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You will always need the help of a professional argumentative essay writer. is here to offer you argumentative essay writing services that will oversee your excellence in any area.

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Struggling with your argumentative essay is not always a great experience, right? You will always need the help of a professional argumentative essay writer. is here to offer you argumentative essay writing services that will oversee your excellence in any area. Meet our team of versatile writers who will go to any extent to have the most convincing argumentative essay just for you.

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Did you know that your instructor will always be super keen to confirm if you wrote your argumentative essay as per the instructions provided? A professional writer will always be equally keen to adhere to all instructions. You need a highly qualified writer to ensure that your argumentative essay is articulated to precision. promises you writers who will ensure that all instructions are fully followed. You can be assured that your argumentative essay will be excellently graded as long as is the service you choose.

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The foundational requirement when writing an essay is correct formatting depending on the recommended style. Our team is highly proficient in APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago, among other academic formatting styles.

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Avoid submitting an essay that does not meet the requirements as laid out by your instructor. We will ensure that your paper meets the fine standards by revising it as many times as you wish.

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Making an argument that will drive a point home irrespective of the position indeed requires maximum professionalism. has highly qualified writers to articulate strong arguments while maintaining maximum context.

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The satisfaction that you seek is right at We believe that you deserve the best service, more so when it comes to academic tasks. Your GPA is a major factor that determines how well you will perform in your academic career. It is, therefore, our duty to accord you absolute value for your money.

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Sometimes, raising some ideas for your argumentative essay proves to be a challenge. Not to worry. That is rather normal. is in existence for such reasons. Any time you feel blank with ideas for your argumentative essay, reach out to Let us help you in brainstorming some ideas that can make a great essay for you. We will not stop at that. We will write down the ideas for you.

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Get Homework Help: A Sample Writing Guide

Sample Argumentative Essay on Frankenstein Application Essay: Can Science Go Too Far?

This paper explores the controversy between science and faith/spirituality, especially concerning the debate on whether science can go too far and violate the fundamental meanings and purposes of religion. The mentioned issue relating to science is one of the important themes in Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein. The novel portrays Victor Frankenstein as a creator who brings a creature to life, but which later turns to be "frightful" and a "demon" when it kills Frankenstein's brother and bride. The central argument in this paper is that Shelley's Frankenstein addresses the ethical issues that arise and persist between faith/spirituality and science by portraying the creative roles of human beings as imperfect and even self-destructing (and, by implication, God's creative role as perfect). This portrayal serves to solve the ethical conflict between science and faith through the promotion of the notion that only God can be a creator and provider of perfect things. The knowledge, skills, and abilities of human beings are always and inherently incapable of producing perfect objects and processes whose functioning, effects, and experiences are purely desirable.

The conflict between faith and science is a significant theme in Shelley's novel. This conflict concerns the possibility of human beings assuming and performing the creation role of God. The recognition that God is the sole creator of the universe and all things in it is a central element of monotheistic thought, which conceives God as the Supreme Being and the creator and sustainer deity without an equal. This regard of God as the Supreme Being and the creator and sustainer deity is a primary basis of the chief requirement in religion for human beings to consider God as the principal object of faith (De Cruz para.38). In the novel by Shelley, one of the most prominent characters is Victor Frankenstein. The novel characterizes him as an intelligent person who develops a passion for discerning the secret of life. Following years of research as a student at the University of Ingolstadt studying chemistry and philosophy, he grows confident that he has found the secret. Using his knowledge and experience, Frankenstein fashions a creature out of old body parts and later brings it to life in his apartment. Nonetheless, he immediately notes that the creature is horrifying and a monster. Rather than finding fulfillment in his creation, Frankenstein experiences fright, fits, and fear, and has to run from his own work and its effects (Shelley n.p.). Rather than functioning effectively and desirably, the creature kills Frankenstein's brother and bride, thereby causing its own creator suffering and pain. These events in the novel demonstrate a potential role of human beings as creators (in a way that could rival God), but they also show the imperfect nature of this human role.

The dilemma between spirituality or faith and science is a long-standing issue that remains relevant even today. The general view is that science and faith are incompatible (Valco and Boehme 89). Religion holds that God created everything out of nothing, He is distinct from the world, and His creation is intrinsically good. Additionally, while the world contains evil, God is not directly responsible for its prevalence (De Cruz para.60). One of the most prominent ethical issues that Shelly's work raises concerns the role of human beings as potential creators, rivaling God's supreme role. This role is a significant issue owing to the growing knowledge and abilities of human beings in modern society. Over centuries and decades, human beings have accumulated knowledge and experience that have enhanced their innovation and creativity (Rull 919). They have made discoveries (such as the growth of human tissue from stem cells) of enormous value in improving life and meeting their needs in diverse fields - including education, health, and housing. These discoveries could be significant examples of human's ability to create life. In this context, Shelley's novel raises the ethical question of the potential role of human beings relative to God in creating life. This question is evident in Frankenstein's action of bringing a creature made from old body parts into life. This action raises the issue of whether human beings can utilize their own knowledge and experience to create and sustain life, just like God, and hence rival God in the role of creation.

In the novel, Shelley demonstrates that science has strong but deficient power to blur the line between death and life. Frankenstein fashions the creature from old body parts, but then the creature he creates is imperfect in its functioning, tormenting and harming Frankenstein and his family (Wasson and Alder 5). Rather than serving the interests of the creator (Frankenstein), the creature is destructive and harmful, killing his brother and bride and causing him to run away in fear (Shelley n.p.). In this way, Shelley's novel illustrates that science is imperfect and deficient, and thus cannot attain a level of perfection akin to that of God. In this context, the novel addresses the conflict between science and faith by portraying science as inherently imperfect and deficient and faith as reliable and perfect.

This analysis shows that in her book, Shelley solves the science-spirituality/faith dilemma by supporting the idea that human beings are inherently unable to produce perfect and purely desirable objects and processes. While human beings could utilize their knowledge and experience to "create" and improve their lives, this creation is unfulfilling and faulty. Recognition of human creative ability as imperfect solves the science-spirituality/faith dilemma by promoting continued reverence for God as the sole, perfect creator.


Works Cited

De Cruz, Helen. Religion and Science. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, January 17, 2017.

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