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Sample Book Review Paper on The Story of an Hour and the Women’s Movement

The Story of an Hour and the Women’s Movement


The subject ‘women freedom’ became popular in the late 1800s through to the 1900s, addressing different phenomena at different times across four waves. The focus on the women movement, in particular, was to ensure that women attained a position in the society where they would be recognized as much as men were, both in the workplace and the social contexts such as within households. In the short story ‘The Story of an Hour’ by Kate Chopin, the author tells the ironic story of a woman who experiences varying emotions following the news of her husband's death. The story provides an image of the relationship between a husband and a wife within their home during the Victorian era. While the book is neither too descriptive nor detailed, the irony and the emotions surrounding its narration are sufficient evidence of the perceived oppression on women in marriages in the Victorian era. Several concepts can be drawn from the story and compared to the themes of the women's movement at different times in history, to help identify the silent issues besieging women and the perceived lack of freedom to tackle them during that period.

The Story of an Hour

The women's movement is classified in over three waves spanning different times in history and with different objectives over the periods. The campaign series addressed different subjects from sexual violence, women's suffrage, equal opportunities, and equal pay, to reproductive and maternity rights among others. In the Story of an Hour, there is no distinctive subject of discussion. However, the focus of the story seems to be on the subject of women's suffrage. The story shows the main character's silent cry for freedom even though there is no indication of violence, whether sexual or not or even an indication of open oppression. The victim is boxed in by the social expectations of the Victorian era as well as the practices considered norm by them. In spite of inner suffering, the victim cannot voice her opinion on her feelings about the marital relationship or even the perceived oppression therein because society does not expect her to complain. At the same time, she cannot file for a divorce because women are not likely to initiate divorce proceedings and the society would scorn her for it. Moreover, given that whatever she is going through in her marriage is considered the norm, she would have no grounds for filing for divorce.

The first wave convention of the women’s movement was aimed at campaigning against women suffrage, the social, civil as well as religious rights and freedoms of women. Beginning in the late 1800s, the first wave was initiated at a point in time when women were recognized for nothing else other than their roles within the families (Platt 964). Even in this, their roles were always confined to the will of the man.

Male chauvinism and patriarchy was the order of the day in all households, and the women had no right to speak about their sufferings. According to Holton women suffrage in the 1800s consisted of the prohibition to own property, constraint from engaging in active politics and the requirement for every woman to be subject to her husband's will (832). Women who failed to get married out of choice were frowned upon and comprised the majority of active participants in the first wave convention of the women’s movement. The story of an hour in different ways portrays the characteristics that described marriage in the 1840s to the 1920s when the first wave was active. For instance, Mrs. Mallard is a conventional female figure during that period. Marriage in which her husband, Bentley Mallard, looked at her with eyes showing nothing saves for love, was one of the dreams of every female (Chopin 2). However, Mrs. Mallard seems far from satisfied with her marriage and one of the feelings she experiences upon knowing of her husband’s reported death, is that of freedom.

The period of the first wave convention also boasted of women who were subject to their husbands' wills. It was as if women had no mind of their own and had no right to make their own decisions. In Chopin's story, Mrs. Mallard, is one of such women constrained by societal norms in terms of decision making and following her dreams. In her mind, Louise feels that now that her husband is dead, she would be free to live by herself (Chopin 1). There is an indication that women, being subject to their husbands' wills, were constantly making decisions that would not be in accordance to their desires. They constantly had to compromise, unlike the men who made decisions without necessarily consulting their wives. Louise further points out that she did not have to leave her husband's life anymore as she would be free from the imposition of his will as he or any other men in the society did not understand the impacts of imposing their own private will on another person. Through this admission, Louise seems to recognize that while she loved her husband and was pained by his death, she would be happier being alone than constantly living under the umbrella of his will and his imposition and many women in the 1800s did not have the freedom to say so (Hillyard 126). Furthermore, they were constrained by the question ‘what would society say?' This is because the society had stereotyped women's roles to be in the kitchen and in the homes, and the women had been classified as the weaker gender that could not make decisions even on subjects that directly affected their lives.

Hillyard clearly describes the position of women during the wave of women suffrage in the women’s movement (118). The author points out women in the home-front, as limited by their roles were an indication of wasted talent, time and potential. The image of the perfect nuclear family as depicted by the author was synonymous to what was common during the second wave convention, which was that women had no independent identities but were described either as their fathers’ children or as their husbands’ wives. This image of the nuclear family was more synonymous with women suffering, rather than happiness as it disregarded the individuality of the women therein. In this context, Louise in the story of an hour shows that her lack of individuality was not because of her husband's behaviors but rather the result of the society's stereotypes. While a description of traditional nuclear family shows degradation for the women rather than happiness, the society at the time was too blinded by the stereotypes to see this (Gemberling 53). The evidence of this social blinding is visible in Mrs. Mallard's story. For instance, when she locks herself in the bedroom, her sister Josephine can think of nothing else other than that she would kill herself.

Mrs. Mallard cannot tell either her sister or her husband's friend about her feelings of joy about the impending period’s happiness and freedom, for fear of castigation. The reports that she died of heart disease due to immense happiness about her husband's return is an indication of the society's expectations about the women at the time (Chopin 3). The story ends as an explicit irony, where the true feelings of the persona are known by none other than the persona herself and the readers.


Women’s freedom is a subject that has been a cause of discourse over several decades and across three centuries. In the story of an hour, the feelings of a woman, Mrs. Mallard, following the reports about her husbands’ death creates a perfect backdrop upon which marriages during the first and second wave conventions can be explored. The society had a distinctive view of marriage as an institution in which the women played second fiddle to their husbands, respecting their will above anything else and always compromising for their sake. The society failed to recognize the implications of such patriarchal lifestyles on the women and the role it had on their happiness. Even the women themselves considered some of the oppressive roles as part of their daily lives and were more concerned about what society would say than how they felt.


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