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Getting cheap custom essays is never an easy tackle, but just made everything smooth for you. Ordering your custom essay at guarantees you swift and prompt services. The quick help that you need will be duly accorded by our ever-ready writers. It gets better with our super flexible deals to cater for clients with diverse needs. is committed to eliminating the stress and frustrations you are undergoing with your essay, and thus, turn everything into joy and success through our professional services.

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Get Homework Help: A Sample Writing Guide

Sample College Essays on The Moral, Ethical, and Legal Concepts Forming Animal Rights

Animal rights exist to prevent the continued use and abuse of animals by human beings. According to Jena (2017), animal welfare policies have been designed to provide the human race with philosophical, ethical, and moral arguments on why people need to treat animals humanely. Animals have physiological, mental, and physical feelings just as human beings, which warrant them the decent treatment. Thus, human beings have a moral obligation to ensure that animals receive comfort and freedom to live a threat-free life. The physical, physiological, and emotional traumas that animals are subjected to when humans use them for scientific, business, or social purposes can be considered ethically and morally unacceptable.

It is unfair for humans to abuse animals for personal gratifications as this denies the animals the opportunity to live a quality and fulfilled life. Rollin (2011) asserts that since animals cannot speak up for themselves, animal welfare provisions are enacted to create awareness about the rights of animals. Thus, defending animal rights benefits domestic and wild animals and informs the public on the importance of ensuring that animals have the right to life and freedom. Moreover, animals are living creatures with the right to security and comfort, which are essential for them to maintain a healthy and normal life. The ethical and moral justification of animal welfare suggests that human beings must show respect to animals' emotional, physical, and psychological needs when raising and interacting with them. Therefore, it is imperative to have systems that hold people accountable for violating animals' rights. Having systems that respect animal’s nature and existence will ensure that both domestic and wild animals are not subjected to torture for human gratification.



Jena, N. P. (2017). Animal welfare and animal rights: An examination of some ethical Problems. Journal of Academic Ethics15(4), 377-395.

Rollin B. E. (2011). Animal Rights as a Mainstream Phenomenon. Animals: An Open Access Journal From MDPI1(1), 102–115.

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