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Sample Dissertation Paper on Civil Society Role in Media and Communication and Promotion of Human Rights

What is Civil Society?

Civil society is a common term around the world. The term civil society can be defined as a wide array of non-governmental and not-for-profit organizations with a presence in public life and helps to express the interests and values of their members or others based on political, cultural, ethical, religious, scientific, or philanthropic considerations (Cooper, 2018, p. 4). Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) thus include organizations such as nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), community groups, labour unions, charitable organizations, indigenous groups, professional associations, faith-based organizations, and foundations.

Desse (2012) characterizes CSOs with five criteria namely organizations, private, non-profit distributing, self-governing, and voluntary (p. 7). By being classified as organizations, CSOs tend to have some regularity or structure. Their legal or formal registration is not important. What is important is that CSOs are involved in some permanent activity through membership, regular meetings, or their organizational frame. The classification of CSOs as private implies that they are separate from the state from an institutional perspective even though some are recipients of support from the state (Desse, 2012, p. 7). The grouping of CSOs as not profit distributing implies that they are not formed for commercial purposes and are not involved in the distribution of profit to specific people including a set or directors or shareholders. In the event CSOs falling under this categorization make some profit, they are charged with reinvesting or using the same to fulfil their mission of helping the community. Self-governing characterization signifies that CSOs are independent from government and firms (Bernauer and Betzold, 2012, p. 3). This implies that they are involved in the control of their own affairs. Voluntary characterization means that nobody can be forced to become a member of CSOs and that membership is a free choice.

Civil society organizations are important actors driven majorly by the need to provide and defend value mechanisms rather than profit-making mechanisms (Neubert, 2014, p. 5). Thus, the definition of the term “civil society organization” may vary depending on the nature of the entity as well as the interpretations of various experts in the sector. In most nations, especially in Africa, civil societies were first established in the pre-colonial times when colonialists imposed several oppressive and regressive rules and regulations. In the pre-colonial times in many African countries, the civil societies did not have significant impacts as they were largely new ideologies. The influence of these societies in many African republics was felt after the countries gained independence and drafted constitutions outlining how things were to be done (Neubert, 2014, p. 6). In Africa, the role of CSOs in promoting community participation is evident in a country such as Nigeria. Williamson and Rodd (2016, p. 19) argue that the role of CSOs in promoting community participation in Nigeria is evident in their involvement in advocacy. Advocacy refers to a set of targeted actions that are usually directed at decision makers in a bid to support a specific policy. Through advocacy, CSOs have an impact on the policy cycle from agenda setting, formulation, and adoption to implementation and evaluation. In Nigeria, CSOs engage the state, which has a greater advocacy component under passive regimes since civil society advocates usually demand the state to change existing state services or introduce new programs that benefit the public (Williamson and Rodd, 2016, p. 19). One of the biggest challenges in Nigeria is an ever-increasing HIV prevalence. In this regard, CSOs are mainly engage the state as far as laws, policies, and funding decisions are concerned. Once legislations are passed or policies formulated, CSOs engage the community to ensure that they are effectively implemented.

Civil Society Role in Media and Communication

Civil society organizations are largely involved in the promotion of community participation through their involvement in a number of fields. One of the fields in which CSOs are actively involved is media and communication. In the field of media and communication, these entities are involved in media activism (Jacobs, 2011, p. 2). Media activism is believed to be one of the most dangerous ventures for most CSOs in many countries around the world. During the Libyan Revolution in 2011, a number of CSOs were formed with most of these involved in media activism. However, media activism was largely opposed by the then government headed by Muammar Gaddafi (Meltz, 2016). Through media activism, CSOs in Libya managed to rally the public from men to women and children to take part in protests (Perroux, 2015, p. 5). Through media activism, CSOs conveyed key information to the public. Social media activism also grew in Libya during the Libyan Revolution with activists creating numerous Facebook pages, blogs, and media pages. The circulation of content on various media platforms, particularly social media platforms, gave the community, women, and others power and confidence to take part in protests against Gaddafi’s dictatorship. Media platforms are usually used by CSOs and activists to share messages about what should be done to end an existing problem that is perpetuated by the state or government (Jacobs, 2011, p. 3). In most cases, activists and CSOs use media platforms to inspire members or the public to change the situations in various countries such as was the case in Libya (Perroux, 2015, p. 6). Media activism also provides chances for civic education and larger connected learning both of which put the community in a better position when it comes to pushing for change.

The role of CSOs in media and communication through media activism brings community members yearning for change together after which they plan actions, share techniques, and transmit photographs of their work and efforts in pushing for change (Spurk, 2007, p. 23). Kontny (2017) contends that through media activism, activists and CSOs influence the community members, women, and disabled persons to enter new communities while connecting them to other individuals who have a similar thinking. When people with similar ideologies come together, they are likely to search for ways of ensuring that their ideologies are implemented to reverse the existing adverse situation. In the case of Libya, addressing the country’s troubles during the revolution was not solely dependent on the access of various media platforms but also by the structures in place to support activists and CSOs (Perroux, 2015, p. 6). The main focus of CSOs is usually to trigger community, women, and disabled persons to participate through a cultural emphasis. Simply put, activists usually find ways of expressing their stories of situations through producing and circulating their own media.  In many countries, the role of media activism undertaken by CSOs has helped community members to rethink their practices and analyze what they are doing or can do to influence and participate in the push for change. Kontny (2017) also believes that media activism is a bent toward helping the community, women, and disabled people to realize what they need to do so that their voices can be heard. As a result of the influence of media activism, the community, women, and disabled persons can be actively involved in social movements and volunteering activities aimed at addressing specific challenges faced by the community.

Civil Society Role in Promotion of Human Rights

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) are actively involved in promoting human rights and social justice, development and housing, as well as environment conservation efforts. The involvement of CSOs in these fields tends to influence public or community participation. One of the roles of CSOs is the respect and promotion of human rights and social justice (Allan, 2017, p. 59). According to Allan (2017), CSOs achieve this through the adoption of practices and activities that promote human rights such as the right work with dignity, the right to have a decent job, and the right to development and equity for every person notwithstanding the sex or gender (p. 60). This is fundamental to the empowerment and participation of women as it forms the basis through which women develop in terms of their strength and capability. According to Kieti (2014), in Kenya, through the role of CSOs in promoting human rights and social justice, women, disabled persons, and other community members voice out their opinions and secure their rights using holistic approaches. Some of these holistic approaches include championing for government accountability and ensuring that the government carries out its mandate of protecting, respecting, and fulfilling rights for every individual (Rekosh and Khadar, 2018, p. 5). In Kenya, just like other nations, these rights are usually described or stipulated in the rule of law.


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