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Some of the ideas need more that arguments and justification. When coupled up with creativity, writing turns out to be fun. Creative writing will always bring out the great art in you and make your personality outstanding. Well, there is always the need to seek a hand when you feel that your creativity is not up to the stipulated level. is the haven of creativity. You will be happy to come across some of the writers whose arguments not only portray maximum expertise, but also make ideas emerge as fun and artistic.

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Get Homework Help: A Sample Writing Guide

Sample Creative Essay Paper on Characters in Media Productions

A key feature or characteristic of all media stories, in literature, film, among others, is the occurrence and use of characters. Characters are essential for the audience to make sense of the stories that authors advance in a narration. Characters and their experiences represent the meanings that the authors of stories desire to communicate in the narrations. Characters are essentially persons, animals, creatures, or other beings/entities in stories that authors utilize to perform actions and speak dialogues, such that the stories can move along the intended plot lines. Each story typically contains multiple characters whose communications, interactions, relationships, actions, choices, behaviors, and experiences serve the broader purpose of the author in advancing the plotline and communicating a lesson or perspective concerning an issue. This paper’s purpose is to classify the types of characters in media productions. Irrespective of the media production, the archetypal categories of characters are protagonists, antagonists, and dynamic and static characters.

The struggle between protagonists and antagonists represents the classic style of storytelling. This style involves the action of heroes fighting, struggling, and eventually winning against villains. A protagonist is a primary character in a story who serves to generate the action and engage the interest of the audience from the perspective of empathy (Manriquez and McCluskey 15-18). Such a character is typically a hero or heroine at the center of the story or plot. The protagonist typically makes critical choices/decisions and experiences the relevant consequences. The protagonist propels the story forwards, faces the most significant challenges, and eventually overcomes them. The protagonist is the character that the audience follows most closely. He/she (or it) is a character that challenges and clashes with the protagonist. In contrast, antagonists are characters that oppose protagonists. In some stories, the antagonist is a situation that represents an obstacle that the protagonist has to overcome (Manriquez and McCluskey 19). In media productions, characters that play the role of antagonists make moral or ethical choices that are less desirable or appealing relative to those of the protagonist. The authors of stories utilize this scenario to create conflict in the plotline.

Another popular classification of characters in media productions is that of static vs. dynamic characters. The concept of static and dynamic characters relates closely to the development of characters in stories. A dynamic character undergoes or experiences a transformation in a story, thereby demonstrating character development (Knickerbocker 69). This transformation is a fundamental and internal change as a product of action or influences in the plot of a story. Dynamic characters are protagonists in storylines. The authors of stories utilize these transformations in dynamic characters to communicate a moral or other lessons. In contrast, static characters are essentially the same at the end of a story as they are at the start. Throughout a story, these characters maintain the same persona (Knickerbocker 69). The authors of stories use these characters to demonstrate contrast with dynamic ones, typically showing the adverse impact of refusal to change, inflexibility, and maintenance of a rigid mentality.

This paper demonstrates the role of characters in a media production to advance and move stories along intended plot lines through the performance of actions and dialogues. The paper has identified the archetypal characters in media productions as protagonists, antagonists, and dynamic and static characters. These characters, which may be animals, persons, things, or other creatures, serve to represent the meanings and moral lessons that the authors of stories desire to communicate in the narrations.

Works Cited

Knickerbocker, Joan. Literature for Young Adults: Books (and more) for Contemporary Readers. Taylor and Francis, 2017.

Manriquez, Antonio, and McCluskey, Tom. Video Production 101: Delivering the Message. Peachpit Press, 2014.

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