities. Although Americans are self-isolated and under lockdown, they can still socialize and connect with friends through digital platforms while drinking and enjoying Heineken. As seen in the commercial, physical distance appears not to be a problem for most young adults across America. With the current lockdown and movement restrictions, the best way to socialize is by drinking a bottle of Heineken and sharing the moment with friends digitally. The bottom line is that even though there are several ways to socialize and enjoy the current times of lockdowns and restrictions that are being witnessed in the United States and around the world, drinking Heineken beer and digitally sharing the moments with friends remains interesting and the best alternative for many young adults.

The "Heineken Connections" commercial is a high-quality commercial that attracts the attention of viewers since it is accompanied by background music that reiterates that beer drinking is "life and that's what the people say." In America, there is a common belief that beer is life hence the love for beer. The message being conveyed in the commercial is that beer drinking is life, and it is what might be best for many young adults who are currently in lockdown and under movement restrictions. Young adults must find a way of taking part in beer drinking and sharing with friends because it is “life.” This common belief has led to a situation in which many Americans partake in beer drinking not for the benefits it has at the individual level but for the opportunities that come with it, such as socializing and coming together. There are many ways of socializing that can be considered a part of life. However, the best way of socializing that stands out for many young adults in America, and that has gradually become part of life for many, is beer drinking. Many young adults can hardly go several weeks or months without engaging in beer drinking. The commercial's primary message is that beer drinking is life and that it is what brings most young adults together for socialization purposes.

The "Heineken Commercial" seeks to pass the message that no matter how much one is stressed, socializing is the best therapeutical approach, and drinking beer with friends is the perfect way to socialize. The COVID-19 period has come with numerous challenges for Americans, including massive layoffs, loss of loved ones, confinement, restricted movements, and others. These challenges have thus led to increased depression among Americans of all ages. Nevertheless, the commercial seeks to pass the message that Americans should not worry since they can overcome their depression by catching up with their friends, engage, and socialize with their friends over a bottle of Heineken beer via Zoom, Skype, and other similar platforms. Stressed young adults would opt to socialize with friends, and beer drinking is the best way of bringing young American adults together. Beer drinking is a stress reliever for most young adults, especially in the current COVID-19 times.

In sum, the "Heineken Connections" commercial conveys the message that beer drinking is the best way to socialize for most Americans. The current pandemic has come with several challenges for most Americans, including limited movements, depression, massive layoffs, loss of loved ones and friends, and others. Several months into the pandemic, there is no doubt that Americans will have to live with it. Thus, Americans must gradually embrace the normal day-to-day life of socializing and getting together. The best way out is drinking beer, particularly the Heineken brand.

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