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Get Homework Help: A Sample Writing Guide

Sample Critique Paper of a Journal Article on Social Enterprise and Non-Profit Ventures

This paper presents a critique of an article in a government journal dealing with social enterprise and non-profit ventures. The chosen article for this review is that by Tekula and Andersen (2019). The critique targets the areas of presentation, the authors' employed methods, the overall quality of the article, and the validity of its findings and conclusions.

Tekula and Andersen (2019) adopted an effective essay technique of presentation in the article. This model features four principal parts: an abstract, an introduction, the body, and a conclusion. The abstract is concise and effective, serving to provide a summary of the article's purpose and main points. It provides the audience with an effective understanding of the article in terms of the researchers’ objectives, the approach they have employed, and the principal argument or findings. The introduction serves the role of creating the context of the purpose of the article, explaining the primary concepts, and reviewing the background of the impact marketplace to justify the purpose of the study. Tekula and Andersen (2019) stated the purpose of the study as examining the private, public, and non-profit facilitators that have an active role and influence on the area of impact investing and presenting market-related logic and motivations for the involvement of these facilitators.

Impact investing describes investments made into organizations, firms, and funds to produce a measurable and beneficial impact on the society or environment, alongside a financial return. Impact investments offer capital and resources to address environmental and social issues. The authors note that since the late 1900s, increasing concerns about the environment and concepts of sustainability inspired a rise in socially conscious investors. Nonetheless, this trend in socially responsible investment typically adopted a passive approach of simply screening probable investments for businesses and commitment of funds without focusing on fulfilling specific standards, while encouraging responsibility through activism among shareholders. From the 1950s, social investment transitioned to a more proactive model through movements and concepts, such as the fairness of trade, corporate social responsibility, and the microfinance market. Tekula and Andersen (2019) observe that this transition has overturned the common belief that businesses ought to focus on value for shareholders while non-profit organizations should target social value, and governments should aim to deliver value for the public. Over the past few decades, the social sector has become increasingly commercialized, featuring an increasing variety of potential partnerships between actors in the market who pursue social and financial returns. In this context, the evolvement of social finance has seen the entry of diverse investors in the marketplace, including non-profit organizations (such as foundations and philanthropic ventures), for-profit organizations, and governments. Tekula and Andersen (2019) note that while a notion of impact investment that is generally accepted is hard to identify, the prominent features of impact investing are social and non-profit enterprises that work intending to create financial returns under a social mission.

The article’s body serves to outline and discuss the authors’ main arguments and concepts. To start with, Tekula and Andersen (2019) define the core issue of focus in the article - impact investing. They conceptualize impact investing in terms of a broader movement to make capitalism more inclusive. It combines financial returns and forms of non-financial impact as its two core elements. It is dual purpose financing, featuring the pursuit of both financial profit and social benefit. The rise of impact investing has occurred when there is an increased desire for higher accountability and performance measurement among both institutional and individual charitable donors from the recipients of contributions. This means that the expectation of evidenced and measurable social benefit represents a defining attribute of impact investing. The authors then define facilitators as organizations that stimulate the growth of social enterprises and non-profit organizations and assist them in attaining a scale at which larger impact investors can find them worthy of funding.

Having introduced the article’s purpose and methods and defined key concepts, Tekula and Andersen then focus on presenting their principal arguments and findings. Their principal contention in the article is that the assistance of facilitators in the market of impact investing occurs through four primary roles: enabling, improving, moving, and launching assets into the market (Tekula & Andersen, 2019). The enabling role involves working to create effective and optimal infrastructure and increase productivity by influencing the creation of public goods and market preconditions. Governments are the typical performers of this type of facilitation, through the provision of property rights and infrastructure. Governments have a regulatory, policy-making, and investor role through stimulation of supply, the direction of capital, and regulation of demand, but both government and non-profit organizations can play an enabling role in grant-making (Tekula & Andersen, 2019). The improving role focuses on fixing the markets with an underlying market rationale around issues and features, such as entry barriers, information imperfections, and other externalities. Improvement of the marketplace occurs through legislation, regulations, provisions of a safe harbor, and credit guarantees, among others, to address the core issue of matching the investors with investees. The moving role involves the promotion of the progress of the market on its margins. In this role, governments could offer tax credits, while non-profit organizations could offer patient or first-loss capital to impact investments. Tekula and Andersen (2019) note that philanthropic entities apply this form of facilitation to de-risk investments and prepare them for launch into the market. The launching role involves action to support the moving of assets to the market and develop them in ways that can yield growth. The launching role involves action to support the transfer or movement of assets and resources into the market and development of these resources in ways that can yield growth and value (Tekula & Andersen, 2019). This role is typically the responsibility of private capital.

The conclusion serves the purpose of restating and summarizing the principal points and findings in the article. Tekula and Andersen (2019) have fashioned the conclusion in such a way that it is practically a brief statement of the article’s context, purpose, methods, and findings, such that reading it would provide the audience with a full and operative understanding of the authors’ intentions, views, and arguments.

Besides employing the essay technique in their article, Tekula and Andersen (2019) also disclosed the source of funding for their work. They acknowledged that the Helene and Grant Wilson Center for Social Entrepreneurship, Pace University, supported their work. This disclosure is an important aspect of transparency and accountability in scholarly work, especially concerning potential conflicts of interest and evaluations of researchers' objectivity in the work. Funding from organizations features the potential to influence the methods and findings of the research and scholarly work to fit the interests of the funding authority. In this context, the disclosure of sources of funding for work is essential to enable the audience to evaluate the trustworthiness of the work and objectivity of the researchers or authors in conducting it and reporting the findings. Disclosing the sources of funding helps in alleviating concerns about the potential of bias in scholarly work. The source of funding for the work by Tekula and Andersen (2019) is a non-profit organization serving the non-profit and social enterprise community and Pace University. The authors also note that the work reflected their own opinions.

In their article, Tekula and Andersen (2019) implemented a qualitative review approach, rather than one based on scientific research or evidence. They used a hugely diverse range of views and findings from other authors and researchers, which enhanced the quality and reliability of the article and its arguments. Nonetheless, they did not conduct research of their own, such that the article and its arguments, findings, and conclusions were largely interpretive, rather than scientific. This design of the article makes it hard for the researchers to prove the objectivity of the arguments, findings, and conclusions in their article from the perspective of the audience. The incorporation of a scientific model in the article, such as a survey of the thoughts and experiences of professionals and stakeholders in the impact marketplace, would have served to enhance the quality and objectivity of the researchers’ observations and findings. Without the application of a scientific model or technique in the study, the process of classifying and reviewing the facilitators at play in the growing field of impact investing in the article largely reflected the personal views and interpretations of the authors. Nonetheless, these were informed views and interpretations owing to the use of a broad range of evidence from other researchers and articles and the professional integrity of the authors themselves.

Overall, the article by Tekula and Andersen (2019) provided an effective review of impact investing as an emerging marketplace. The authors’ arguments serve to enrich knowledge and understanding of the mechanisms in this marketplace. The article provides a well-argued and considered argument about the roles of facilitator organizations in this market in the face of changing social enterprise models and environments.



Tekula, R., & Andersen, K. (2019). The role of government, non-profit, and private facilitation of the impact investing marketplace. Public Performance and Management Review 42(1): 142-161.

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