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Q: How do I become a writer with you?

A: You register by means of submitting details at AuthorsGlobal.com, after which we go through them and contact successful job applicants. You undertake some tests to prove your qualifications as writer.

Q: What qualifications do I need to become writer?  

A: We hire PhD holders, masters degree holders and undergraduates in all fields of study. We are looking for expert writers in psychology, history, religion, science, engineering, biology, chemistry, physiology, statistics, English and creative writing, among others.

Q: Do you hire beginner writers?

A: We Hire Beginner And Experienced Writers on one condition: they understand issues in academic writing, such as APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA and Turabian, among others. We take writers who prove capability for delivering high quality papers, and assess their applications fairly.

Q: How do I get writing jobs, assignments, tasks or projects to work on?

A: You login into your personal account, from where it is possible to site available orders. By reviewing orders, you can check the best to work on. Once you click ‘Take Order’ button, you must commit to complete it within specified deadline. 
Take note of other issues such as deadlines and value for the order, listed even before you take the order. Make sure to pick orders you are able to fix within specified deadlines, otherwise, beware of penalties related to defiance.

Q: How do I access the order details in future, after taking it?

A: In your account, previously taken orders appear as ‘Current Orders’, from where you should access any one particular order.

Q: How do I access order instructions?

A: Order instructions are directly listed or described on the order page. By clicking on the ‘Current Orders’ button, you access a list of orders you require to process. By clicking on a particular order from the list, you access instructions of that particular order.

Q: How do I submit paper after completion?

A: On completing the paper, you access the ‘upload’ button on the related order page. The system directs you to storage on your machine or gadget, from where you should directly point it to the project (stored somewhere on the machine). Click ‘upload’ and the process is finish when it alerts you to have completed the paper. Finish by clicking on the button, ‘I have completed this order’. The completion is recorded on list of your finished orders.    

Q: What do I do if the paper is late?

A: We do not accept project submission lateness. Make sure to plan for completion of project at the time of picking. Reach the client or support before picking the paper, if there is feeling the paper cannot be complete within specified deadlines. 
If there are circumstances hampering successful processing of order after taking it, make sure you reach support staff and client with REASONABLE evidence for deadline extension. Make sure all deadline extension is dependent on client.

Q: What do you do if paper is submitted late?

A: We expect writers to be responsible for projects they take. As such, contactAuthorsGlobal.com if you need deadline extension. If it is not possible to extend deadlines after reaching client, an assumption is you should have considered time framework before taking the project. We then apply necessary measures according to our operation policies. Such mechanisms include penalties and termination of services.  

Q: How do you track quality of work written?

A: As professionals, we have put into place a team of experts that assesses quality of work through Proofreading And Editing. In addition, AuthorsGlobal.com tests work for plagiarism and inform you for editing purposes.

Q: Do I still own copyright of document after submission to clients?

A: By hiring you, you agree to terms enumerating desire to forego ownership and usage copyrights for work done, of course, in exchange with money paid. AuthorsGlobal.com reserves copyrights of all work done by you.    

Q: How do I get paid for complete project or assignment?

A: Through E-Gold, Paypal, Moneybookers and Wire Transfers are the variety of payment options provided for writers at AuthorsGlobal.com for any writing service.

Q: How do I contact the customer when processing orders?

A: You open a writer’s personal account at AuthorsGlobal.com, before you begin picking orders. You will submit login email and create private password for account access purposes. Through the system, you communicate with client when the order is in processing status, is complete or on revision.

Q: How do I get in touch with support staff and administration?

A: You may communicate with client and support staff at will. In addition, support staff members at AuthorsGlobal.com are available for 24/7 to answer all queries, whether you have an account with us or not.

Q: How many orders can I be allowed to process at the same time?

A: It depends on level of writer. With beginners, AuthorsGlobal.com does not allow taking of more than one order at a go. Expert writers can take more than one project, having proved they can deliver.  

Q: How confidential are your services?

A: Our dealings are secure, private and confidential at all levels of transactions. AuthorsGlobal.com stores encrypted info and data such as passwords in databases; so, it is hard to know what is in there.

Q: Is your database and communications secure?

A: Our databases are secure. In addition, we do not expose writers’ info or data to third parties, illegally. Furthermore, this is a requirement by Privacy laws where our services are registered. AuthorsGlobal.com also has a privacy policy that shows commitment to maintaining writer’s confidentiality and privacy.

Q: How can I recover lost password?

A: On the homepage AuthorsGlobal.com or login page, a link always exists, through which you may recover password. We will send instructions into your email, on how to reset password, on clicking this link.

Q: How long do projects take to complete?

A: It depends on the length of the project, whether it is a research paper, dissertation, research proposal, essay, thesis paper, grant proposal, report and review. Clients order different number of pages, and with specified deadlines. You will see the deadline set for a particular project and must commit to write the paper within that period.  

Q: What do I do if my services are terminated?

A: We hope to keep working with you as a professional, as long as you know your responsibility and duties. However, sometimes, writers willingly forfeit chances to be with AuthorsGlobal.com and we cannot do anything about it. 
Sometimes, it is inevitable for AuthorsGlobal.com to willingly terminate services with writers who do not commit to Quality Writing. We will pay all your dues, whether we suspend, terminate services with you, or you disappear willingly or terminate services with us at will.