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Terms And Conditions


Our payment schedule operates on a monthly basis. Salary is shall be released on the first Tuesday after 18 of the following month for works which are successfully completed between 1st and 30th of the previous month. The cost of an order is indicated in the order description. Payments are provided either using PayPal, Wire transfer, Alert Pay, E-Gold, ACH

The payment is provided with ACH, GBP Bacs, PayPal, E-gold, Wire Transfer, or AlertPay.


Refund requests rarely occur. In cases where a customer is not satisfied with the writers work, or if the writer sends inappropriate work, a refund may be approved. Reasons that warrant a refund include poor quality content, grammatical errors, violation of customer instructions and general dissatisfaction.

Customer is required to present negative feedback with all concerns raised. This feedback is sent to the Writer for revision purposes.

If after revisions, the customer is satisfied with the writers work; full payment shall be provided without fines.

If the customer decides to cancel the order and refuses to complete the payment due to extremely poor quality, even after revisions are made, no payment shall be provided. Cases where orders are cancelled rarely occur.

Fines and Penalties

Fines and penalties are payments deducted from the writer due to the following

  1. Plagiarism

If a writer submits work that is plagiarized, we penalize the writer the whole price to be reimbursed through free writing. We strongly dissuade writers from usingTURNITIN Plagiarism Checker services, which saves a copy of work written.

  1. Late delivery

If a writer submits work late without informing the administration, he/she will be fined accordingly. The amount to be fined shall be determined by the elapsed time after deadline.

  1. Wrong formatting style

If a writer submits work with wrong citation, referencing, layout and formatting style, a 10% fine shall be effected.

  1. Withdrawal of initial acceptance

If a writer decides to retract writing an assignment after the initial acceptance stage has elapsed, a fine shall be calculated and effected depending on the circumstance.