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Get Homework Help: A Sample Writing Guide

Sample Essay Paper on Critical Analysis of Michel de Montaigne Essays

Self-Knowledge: Critical Analysis of Michel de Montaigne Essays

Philosophers emphasize the need for self-knowledge. The maxim of knowing oneself is so ubiquitous that it has become one of the most important components of personal development. To have self-knowledge or to know oneself is not easy. Having self-knowledge entails understanding and knowing oneself, which means that one must know his/her traits, such as preferences, strengths, and weaknesses. Having self-knowledge is important as it directly relates to one of humans’ basic needs, which is the desire to learn and make sense of one’s experiences. The more deeply one understands him or herself, the better the person can become. In his several essays and readings such as To the Reader, Of the Cannibals, and Of the Inconsistency of Our Actions, Michel de Montaigne explores the concept of self-knowledge and focuses on the difficulties or challenges to achieving self-knowledge. Montaigne further highlights how some of these challenges can be overcome. In the three readings, Montaigne highlights some challenges to achieving self-knowledge that include ethnocentrism, instability of our moeurs and our opinions, and having intentions of seeking the world’s favor.

Montaigne states that To the Reader is a book written in good faith and uses it to warn readers that he has proposed to himself no other than a domestic and private end. Montaigne stresses that he has no desire to seek the world's favor and instead desires to be viewed as he appears in his genuine, simple, and ordinary manner. The key message is that we should not always be interested in seeking the world's favor. In Of Cannibals, Montaigne highlights the life of King Pyrrhus and how he dislikes foreigners, bringing into light the idea of ethnocentrism and how it is a big challenge to achieving self-knowledge. Montaigne’s The Inconsistency of Our Actions also digs deep into the day-to-day lives of humans and how the difficulties they face in having self-knowledge. Montaigne argues that it often seems reasonable to judge a man based on the most ordinary features of his life. However, the natural instability of our moeurs and opinions brings into light how even good authors are wrong to insist on seeing each of us as an invariable and solid structure.

One of the challenges to achieving self-knowledge, as highlighted by Montaigne, is ethnocentrism. From an anthropological perspective, ethnocentrism entails how one may see his or her own culture as the best or correct way of living. In most cases, people who have not experienced other cultures in depth are considered ethnocentric since they usually feel that their lives are the most natural way of living. The challenge of ethnocentrism is highlighted by Montaigne in Of Cannibals, where he talks about King Pyrrhus and his perception of foreigners. King Pyrrhus said, “I do not know what barbarians these are…but the formation of this army that I see is not at all barbarous.” King Pyrrhus' statement underlines his negative perception of foreigners. King Pyrrhus's ethnocentrism has an impact on his self-knowledge. It can be seen that the king's ethnocentrism obscures his perception of himself, which also extends to how ethnocentrism can obscure people's perception of themselves.

Another challenge of achieving self-knowledge, as highlighted by Montaigne, is the instability of our moeurs and our opinions. In The Inconsistency of Our Actions, Montaigne stresses that it often seems reasonable to judge a man based on the most ordinary features of his life. However, Montaigne further says, “but given the natural instability of our moeurs and our options, it has often seemed to me that even good authors are wrong on seeing each of us as one invariable and solid structure.” The fact that we can select one general characteristic and set about classifying and interpreting other people's actions and our actions to fit our picture can obscure our perception of ourselves.

Montaigne also argues that achieving self-knowledge is made difficult by people having intentions of seeking the world’s favor. In To the Reader, Montaigne says, "Had my intention been to seek the world's favor, I should surely have adorned myself with borrowed beauties…" Montaigne appears to castigate people are focused on seeking the world’s favor and encourages people to desire to be viewed in their own genuine, simple, and ordinary manner. A person whose desire is to be viewed in his or her own genuine, simple, and ordinary manner without study and artifice often demonstrates self-knowledge. Such a person appears to illustrate self-understanding and awareness, which is a key message emphasized by Montaigne.

Montaigne does outline how the challenge of ethnocentrism in achieving self-knowledge can be overcome. Montaigne argues that people have eyes bigger than their stomachs and more curiosity than capacity, which complicates the situation concerning addressing ethnocentrism. Montaigne thus settles on reason and objectivity as some of the most appropriate ways of overcoming prejudices to achieving a moment of truth about oneself. In To the Reader, Montaigne tells the reader that his motive is to use reason and objectivity to achieve a moment of truth about himself. He says, “I desire therein to be viewed as I appear in mine own genuine, simple, and ordinary manner, without study and artifice.” He is strongly against leveraging borrowed beauties to overcome ethnocentrism.

Montaigne also gives insight into how we can address the challenge of the instability of our moeurs and our opinions. In The Inconsistency of Our Actions, Montaigne says, “Our ordinary practice is to follow the inclinations of our appetite; to the left, to the right, uphill and downhill, as the wind of circumstance carries us.”  Montaigne stresses that people’s self-knowledge remains threatened by the instability of their moeurs and opinions. However, following the inclinations of appetite can play a key role in overcoming the said instability of moeurs and opinions.

Montaigne focuses on how the challenge of having intentions of seeking the world’s favor that interferes with self-knowledge can be overcome. In To the Reader, Montaigne says that had he intended to seek the world's favor, he should surely have adorned himself with borrowed duties. To overcome the said challenge, Montaigne says, “My defects are therein to be read to the life, and any imperfections are my natural form." The message is that people should often appreciate their defects, imperfections, and natural form if they are to have self-knowledge. Those who hardly appreciate their defects or imperfections and seek the world's favor in most cases do not achieve self-knowledge.

Self-knowledge is an important component of personal development. Self-knowledge is about understanding and knowing oneself from preferences to strengths and weaknesses. Montaigne extensively explores the concept of self-knowledge in his essays and readings, focusing on some of the challenges of achieving self-knowledge. According to Montaigne, challenges to achieving self-knowledge include but are not limited to ethnocentrism, instability of our moeurs, and our opinions, as well as having intentions of seeking the world's favor.

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