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Get Homework Help: A Sample Writing Guide

Sample Essay Paper on Narrative Point-Of-View in Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”

Narrative Point-Of-View in Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad (1857-1924) is one of his highest achievements in eloquence, originality, and subtlety. It was first published in February to April 1989 in Blackwood’s Edinburg Magazine. An adequate understanding of the Heart of Darkness is highly dependent on an examination of the narrative strategies used. In this story, one of the characters tells the readers about another character, what is referred to as a frame narrative. Conrad’s use of the frame narrative is influenced by medieval tale telling poets such as Boccaccio and Geoffrey Chaucer. This paper examines why the choice of a narrative point-of-view is important and how it helps the story convey what Conrad intends.

Review of Criticism

Conrad’s use of frame narrative is explored by various researchers and scholars who dig into his reasons or intended purpose in using the technique. Holme in a source titled “Heart of Darkness: Marlow’s Story” argues that Conrad’s is a literary work that has been interpreted in myriads of ways thus eliciting different discussions around the narrative technique as well as the plot. Holme acknowledges the story’s use of two narrators entailing a first-person narrator with an experience of the narrated events and another narrator who is unknown to the reader (6). According to Holme, Conrad uses a frame narrative as a distancing device. That is, Conrad uses the frame narrative to distance himself from the events that he is writing about (9).

Eftimie and Manea explore Conrad’s narrative technique in their article titled “(De)Constructing Heart of Darkness and Its Cinematic Adaptations.” The authors note that that Marlow, one of the characters in the story, is the main narrator. They proceed to mention that the account of Marlow is only made possible inside the frame that is constructed by the extradiegetic narrator whose presence is felt as in the opening of the story and as Marlow’s story unfolds (225). Eftimie and Manea opine that the narrative point-of-view in Conrad’s tale is important as it serves as a manipulative device. It mainly provides the readers with insight into the secondary narrator’s (Conrad) brought about by the story of Marlow.

Lothe, in “From Narrator to Narratee And from Author to Reader: Conrad And His Audience,” argues that Conrad uses a frame narrative that serves as a distancing device. Lothe further stats that Conrad accentuates the distancing process as he employs two narrators rather than one. The use of the frame narrative differentiates Conrad’s Heart of Darkness from his other non-fictional texts and several other travel narratives written in the second half of the nineteenth century (Lothe 19).


 The frame narrative is the main narrative technique used by Conrad in the Heart of Darkness story. The technique is important in various ways. First, it enables Conrad to place ultimate control of the novel as a whole in the hands of the frame narrator, who, in this case, is Marlow. Readers do not hear Marlow's story first hand; thus they must question or interrogate how unreliable the control narrator is. Second, Conrad’s choice of narrative point-of-view is important as it is a way of creating a distance between him as a narrator and the story and a distance between Marlow’s narration and the reader (Lothe 19). The frame narrative gives readers some increased level of expectations that they should sympathize with Marlow, which is one of Conrad’s major intentions.


Works Cited

Eftimie, Monica, and Anca Manea. "(De) Constructing Heart of Darkness and its Cinematic Adaptations." Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences 63 (2012): 223-228,

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Lothe, Jakob. "From narrator to narratee and from author to the reader: Conrad and his audience." Yearbook of Conrad Studies 3 (2007): 15-29.,


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