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Choose a professional writing service you can trust. provides you a wide array of services. Just let us know what you need and we will deliver.

Affordable  Writing

Up to 6 Hours Delivery

Experienced Writers Online 24/7

Hiring Process

The hiring process at entails thorough scrutiny of applicants, with the pursuit for only the best. In addition to academic credentials (minimum of bachelor’s degree), we also subject all applicants to mandatory proficiency tests. Our focus is on pertinent writer qualities including speed, accuracy, experience, integrity, and professionalism. Only a writer who pass the proficiency and competency tests is consider for a slot at

  • 1. Proof of Identity

    For authenticity and transparency, our hiring process requires that all applicants must provide proof of identity. requires relevant documentation including government-issued identify cards, and recent photographs among others. The process assures and clients that the competency projected in the academic credentials indeed belong to the applicant.

  • is always on high alert for applicants who may try seek employment with fake educational documents. We embark on a thorough scrutiny and verification of academic credentials provided to us to ensure that all writers who qualify are indeed the accredited.

  • strictly admits applicants who have prior experience in academic writing. As part of the verification process, we request applicants to provide their latest academic paper samples. The samples are strictly used to project tentative competency of the applicant.

  • applies timed tests for two major reasons; to test the speed and accuracy of the applicant, and to confirm personal competency as portrayed in the samples and the academic credentials. Editors at will carefully and thoroughly assess the performance of the applicant and reach a decision to admit or reject application.

  • editorial and quality assurance team places newly admitted writers on probation for a specific period of time. During this period, the quality assurance team closely monitors and assesses the performance of the new writer. The same period gives the quality assurance department to mentor writers towards higher proficiency.


Our Services is a professional writing service whose focus is assisting students with their academic tasks. We have developed a team of writers, editors, and support staff to facilitate service delivery in assorted areas of academics. The formation of was inspired by the challenges that students undergo in articulating and developing their academic papers. We believe that every student deserves the best score in any task. Our services are all based on absolutely expertise, professionalism, competence, and experience. We operate on 24/7 basis to ensure that you get paper writing services at your total convenience. We seek to eliminate your frustrations with your assignments. We specialize in the following:

Homework Writing

We write homework from scratch and with reference to the instructions provided. Our homework writing service is aimed at producing original and unique content for our clients. With a team of versatile and diversified writers, is able to process homework in any discipline/subject. Most importantly, upholds top quality for in any homework we write.

Homework Editing

Do you feel that your homework is not ready for submission yet due to some errors or misconception of ideas? provides homework editing services to refine your homework in readiness for submission. Our quality assurance department has the most competent editors to fine-tune your homework to precision.

Homework Rewriting

If you have articulated your homework but still feel that the ideas did not come out well, homework rewriting service is here for you. Our writers are trained and experienced to rewrite poorly articulated homework and eventually provide stellar output. Our services are quality-oriented- your homework will be professionally rewritten.

Homework Proofreading

With the help of our professional and experienced editors, is able to offer impeccable and unmatched homework proofreading services. We understand that the slightest typo, missing punctuation, and wrong sentence structure among other aspects can be a risk to your GPA. Our team will proofread your homework and deliver a clean and error-free submission.

Quality Controls We Put In Place

Team acknowledges the pertinent role that quality plays in any academic paper. We believe in quality as a major positive influencer of excellence for students. For this, we have definitive mechanisms that are aimed at controlling quality in the final deliveries. values customer satisfaction maximally. We therefore seek to work as a team towards achieving the best scores for our clients. Most importantly, we are keen on cultivating professional behaviours among our team as part of positively influencing the quality of our services. also applies service departments, with each one of them plays a unique yet collective role towards achieving quality experience for our clients.

Timely Delivery

We have a team of fast writers to work on urgent orders and deliver within the shortest time. Every paper written at is delivered early enough to the client for confirmation.

24/7 Support Member

Any day is a working day for We operate round the clock for prompt access of our services. Our writers are always on their toes to address your needs fully.

Quality Control Team

Our quality assurance department houses professional and competent editors to analyse, scrutinize, and assess your paper before surrendering it the client. advocates for maximum quality for any submission.

Unlimited Revisions

We believe that you have the final say as far as your paper is concerned. We provide our clients with unlimited revisions to facilitate effective refining of any paper. All revisions are handled with due urgency and pursuant to the clients’ specifications.

Plagiarism Checking

We are always committed to producing papers that are original and unique. With a huge team of writers, considers it pertinent to have a plagiarism checking mechanism for all papers. We have the most reliable plagiarism checkers.

Professional Writing Team

Top quality papers cannot be developed without the input of professional writing team. AuthorsGlobal.comprides in over 500 professional and highly competent writers to meet all your assignment writing needs.


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Hurray! Am finally here with the final paper in my hands. Was a very long piece and I thought it would never be done. Your writer was also fast enough. Thank her on my behalf there. Thanks

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One request guys…please assign all my next projects to this writer who handled this assignment. He did it perfectly. Will let you know when I upload instruction

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could not crack the link between issues in the topic, but with assistance from the writer, I can figure it all. Thank you, everything looks goodn

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No doubt about it. That topic gave us a good run here, but the writer appears professional and gave good value. Thank you. Will hook up latter with him/her for more papers

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There was no better chances of getting top grades on this one, except through you. I strained finding resources requested by lecturer and don’t want to figure out again how hard it was – but I can see you have them in the end.

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Get Homework Help: A Sample Writing Guide

Sample Essay Paper on The Darkside of Gamification

Many people know gamification as a motivational tool and a way to improve engagement, performance, and satisfaction in the workplace. However, that is not the case, as gamification has several negative impacts when it comes to adding it into the workplace. Studies have shown four significant adverse effects: indifference, loss of performance, undesired behavior, and declining results. Gamification is not as great as many authors make it seem as, and they only talk about how gamification can make the world a better place but not the effects it leaves on one in the long run. McGonigal is one of the many authors as her claims for gamification seems to not be reliable for one’s future in their career. 

The main problem with using gamification to engage people at work is that it only treats the symptoms of a broken system at a deeper level