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Sample Essay Paper on Globalization in Education

Formal education began in Egypt between 300 and 500 BC (McKenzie, 2007). The word education originates from a Latin word “educare” that means to lead out. The main objective of education is not only limited to divulging knowledge to learners in specific subjects but also developing conducts and approaches that will make them excel in life. Education entails deliberate training of a child by the society in various institutions at a particular period aimed at modifying his/her behaviors. Globalization, on the other hand, brought many changes in the education sector. Globalization started in the West and was triggered by numerous factors. The emergence of technology and competition among different nations triggered globalization (Acocella, 2005). The impacts of globalization were felt everywhere, for instance, in the food, music and tourism industries. Many people argue in support of globalization while others refute the concept of globalization. This essay discusses various changes that are taking shape in economic, political, technological, and environmental aspects that will transform the education sector, and their probable influence in the future.

Economic Factors and the Future of Education

Economic conditions, policies, and systems are significant peripheral factors that have a direct influence on educational environment of a nation. The income of citizens as well as their procuring power impacts on the demand for education (Granovetter & Swedberg, 2001). In nations where there are steady investments and incomes, the education projections are largely positive. Furthermore, the economic policies of the government have a direct influence on the education system and environment. Through globalization, a nation can impact on the education system by setting up collaborations with foreign learning institutions and developing exchange programs for the students, teachers and other faculty members, which have a positive influence on the education environment. In addition, the economic conditions of a nation determine the education infrastructure focusing on development activities.

Several globalization-oriented aspects, such as international trade, inflation rates, foreign exchange, and industrial growth among others play a critical role in determining the position of education and its projections. Economic policies have direct influence on higher education. Many students get educational loans to finance their higher studies from the government through banks. Education institutions also get loans to develop and expand the learning institutions, an aspect that has a direct impact on the education sector.

Education is an economically and socially productive investment (Keizer, 2005). In the onset of globalization, nations should set up a favorable economic environment that will fund education, especially higher education. This will ensure that the future of the nation is prosperous. Appropriate economic changes in the education sector will have the power to produce effective change agents to steer nations along the developmental continuum globally (Kerr, 2001).

Political Factors

The politics of nations have a greater impact on the education. This ranges from higher education systems as individual academic institutions through the government actions. The governments, which are politically appointed, are responsible for funding education infrastructure and higher education. The government is also in charge organizing and regulating public education systems at all levels, thereby offering legal structures for the education systems and providing legal certifications. The government defines the amount of tuition charged by the education institutions, loans grants, and the admission policies. Governing bodies of most of educational entities are also governed by state bodies.

In all these aspects, the political environment has a direct influence on changing the future of the education sector. The government can establish a positive education sector through positive changes and implementations to provide the education sector with enough support in the implementation of globally recognized education infrastructures. Effective state education strategies will result in positive educational change that will meet the demands of qualified personnel in the modern era of globalization.

Technological Factors

Education technology refers to a system where education is interrelated with modern technological equipment that work together to achieve the set educational goals. Advancement in technology has produced relevant equipment and has great potential in the application of the education enterprise. Through incorporation of technology in education, more efficient and effective learning practices are developed. For instance, through technology, teachers acquire knowledge of both the theory and practical skills in education that boost their practice in discharging their duties, especially in this era of education explosion.

The scope of technological factors in education is wide. This entails the use of hardware and software system in the education process and activities globally. Technology has transformed education curriculums, modes of instructions, and communication relay. For instance, technological equipment has expanded the entertainment arena and the information retrieval, which has brought many differences in understanding education and other interests of children (Wartella & Gray, 2004).

The improvement of technology in the education sector has the potential of changing the education sector to better prospects in the future. This is because appropriated technology will improve the teaching and learning process with numerous advantages, particularly in this era of globalization.

Environmental Factors

Education environment is very diverse and entails fully habitation. This does not only mean the physical environment but also the people around. The first environmental factor is the home and community environment. Parents, peers, and the community affects the learning environment of learners (Barbour et al., 2008). It is imperative that these groups should provide a comfortable, nurturing, and conducive environment for the educators and learners. Teachers are important in facilitating education in the formal context. Therefore, they are responsible for the immediate learning environment of learners, thereby playing a crucial role in the education process. The academic and administrative environment entails the place where the education infrastructure and facilities are located or the academic environment. The learning institutions’ environment plays an important role in the education system. The learning environment determines the performance of teachers and students. The education facilities should embrace positive education philosophy to experience the success of education. Proper environmental set up for education has a positive impact on the objectives of education in the future through enhanced education standards. Learning is a continuous process and without education, this aspect cannot be achieved.

The political factor is more influential than all the other factors regarding education. This is because the political factor lays the foundation for other factors to sprout. A good political will ensures a prosperous economic environment, which supports effective technological and environmental advances to support education. When a nation is thriving politically, leaders strive to put in place measures that will improve the economy of the nation. At the same time, much effort and funds will be channeled towards significant sectors like the education. Furthermore, good governance leads to political stability thereby creating a peaceful environment for other sectors like tourism, education, health among others that enhances economic development.



Acocella, Nicola (2005). Economic policy in the age of globalization. Cambridge, UK:  Cambridge University Press.

Barbour, C., Barbour, N. & Scully, P. A. (2008). Families, schools, and communities: Building partnerships for educating children. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Merrill. pp 41-43.

Granovetter, M. S., & Swedberg, R. (Eds.). (2001). The sociology of economic life (Vol. 3). Boulder, CO: Westview press.

Keizer, P. (2005). A socio-economic framework of interpretation and analysis. International Journal of Social Economics, 32(1/2), 155-173.

Kerr, C. (2001). The uses of the University. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

McKenzie, J. (2007). The Architecture of Alexandria and Egypt, c. 300 BC to AD 700 (Vol. 63). New Haven: CO: Yale University Press.


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