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Get Homework Help: A Sample Writing Guide

Sample Essay Paper on American Values and Behaviors

American values refer to the standards used by Americans to determine and distinguish between what is desirable and what is not. The values are believed to be judgments that are centered on a cultural point of view. For the most part, the molding of American’s personalities and behavior all lies with these values. There are different Americans' values, most of which change with time and era. In 1970, an American sociologist, Robin M. Williams, identified some of the values he believed were the most important to Americans. Among the ten values were progress, equal opportunity, material comfort, freedom, as well as democracy, and enterprise. Steve McKevitt in “Everything Now” and Laurence Shames in “The More Factor” make arguments regarding American values and behaviors singling out the need for growth and the need for more than necessary as the most dominant of these values. The need for more than necessary as a value manifested in specific behaviors of Americans on social media such as the use of multiple social media platforms at the same time, the use of a social media platform while completing tasks on other digital media platforms, and Americans’ use of social media to express their power and desire to control more global resources.

In “The More Factor,” Shames argues that for several years Americans have had views of the unending frontier, opportunity, and more, and that this has become part of who Americans are as a people. However, over time, these ideals or views and their growth have shifted from that of the physical world to that of economic expansion. From the very beginning, dreams of the frontier, opportunity, and the idea of always wanting more has been at the center of American values. These ideals paved the way for the widely known American optimism that has since become a fundamental part of American culture. According to Shames, the aforementioned views have been part of American culture, as highlighted in the story of speculators in the 1880s, as narrated by F. Stanley about the Texas Panhandle Railroads. The story is about speculators who would risk everything they had to build a town from nothing but in the middle of nowhere. While building the new town, the speculators would hire workmen who would contribute to the establishment of churches, saloons, hotels, and others. They would then bribe people to move into the newly built town, hoping that railroad companies would be attracted to the area and build a railroad passing through the town. In the event the speculators succeeded in their efforts, a railroad would be built, thus attracting unbelievably large returns. Shames gives an example of a speculator by the name Sanborn who helped establish the town of Amarillo and successfully attracted railroads earning him a fortune in the long run. Such endeavors were motivated by the fact that the returns were enormous, and the assumption that America would continue to undergo growth and expansion. Shames postulates that despite the shift towards having more from a monetary perspective rather than the physical aspect, the frontier is still part of who Americans are. He insists that America as a country is not running out of key aspects that keep society moving, such as skill, money, opportunity, and passion. However, according to Shames, "there have been ample indications over the past two decades that we are running out of more" (89). He argues that Americans should forge ideals that are new and more practical, and that can apply in the current unpredictable world.

In “Everything Now,” McKevitt also talks about American values and behaviors that revolve around wanting more than necessary. McKevitt argues that Americans' hunger for more is influenced by the fact that "our needs have been fulfilled and so, for the first time ever, we have an economy that is almost entirely devoted to the business of satisfying our wants instead.” This is exactly what Americans focus on in modern society. McKevitt discredits this idea arguing that Americans have more important and stronger things to take care of in the world than just satisfying their wants. When it comes to human needs and wants, a theory that is discussed in Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, this theory gives insight into what motivates humans other than unconscious desires or rewards. McKevitt argues that if Americans were to visit supermarkets near them, they would come across around twenty different brands of toothpaste to choose form. He goes ahead to mention that the experience would be the same for when one shops for food, soup, soap operas, and other products. He argues that the American value of wanting more than necessary should be changed. There are millions of Americans who lack basic needs. McKevitt gives examples of millions of Americans who experience poverty and live in food-insecure households. American society has categorized individual contentment at the top of their list, whereas basic needs such as food, water, and shelter are at the bottom. According to McKevitt, wants must be considered as a secondary factor, and only after basic factors have been considered.

The American value of always wanting more than necessary is manifested in other areas and contexts, such as the use of social media and other digital platforms. It can be argued that the urge of wanting more than necessary has resulted in the rapid growth and expansion of technology. Today, technology has become easy to find in addition to becoming easier and more efficient for users. In the social media context, American youth are constantly using multiple social media platforms at the same time. A large percentage of the American population are users of more than one social media platform. For instance, while a person may be using Twitter, there is a high possibility that he or she is also using either Instagram or Facebook. Besides, for most Americans, while a social media platform is in use either in a personal computer or smartphone, attention is usually divided to complete other tasks on other digital media platforms. It is common to find Americans scrolling through their Facebook profiles and listening to music from YouTube at the same time. Moreover, Americans usually use social media to express their power and desire to control more resources and other countries. These perspectives are a replication of the American value of wanting more than necessary where basic needs are abandoned for secondary factors.

The above-mentioned values and behaviors have repercussions both at the individual and societal level. The fact that Americans always want more than necessary always pushes them to complete more than one task at a given time, which is a common behavior among Americans. This is evident in how many Americans use digital media platforms, as explored above. However, a repercussion of these behaviors is that one's attention is divided to enable completion of another task(Watkins 144). As a result, there is the likelihood that people may receive smaller amounts of information at a given time than initially anticipated. Another repercussion of the mentioned values is that Americans have largely ignored significant problems that affect them, such as the shrinking of Americans real earning in the last two decades. Moreover, since Americans want more than necessary, they tend to lack a mindset where one would agree proper upon consideration of what is possessed.

An advantage of perpetuating these values and behaviors is that Americans would be allowed to take full advantage of various aspects such as technology through multitasking. In America, the trend of multitasking is learned early thanks to ancient American values. Today, American children are able to fully operate multiple technological devices such as Smartphones, iPods, and others at a younger age as compared to children from other countries. The need to want more than necessary pushes Americans to learn the habit of using technology early in life, which later develops into a habit of using technology for almost everything. This is a big advantage given that the world currently revolves around the use of technology. A disadvantage of the American values and behaviors is that they influence a multitasking nature that has been proven to be a waste of time(Watkins 148). This is because the brain is highly likely to stall when it attempts to take care of more than one task at the same time.

Steve McKevitt's "Everything Now" and Laurence Shames' "The More Factor" make a specific argument regarding American values and behaviors. The two readings argue that for several years, Americas' behaviors have been influenced by the need for more than necessary. Shames argues that for several years, Americans have had views of the unending frontier, opportunity, and more. McKevitt argues that American values and behaviors revolve around wanting more than necessary. These values and behaviors are manifested in how Americans use social media as they are likely to multitask when using these platforms as well as using more than one of the platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These values and behaviors have repercussions both at an individual and societal level. For instance, Americans have ignored significant problems that affect them. An advantage of the values and behaviors is that it has allowed many Americans to familiarize with and use technology at a young age. A disadvantage of the values and behaviors is that they influence a multitasking nature that has been proven to be a waste of time.


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